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Faelwen Adopts
Aziza Low Control
— Portrayed by Keira
Female Akdarr 4 years
Hokay soo I have a character named Aziza in Zak'Tanen! Her mother is up for adoption in here and they have a little bit of history which can be found here. Now just a heads up for Aziza's father, he is no longer available since he was killed from the elemental storm but his info is important to the family. He's a younger brother to the past Azure Dragon and Empress of Amro'Dein. You can chat with Tobii about history stuff and all that but anyways here's a bit of info! The family name is Faelwen by the way so if you take an adopt their last name would be that. If you're interested in one of these guys please post below with the form!

Relation to Aziza: Mother
Age: I wanna say range from 6-7
Species: Akdarr
Some Info: Luka was a wanderer all her life when she first met Khan, Aziza's father. They fell in love and mated, but not before she had to prove herself to the pack and was ultimately accepted into their ranks. She gave birth to three pups but two never made it which just left Aziza. Luka loved her daughter and her mate but she was never truly happy being in a pack, much preferring the life of a loner. So she eventually left with the promise she had to leave Aziza behind with Khan since he wouldn't leave his pack. Any other history info is up to you, especially about her early life.

Relation to Aziza: Father
Age: 6 years
Species: Akdarr
Pack and Rank: Amro'Dein, Cleric
Some Info: Pretty much like Luka's, except he grew up in Zak'Tanen. His family a well known one throughout history. He is very proud of his daughter and her accomplishments as a General, though he still wishes she had followed more in his steps as a healer.

On Aziza's fathers side he has several other family members. Nieces and Nephews all part of Zak'Tanen. They would have been from any of his other siblings, and would be related to the passed Empress and mate of Tybalt as well. As a reminder these would all be Akdarr. Here they are:

Name: Saellyn Faelwen - TAKEN BY LYNX
Relation to Aziza: Cousin
Age: 4 years
Gender: Female
Coloration: I imagine dark browns and reds. Some kind of horns or even wings.
Other: Saellyn is closer to nature and animals than she is other wolves, but she doesn't dislike others, she is just happier around nature. She carries herself very well, moving with fluid movements, and commands attention when she speaks. She is very wise and knows nature better than most other things. While she loves helping others learn, watching families play quietly, and encouraging puppies to never give up, she also makes sure to spend some quiet time alone with just herself and the wilderness. She is very good with details.

Name: Lily Faelwen
Relation to Aziza: Cousin
Age: 5 Years
Colorations: Dark green with black markings of some kind. Long claws or tusks, up to you.
Other: Lily's a fighter. She loves to fight, and she's good at it too. Pretty much just enjoys the thrill it gives when she wins in a fight against another.

Name: Up To You - Faelwen
Relation to Aziza: Cousin
Age: 5 years
Colorations: Any combination of dark colors. Any mutation.
Other: Cousin to Aziza and brother to Saellyn and Lily. I see him being protective over his siblings and cousin Aziza but everything else is pretty open to whoever adopts him.

Name: Orthrus Faelwen
Relation to Aziza: Uncle, Khan's brother.
Age: 10 years
Colorations: Black with huge ass horns or spikes.
Other: The brother of Khan and Aya, this old dog is the patriarch of the family after their parents have passed. He is mated to Shisa, having been put in an arranged marriage with her at a young age. All other members of the family answer to him.

Name: Shisa Faelwen
Relation to Aziza: Aunt, Khan's sister in law.
Age: 10 years
Colorations: Dark purple and black markings. Tusks
Other: Orthrus' wife and the family matriarch now. She doesn't have any solid power over final decisions within the family, but as the matriarch she usually gets what she wants. Shisa is in charge of setting up all arranged marriages. Her personality isn't set in stone but I imagined her as a pushy overbearing grandma type despite being an auntie. XD

[ [b]Wolf[/b];; What sibling are you auditioning for?
[ [b]Basic Personality[/b];; Just a sentence or two to give us an idea of what the character will be like.
[ [b]Plot Ideas[/b];; Any future plots please say so. The more the better~ This is more so I know that these characters will be active and not just sit around.
[ [b]Sample Post[/b];; Rp the wolf in character. Just give me an idea of how you will rp your wolf.
[ [b]Anything Else?[/b];; Got anything else you wanna tell us about what you want for the adopt?

[Image: aziza_chibi_by_tabbeh09-d9ijeu1.gif]
[Aziza has the Aura of Truth]
Meme Commander
EurasianLynx Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx are you blind
Asexual Cross Breed 19 Ace/Aro

Wolf: Saellyn Faelwen
Basic Personality: A druidic introvert, Saellyn isn't always in the most present state of mind. From time to time her mind is so occupied by nurturing the land and world around her that she may not truly hear what you are saying. A content hum may be her only response, an attempt to simply appear as though she is listening, but in fact she if focusing on whatever it is she is caring for at the time.
Plot Ideas: Herbalist/Cleric, I prefer Herbalist but that's because I prefer characters starting from lower down and having to work their way up IC, but Cleric would probably be more canonically correct for her. ^^ She has a hand-reared (paw-reared) squirrel for a companion! :D His name is Siem.
Sample Post:
Siem was crying for milk again. The poor infant had been abandoned soon after birth, for one of his hind limbs had been twisted from birth. He would limp when he was older, but the fact remained that had she not stepped in he never would have lived to see those older days.

She gently gathered the minuscule creature from the fallen leaves, pulling him closer to her breast. She had no milk to give, but she had managed to find a way to crush the creature's natural food into a fine powder, mixing it with water to make a liquid-like paste that the infant could consume. She gently gathered it onto a fresh leaf, tilting it so that it may run into the creature's crying mouth.

Siem latched onto the leaf, swallowing it down as though it were the milk of his mother. Saellyn smiled softly, pressing him gently into the crook of her limb, nestled against her chest. The small squirrel finished what he could, and she set the leaf down upon the den's floor, ensuring that her pelt would keep him warm, for he was so, so very small.

Anything Else?: I have no art sad face

Keira Savage
— Portrayed by Keira
Female Tengu 25
Looks good Lynx! You are accepted to make her. x3

[Image: tumblr_okteaoXlfj1s1bwvio1_540.gif]


Information[Image: P1gty6N.png]Plotter

Saellyn Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Female Akdarr V Homosexual

It's me

Keira Savage
— Portrayed by Keira
Female Tengu 25
Update: Ashen is a distant relative to the Faelwen family. Her mother being of Faelwen and Akdarr blood, her father is the one that is not. It is not known to anyone that Ashen exists however, so please don't have your characters know her unless plotted with Lexx in advance.

[Image: tumblr_okteaoXlfj1s1bwvio1_540.gif]


Information[Image: P1gty6N.png]Plotter

Keira Savage
— Portrayed by Keira
Female Tengu 25
-casually bumps-

[Image: tumblr_okteaoXlfj1s1bwvio1_540.gif]


Information[Image: P1gty6N.png]Plotter

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