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Slaver's Guild Idea! by Mercy Feb 19 2018 1:38 am
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A New Hope by Saellyn Feb 18 2018 6:36 pm
Desert Pack [WIP] by Phess Feb 18 2018 2:57 pm
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Triskelion Rank Request by Staff Feb 17 2018 10:44 am
Lynx's Meme Thread by EurasianL... Feb 17 2018 4:22 am
Loner Chart by Staff Feb 17 2018 2:28 am
From now on by Ptak Feb 17 2018 12:09 am
Seriously, Why by Ief Feb 16 2018 10:21 pm

The Official Bug Report System(TOBRS)
Riorach Savage
— Portrayed by Riorach
Female Akdarr
5th Caliber
Hello everyone! Welcome to TOBRS(no relation surely)! The purpose of this thread is to keep track of all of the reported bugs and their statuses, as well as to encourage people to reach out to the staff team if they see anything weird happening so we can fix it! So far you guys have been amazing at helping us find all the things we may have missed, and I really want to thank everyone who has contributed to this report! 

If you find anything that seems out of order, please do describe the issue in a reply to this thread, and link to a screenshot of the issue(if applicable) and it will be added to the list!

Active Bug Reports
  • No visible representation of the Playstyles in Profile view.
    - Riorach 1/3/2017 || status: feature not required.
  • Staff table misaligned in Guidebook. Link 
    - Riorach 1/4/2017 | status: not fixed
  • PMs Misaligned Link
    - Riorach 1/7/2017 || status: not fixed
  • No encountering beasts section but there's a link in drop down menu.  Link 
    - Beni 1/11/2017 | status: not fixed

Fixed Bugs

  • Forbidden Magic isn't aligned with Hidden Truth. It looks slightly bigger and exceeds the transparent border.  Link.
    - Reported by Phess 1/3/2017 || status: fixed.
  • Hyperlink for Evocation & Djinn doesn't redirect to desired locations. 
    -Reported by Phess 1/3/2017 || status: fixed (refresh cache).
  • Graphic in the Beginner's Guide is not properly aligned. Link
    - Riorach 1/3/2017 || status: fixed.
  • There is no Discord username field in the Profile editor.
    - Riorach 1/3/2017 || status: fixed.
  • In all pages of the guidebook, the cbox is sized incorrectly. Link 1. Link 2.
    - Riorach 1/3/2017 || status: fixed.
  • Spelling error in account switcher success notification. Link
    - Riorach 1/4/2017 || status: fixed.
  • Little Wyann and Andific Birch share same "uses" in Guidebook. Link
    - Lynx 1/11/2017 || status: status: fixed
  • Link from "You've Been Tagged!" PM still links to Victus Hosting.
    - Riorach 1/11/2017 || status: fixed
  • Link from "You've Been Tagged!" PM broken.
    - Riorach 1/11/2017 || status: fixed
  • Quick Reply does not work in Firefox. Unsure if issue persists to multiple users or not. Test required. Works on Chrome.
    - Reported by Tempest 1/4/2017 || status: fixed
  • Coding being replaced when going to post something.
    - Reported by Sigrid 1/15/2017 || status: fixed
  • Character Sheet in profiles not displaying; went funky.
    - Reported by Lynx 1/20/2017 || status: fixed
  • Character switcher not working, the drop down doesn't work properly Link 
    - Okie 1/15/2017 | status: fixed
  • Certain pack groups can't add music. Link 
    - CasDean 4/4/2017 | status: fixed

If you would like to report a bug or issue on Savagery, please include the following:

[b]Location of Bug/Error:[/b] (Guidebook, Forums, UCP etc)
[b]Description of Issue:[/b] (What caused the issue? What steps did you take to replicate it? How does the error appear?)
[b]Screenshot:[/b] (If applicable)

[Image: HyssYzP.gif]
Meme Commander
EurasianLynx Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx are you blind
Asexual Cross Breed 19 Ace/Aro
Location of Bug/Error: Profiles/UCP
Description of Issue: When typing in a character's Sire no automatic spacing is given between the colon following 'Sire' and the Sire's name
Screenshot: (Examples from Beni's account and OOC account) Link Link Link Link

tiny bug

but a bug

Meme Commander
EurasianLynx Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx are you blind
Asexual Cross Breed 19 Ace/Aro
What's up I found another one

Location of Bug/Error: Guidebook, Packs and Loners page
Description of Issue: It says 'one main pack' instead of 'two main packs' despite clearly listing both Novus and Zaktan'en
Screenshot: Linky-Link-Link

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