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Morowen Low Control
— Portrayed by Agent 9
Female Tengu 6 Heterosexual
OOC NAME: Agent 9
PLAYSTYLE: Low Control
PACK: Loner, for now. But she might change her mind.


Quote:Morowen had hoped to give the woman a scar that would compliment the gruesome-looking one on her throat—provided she didn't tear it out in the process—but ended up snapping at the air, instead. It was as if something had stopped her all of a sudden; either that or the woman had erected some sort of magical wall to protect herself. And then she was forced to sit, pulled to the ground like a puppet on invisible strings that seemed to grow taut when she struggled.

"I appreciate your protectiveness,"
Sybil said, her voice inviting itself into the ashen wolf's mind, "But I might've deserved that."

Confused and frustrated, Morowen turned to look at her. What had she gone and done to piss off this pack's alpha? And how could she just sit there and stare at her after what had happened? Hadn't she heard the lies that the wretched woman had spewed about Exilium? Not to mention the threat of actual war, which had been ridiculous. But the Queen seemed to be taking all of it in stride, going so far as to smirk at her stern-faced assailant. Neither of the two spoke to each other, and though Morowen was still seething, electric currents still coiling around her mouth, she resigned herself to sitting at Sybil's side, unable to do much else but growl at the other woman, now.

Admittedly, it was a bit embarrassing to have to be held back as if she were some rabid animal, but the ashen wolf knew that it was for the best. With Mirrorion still running around, they couldn't afford to be at each others' throats, no matter how much one of them seemed to be begging for a fight.

After a while, the woman put her paw on the ground and spoke. Her threat to eradicate them all if they plucked so much as a single hair from the head of one of her wolves brought Morowen's hackles up. There was a scathing retort on the tip of her tongue, but with a great deal of effort, she managed to keep it there, letting her magic die down as the woman turned to leave. Her followers clung to her heels, though one of them introduced her before making a comment about their pack being larger than all of the others, seeming to think that it would intimidate the rest of them. Morowen glared at him for this, deciding that it wasn't worth it to tell him to crawl up his own ass and die.

It was then that Mordecai stepped forward. He had strong lungs for someone who wasn't much more than a walking corpse, and Morowen watched as he stormed over to the one known as Hekate, berating her for having brought her own personal problems to the meeting. Good, she mused, scowling at her. See what your senseless slander gets you?

"And you!" the Dead King shouted, whirling around and stomping over to her all of a sudden. "You do not attack leaders of other packs. You were given no orders to do so! You are a disgrace to your Queen and to Exilium!"

With that said he turned back around and left in somewhat of a huff, leaving Morowen to stare at him as he went, her eyes wide and ears flattened against her horned head.

A disgrace...? He'd called her a disgrace when that wretched woman had started the whole thing? She was the one who'd hit Sybil without any rhyme or reason; she was the one who'd threatened to declare war on them; she was the one who'd assured their destruction if another one of her wolves were to fall victim to their own. And yet, despite all of that, he'd called her a disgrace.

Oh, but not just any disgrace; the ultimate disgrace. One that tainted the name of her pack and brought shame upon her Queen.

Morowen parted her lips, wanting to say something—anything—but no words left them. For all intents and purposes, she was speechless. That in of itself was frustrating, but what made it worse was that she could feel the rest of them looking at her—staring at her, their lips drawn back in sneers and snickers that they didn't bother to hide. They were judging her for what she'd done, and perhaps even judging Sybil for being unable to control one of her own members.

The ashen wolf stared down at her paws, her cheeks growing warm with embarrassment. It wasn't a new feeling to her and grew alongside the rage that still lingered from earlier, seeming to compel her to get up and do something to the undead bastard that had insulted her to her face. But their eyes were still on her, watching her every move... and no matter how she felt, she couldn't jeopardize Exilium's alliance with Ferus.

Well, fine. She didn't have to sit here and be humiliated like this. It wasn't like she'd cared about the stupid meeting, to begin with. And besides, if she was such a fucking disgrace, it'd be better if she wasn't around to make Exilium look any worse, wouldn't it?

Making her decision, Morowen abruptly got up and stalked toward the cave's exit, keeping her head low and her eyes trained on the ground. Sybil didn't need her here. Sybil wouldn't want her here, now that she'd shamed her in front of the other alphas.

She shouldn't have ever even come.

Moro Face
art by Marina

Morowen's elemental aura is often triggered by her emotions, but she can also activate it at will, surrounding herself in bright blue currents of electricity.

Keira Savage
— Portrayed by Keira
Female Tengu 25
Welcome to Savagery RPG! You have been awarded 7 AP to spend on your talent tree! Now that you're accepted here's some things you can do to get started:
  1. Post in the plots section giving a brief introduction to yourself, your character, and a quick outline of some of the goals you have in mind for them on the site!
  2. (We're fixing the member profiles so hold off on this atm!) Spend your AP (ability points) just awarded to you by visiting your character profile! Hover over the icons on the tree located below your character image to see their descriptions. To spend your points just click on the talent you would like to purchase and hit the "Accept" button to confirm.
  3. Post an "All Welcome" thread to get settled in and meet some characters on the site! Be careful not to post these on pack lands (if not your own) to avoid conflict.
  4. If you joined a pack, talk to your alpha about potential ranks in the packs & bands section.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the nearest staff member! You can PM us or reach out in the cbox or Discord.

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