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Private Reptile
Nocturne Low Control
— Portrayed by Lydian
Female Vanyara Four Years Unknown
Nocturne Alucinari

Magic. Fickle though it was, there was some value in learning it. Nocturne had been opinion-less to the idea of practicing it, caring so little that it hardly garnered a standing within her mind. A Vanyara she was, nature called to her from the moment she was brought into this world, yet it did not call as strongly as her own desires did. Nothing ever would. To say her goals- her ambitions were an infectious thing would be correct. They were diseases within her veins. From her own heart, corrupting her mind from a young age... that much was true. But if anything, she enjoyed the sickness. It was not harmful to her, it was utterly beneficial. There was no foreign, terrible thing happening here, oh no. Her willingness to do whatever it took without second thought to advance herself was such a thing of beauty. Nocturne was content and rather prideful, and even more so invested in the role she'd recently found for herself. Since she was, after all, born and bred to be a creature of purpose. But magic- Oh it was fire that she held an affinity for, that much was obvious whilst looking upon her usually alight figure. That had, in turn, inspired the woman to try her hand at combat magic involving those flames. So different from her normally physical style of battle, she was unsure of how to even begin. So she stood in a quiet area of Asura's Cradle, allowing herself a moment of focus. A moment to clear her mind and feel for the next step she would take in her little lesson.

ooc; oops this was everywhere

Nocturne possesses Elemental Aura, therefore flames dance along her crimson markings. 

Domine Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Cross Breed IX Vhagosexual
Was it impossible to get a moment of godsdamn peace around here? For Ishtanos's sake he was an old man, he had naps to take, smug young faces to bash in, prune juice to drink, wolves to dismember. He was a busy individual, he did not have the time for entertaining the young new faces Vhago brought under his command. He was a Loner by nature and that was how he was hoping to stay.

He was not a babysitter.

And yet here he was, with more, new, far younger than he faces coming into the lands he called home. For the gods sake he must have already lost his mother when this one was just being born, he was too old for this shit.

The fire along her form did little to unsettle him, where once he may have looked at it with uncertainty, not wanting the precious fabric across his form to be caught alight. Spending nearly a year in the company of a living volcano who you wanted nothing more than to beat to a bloody pulp would do that to you. Instead, the only thoughts he had were displeasure at the Triskele upon her, for his belly still longed for further nourishment, and the heavy irritation and budding headache that rested behind his brow, finally beginning to feel every part the crotchety old man that he was.

He hadn't even been going anywhere, just a walk in blessed freedom to clear his lungs and thoughts and refresh himself in isolation.

But once again, he was denied even the most basic of wolven pleasures, denied even the chance to roam the lands that he called home without another at his side as he so desired to do. Instead, he was stuck in the company of another, again.

What kittens had he kicked in a past life to deserve this?

(He genuinely saw nothing worth punishing in his cannibalistic ways, perhaps that was indicative of just how he saw the world.)

So he simply huffed in frustration as he saw his path impeded by a flaming woman, but hey, at least she seemed fairly quiet by the way she was sitting there, and Domine scuffed the heel of his forepaw against the ground as he lowly murmured in his mind that he sure hoped she acted the way she looked.


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