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All Welcome ᴡᴀᴋᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ғᴜᴄᴋ ᴜᴘ. [Blood warn.]
Domine Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Cross Breed IX Vhagosexual
Domine tilted his head slightly upward, both in dominance and to better look the taller, younger man in the eye better. He did not bat an eye as the other grew angered, marching forward in approach. His eyes simply remained locked onto the other, red-gold meeting stone grey as red-gold seemed to slowly light up with fire. It was like the other had been a low-burning ember that was rapidly building to a volcanic explosion of lava.

Domine simply looked up at the horned man as he glared down at his elder, he blinked once in a face that most would run from in terror. A familiar scent wafted from the other's maw, and he pondered if there was some kinship between them after all, some similarities in the way they chose to live their lives.


Or, perhaps not.

For a moment, Domine did not react.

As his face remained blank and his emotions took time to kick in. For right now, he was utterly blank, utterly apathetic. It was like the words had taken him by surprise in shock, except for the lack of attention of his face.

In this time, while he sat there, Volkan came to the scene, although Domine knew it not. Another figure came to the gathering, Mercy visible from her closeness to the situation. Morowen, though her name was unknown to the old cannibal, seemed tense as the two males stared each other down.

Iborcand, although Domine also knew this man's name not, towered over the older. He was a fearsome beast, with burning tendrils and horns like the devil, with an inner fire that seemed to reflect the visage he tried to portray. He looked like a fearsome god, like a devil or demon in flesh with his fire, and darkness, and rage, and horns, and claws, and teeth, and blood, and piss.

But Domine Pater Noster knew gods, and there was only one god of death.

One goddess.

And she looked nothing like this man.

She was a slim and beautiful woman, with little mutation to her form and only horns, hooves, and a peculiar tail.

This man was a mockery of that which he tried to portray, so wrapped up in his childish antics and attempts at looking tough that he put all his effort into being flashy, and forgot that the best killers were those that skulked through the shadows and could not be seen until it was too late. Oh, he looked fearsome indeed, but he was so desperate to look tough that he forgot that the bite was more important than the bark.

Something slowly built in the midst of the old man's chest. Some emotion at this young man's cock-strutting and crowing in his very nature. Some tension that coiled about his breast and threatened to burst. A desire. A longing.

Ah, yes.


Black silk flared like a violent tempest as the older man suddenly lunged diagonally to the side, coming up on the younger and larger man's flank as he threw one of his hind legs forward, giving him the balance to rear up on his hind limbs as he drew one of his spiked forelegs upwards. His head was bent down and horns flared as he snarled at the interloper, before his spiked club of a leg reached out to try and come down harshly on the other man's back in a culling strike, to teach this young man a lesson about respect for pack lands and for the words of his elders.

@Iborcand @Mercy @Volkan @Morowen

OOC: Domine is attempting to use 'culling strike' on Iborcand, let's see how the dice roll goes <3


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