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Pack Monody
Saellyn Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Female Akdarr V Homosexual
It was cold tonight.

She sat on a small outcropping of stone, the mountainside at her back as she overlooked all the expanse of packlands that she could see, knowing that their borders stretched far beyond that. It seemed... too much for such a small group to lay claim to.

But it wasn't just the wolves that lived here that filled this land, it was the memories, the legacies, the traditions of those who had called this place home. It was their words, their spells, their hearts. Their songs, their aether, their souls. It was the ghosts of the lives that they had lived that still walked the halls of the mountain kingdom.

One could see them sometimes, if they looked. Their whispers in the wind. Their ghosts walking among the few scattered, distant trees and signs of plant life that were the only color to be had on the endless expanse of white.

Until, that is, one looked up.

Saellyn tilted her head back, catching her gaze up to the heavens.

There were only a few scattered clouds tonight, leaving the vast majority of the heavens open to be gazed upon, stars twinkling in a multi-colored array. The reaching arms of the galaxy their small world inhabited arcing above her as if it was reaching out. Like it was extending an open paw to be grasped, if only they cared to reach it. Now, she was a wolf, she was no astrophysicist, so she did not know of galaxies and space, but there was something about looking directly up into the dark sky that gave such a feeling of being small, like everything was falling away from her as she looked further and further, or maybe she was was falling away from everything. She didn't need to know these things to feel oh so very small as she looked into the dark heavens, finding her breath nearly taken away from her.

A light breeze ruffled her pelt, and she suddenly didn't feel so small anymore. No, perhaps that wasn't quite right, because she did feel very small, but she felt less alone. It felt like a whole kingdom of aeons stood with her and looked to the heavens as well, because for how many long years had the wolves of this world looked up to the sky and wondered? How many had felt this feeling of being so small, and how many sat where she did, stood in her pawsteps and looked to the sky, only to feel so insignificant when compared to the vast reaches of the above.

But they weren't insignificant when they all stood together. When they weren't alone, when they had one another, they weren't insignificant anymore.

A grain of sand might seem like nothing, but a beach was most assuredly something.

And besides, it wasn't like she was really alone at all.

With a soft smile, but still not looking down from her star-gazing, she wrapped the twin tails sprawling out behind her closer about the youth at her side. They weren't really strong enough to make the pup budge, but it was more the slight press of them against the young girl's flank that was the intention behind her actions, not actual movement.

No, she wasn't alone at all.

It was time she was even less alone.

Her voice was a quiet whisper as her gaze turned from galaxies and stars to rest upon something that nestled itself far closer to Aspheria's breast, ruby eyes lingering on the full moon of spring that held a special place in the sky tonight.

"Special night, tonight."

Without a word more, air filled her lungs, and Saellyn let a long, ringing howl fall from her lips. Beckoning the wolves of Zaktan'en to come forth, and for one woman in particular to answer the call, as she faithfully had even when no one else did. She had called for the pack only once before in her time as Empress, and only one wolf had answered the call.

It was time that was honored.

It was also time that those few who remained met the young one at her side, as her time with them had been little as of yet, and with such sparse numbers, they were rarely in each others paths enough to make chance encounters all that frequent. Usually one had to go looking. It was time Zaktan'en met their youngest member.

She didn't feel so alone as she howled, and maybe it was just a figment of her imagination, but she thought she heard the howling of hundreds upon hundreds of voices in hers, as those who had walked the halls of the pack of dragon men joined in, beckoning those few who remained to come forth and let tradition be honored. The lands they lived within may be too great for such a small number of wolves, but it wasn't even close to enough to contain the years of knowledge and tradition that they held in their halls. And it was time to pull out some of that old tradition, and remind themselves that just because they stood with only a few beating hearts at their side, didn't mean they didn't stand with hundreds of years worth of words spoken that had come before them.

@Haakan @Aziza @Alynthi @Lokut @Ief @Asolla @Nesiahris (? I'm not certain where you stand right now as I haven't heard from you in a while, Storm, and Nesi wasn't that active as it was but I'm sending the tag just in case. <3)

OOC: We've got a little something special going on in the lands of Zaktan'en tonight, but let it be known that this pack meeting is not mandatory. Not at all, and if you're not around right now and don't have the time, or don't want to, then don't! Except for you Sky, let it be known that this meeting is mandatory for you. No that's not a joke, and you'll see why I'm demanding that Lokut come soon. ;)

Oh and Saellyn is also introducing Alynthi to everyone, that too. Sorry the whole idea for the thread came from it being about Lokut but as I was typing the post I was like 'oooo perfect time to introduce the youngling'.

Next round will begin on February 21st! Unless everyone posts before then because why would I delay it if we're all already here.

Haakan Low Control
— Portrayed by Tobii
Male Akdarr V Heterosexual
The Sentinel of Justice
Haakan Valera
It had been nearly a year now since he'd asked Saellyn to take his place at the helm of Zaktan'en and in that year she had succeeded where he had failed. He was proud of her for it. She'd put a paw down and took a stand when her pack needed it the most — something that wasn't easy to do by any stretch of the imagination. It took a wolf with a certain amount of guts, and guts she had. A lot of wolves always felt that it should be a strong warrior to take the seat of alpha, but were healers not warriors in their own right as well? They fought to save lives instead of taking them, and witnessed horrendous accounts in the process.

The corners of his lips pulled upward to a smile as the notion ushered forth memories of his first love; the Azure Dragon. He hadn't thought of her in such a long time. He hadn't given himself the chance, in all honesty. While he reigned as Emperor there was always something that needed doing or a wolf who needed his ear. By the time he was able to get some time to himself he was so exhausted that he fell straight to sleep whether he wanted to or not. As soon as he'd gotten the time though, her memories flooded back like the crushing waves of a tsunami. His entire career in Zaktan'en he had to be strong, never stopping to dwell on those he'd lost. It was painful, too painful to bear.

The trinkets that adorned his horns clanked and clattered along the keratin coated appendages with the passing of the breeze. Bearish forelimbs crunched across the snow trodden mountains that had been his home for so long. He could navigate them blind if need be. Every rock, every pebble was a memory; the wolves that had been here and placed their pawprints on his heart.

He cleared his throat, shaking the thoughts from his mind before a tear could catch his eye. The past wasn't a place to live, he knew better than that. Even if Saellyn was serving as Empress, he still held the most important job of all: to guide her. She needed him more than ever now, and he was determined to be there as long as she let him. Life was uncertain right now, and he wasn't sure what he needed to do in the free time Arbiter gave him, but when duty called he had to answer. Always.

He made the final push up to the ledge just as she started to make the call and was pleased to be the first to arrive. "Empress," masculine vocals beamed delightedly as he gave her a dashing smile and a courtly bow. He'd known about this ahead of time. "Your Arbiter comes to take to your side." The way her tail was wrapped around the pup beside her nearly made him miss the presence of another. A quick double take brought the young girl into view, and while at first his brows did narrow out of both confusion and concern, he made quick to flash her a playful wink before looking back up to Saellyn briefly. An orphan? They'd had one before, and it nearly broke his heart. He was half hoping to hear her tell him she had a sordid engagement going on somewhere in the mountains and birthed a litter in secret...but he knew that was a fat chance.

"Who might this beautiful little dove be?" he asked, directing his gaze back down at the young girl with a cheerful smile on his face.


@Saellyn @Aziza @Alynthi @Lokut @Nesiahris

Haakan possesses Aura of Truth, and can tell when someone is lying.
Please mention lies in your post OOCly!
Alynthi Low Control
— Portrayed by Alyssa
Female Tengu 6 months Straight
The young pup snuggled closer to Saellyn and seen the wolf who had approached her. They exchange words and she looks up at the large male. She then wondered why she was small but she was quick to push that thought aside when she noticed him look at her and grin. She didn't know who he was but he seemed nice or at least in her eyes. Only time would tell, his voice was deep when he spoke and she just watched him.

Asolla Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Asexual Vanyara III Demisexual
White ears eagerly perked up from where the Ranger had been munching on a half-eaten hare carcass from yesterday. They had been having a lazy day, having already patrolled the borders at dawn and deciding to take a nap in the warmth of the spring afternoon, enjoying the twittering of birdsong and distant crash of the waves at the base of the Fjord, salt and pine mingling in their nostrils as they had curled up on a bed of newly sprouting grass beneath the boughs of a pine tree in the Fjord. It had been a lovely rest, and they had been quite content with the warm sunlight that played on their back as it danced through the pine needles of the tree that offered them shade, and it felt far too close to a summer's day to waste the whole day away with work, and so they allowed themself just one day of rest and relaxation, having already done their duty with the rising of the sun. They had spent the remainder of the day sniffing at newly budding flowers, walking down the waters of the Fjord and trying for the millionth time to make sense of the chatter of the fish below.

They thought they might be getting the hang of the different tongue these fish had. It was a thick accent compared to the one they had grown up with in the deep waters of the open ocean, very guttural and in the throat, but also open and warm sounding. It was rather nice, but they still couldn't make sense of it. The end of the day had brought them back to their day, where they polished off what remained of yesterday's catch on the mountainside and prepared for a good night's rest, only to find themself not quite so tired as they had thought after their lengthy nap.

It was no matter, they were content to nibble at the remains of the carcass and simply watch the way the light of the full moon played on the Fjord's waters. But then, the call came, a summons, and the Ranger looked up with the last scraps of meat still half hanging out of their mouth, before Asolla's star-studded paws kicked into gear, and they went bounding from their den, tail trailing behind them and star markings lighting up with small flames to light their way as they raced for the mountainside, summoned by the Empress's call for the pack to gather.

They were quite relieved to discover that their haste had not been for naught, as the only one's present were the Empress and the Arbiter as of now. And... a pup? White ears perked up as pale blue eyes blinked forward in renewed interest. They had not seen any youth running around as of late.

This was... most peculiar.

But still, even if the young one stood at the Empress's side, she rather looked nothing like anyone present, and so Asolla assumed it to not be of any true import for the moment being, and simply padded forward to make their presence known. Their figure was lit in the darkness of the night by the small white glows that came from their paws and lower limbs, including the underside of their tail. Where their pelt faded to black, small white dots appeared like stars. And wherever those starry dots existed, so too were imperceptibly small fires, no larger than the spots themselves, and almost indiscernible from the rest of their fur, except for the glow they gave off with the Vanyara's elemental command of fire. It lit them in a sort of halo of dim, white light, making them appear almost ethereal as they bowed before the Empress and Arbiter.

"Reporting as summoned, your majesties."

They then stepped back with their head still respectfully bowed, clearing to the side and moving away from the trio at the front, taking their place with a seat before the two adults and the child, looking on as they waited for others to answer the call and to be told what exactly it was they had been called for. Even as they tried to pay attention to their leaders, their eyes could not help but wander every now and then to the black-furred youngling at the Empress's side, and they rather hoped that part of the explanation would include details on the pup. They couldn't help being ever so curious. They had never seen the little one before, and as the wolf who managed the borders of the pack, well, they could only wonder why.

@Aziza @Lokut @Nesiahris

OOC: Ranger Asolla reporting for duty SIR YES SIR.

Aziza Low Control
— Portrayed by Keira
Female Akdarr 4 years
Some small quote up in here.
The woman relaxes for a few minutes on the bank of a stream up in these mountains, the tips of her three tails just barely being dragged by the current as they hang down. It was a windy day, but the akdarr woman was used to the cold winds. Aziza has been hard at work with border patrols and just keeping busy in general. It was all she could do so she wouldn't go off on a tangent. It had only been a year and so much had changed, now instead of Haakan leading it was her cousin that had taken the mantle because Haakan was an idiot.

The thought of losing Haakan made her heart ache and then she felt like an idiot herself. 'He will never notice you.' She thought to herself with a slight grimace as she stared at the water for a moment.

She fears she cannot let her guard down, despite her calm surroundings. Something inside her says that something approaches, though they’ve received no definitive word as to what that was. And yet, tension lingers.

Indeed it would seem as though the Akdarr woman’s time for unwinding is over, as a howl pushes its way through the trees and to her ears. She stands, shaking loose her fur and follows the direction of the voice as it fades into the air.

It does not take the golden woman to reach her destination, knowing that it was Saellyn that had called the pack together. Her piercing blue eyes take in the small gathering, faintly lingering on Haakan's form but otherwise she made no greeting. Not until she grew closer to the small circle and offered the pup a simple smile before looking to Saellyn. "Evening Empress."

Thought | Speech

@Saellyn @Alynthi @Lokut @Nesiahris @Haakan

[Image: aziza_chibi_by_tabbeh09-d9ijeu1.gif]
[Aziza has the Aura of Truth]
Lokut Low Control
— Portrayed by Sky
Female Vanyara 4 YOA Heterosexual
The call of the empress woke Lokut up from her deep slumber.

'What could be happening at this time of night?'

She got out from her den and started bounding towards the beckoning call.

As she took to the skies, she looked down to find the location of the source of the sound, just a little ways away from where she was.

She swooped down near the ground and landed on her paws, then sprinting to Saellyn.

She made it to her destination and sat down below the empress, looking up to her as the great woman she was.

"I'm here."

'What's going on?'


I have the elemental aura.
Morowen Low Control
— Portrayed by Agent 9
Female Tengu 6 Heterosexual
    Ever since her run-in with that beast behind those falls, Morowen had been careful to avoid wandering into other packs' territories. Ironically, it seemed as though it was thanks to that same beast that she'd managed to leave with all her limbs still attached to her body; that old man and his friends could have easily decided to attack her instead of him, and in her hunger-weakened state, she wouldn't have been able to fend them all off. The beast had distracted them and, as a result, done her a rather large favor that she was sure hadn't been intentional. But she doubted that she would be as lucky the next time she accidentally trespassed, which was exactly why there didn't need to be a next time. So, in an effort to avoid making the same mistake twice, she'd narrowed the scope of her travels, limiting herself to the few lands she knew weren't claimed, where she could hunt without being accused of stealing prey and eat without someone breathing down her neck.

    For a while, things were all well and good. But it wasn't long before Morowen grew bored of her routine of eating and sleeping. It was all that she ever did, really—eat and sleep, sleep and eat. Sometimes, she'd go days without sleeping but would still eat; sometimes she'd go days without eating, but would still sleep. The sheer monotony of it all was tolerable, but only up to a certain point, and now, she sought to free herself from it.

    It wasn't the howl that lured her to the mountains; she had known, as soon as she'd heard it, that it wasn't meant for her. But the invitation in it was somehow familiar, and before she knew it she was ascending the snowy peaks, hugging her lone wing close to her side to preserve as much of her body's warmth as she could. And she was reminded, as she trudged through the thick sea of snow, of a time when she had lived not for herself, but for others; of a time when she had devoted herself to something other than eating and sleeping for the sake of simply surviving. She remembered very little from that time, but liked to think that she had enjoyed it while it'd lasted, despite not knowing why it had even ended.

    Sometime later, Morowen arrived at a clearing, where a small number of wolves had already gathered. She sat far enough away from them that she doubted she'd be noticed, so long as she kept quiet; and then she waited, eying the brown-furred figure whom she assumed was their leader. Next to them sat someone small—a pup, perhaps. Did it belong to them, or had they stolen it from somewhere? Was this a run-of-the-mill meeting, or something much more sinister? Morowen frowned to herself, not quite knowing what to expect.

"Speech" ◈  thought

Coding | Savagery RPG; Art | runandwine


Moro Face
art by Marina

Morowen's elemental aura is often triggered by her emotions, but she can also activate it at will, surrounding herself in bright blue currents of electricity.

Ief Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Female Tengu VI Pun-sexual
Suffice to say, the pink woman essentially fell out of a tree when the howl of the Empress resounded through pack territory.

"Whointh-oof, whashaen...aoinon?"

Suffice to say, her attempts at speaking through a mouthful of snow were very unproductive. Spitting out the frozen substance the woman stuck her tongue out with a disgusted 'blegh', running her wings over it to try and warm the poor muscle up while she also cupped the feathered appendages in front of her face, huffing into them to corral the heat of her breath and try to warm herself.

Sitting back on her hind legs she scratched at her chin with one of the small bird-like limbs that came from the center of her chest, tucking her wings against her side as she tilted her head down to better run the small hands over her face and try to rub the sleep from her eyes.

Oh for Asura's sake she'd been having a really nice dream to. What the hell was even happening that was so important?

She was half-tempted to just go back to sleep now the summons were over, but the sudden landing in the snow beside the tree she had chosen to be her bed for the night had woken her up, the cold shock doing more than any amount of Aziza's yelling ever would to motivate her. Oof, she was starting to get too old for this, she'd be an elder in like a year or so, hadn't she done enough for the pack?

She thought, coincidentally ignoring her near determination to do the bare minimum of her job.

It was honestly no wonder she was still an 'initiated warrior' despite having been one for about two years. If any more warriors came to the pack, she was not to be trusted with their training. It was honestly a miracle she hadn't been demoted yet. She was eternally grateful for the lack of fighting that meant she didn't have much of a job to do other than 'patrolling', or in her case, 'I feel like flying and just so happen to be near the borders so I can say I patrolled', and hunting, mostly for herself and herself alone, so it all worked out.

But either way, it seemed everyone was wanted for something or another, and now that she was awake idle curiosity began niggling at the back of her mind, the heavily mutated woman curious to see what was going on. Not irresistibly so, but enough so that she knew that, coupled with her sudden wakefulness, it would reduce her to tossing and turning if she tried to go back to sleep, her mind wondering what was happening as she fought with her body to try and return to the land of dreams.

So, with a long-suffering sigh, the Knight shook herself out, working a bit more energy and warmth into her muscles, before pushing with her back legs, beating her wings once at the air. She came back down to the ground and pushed again, having gotten a boost with her first jump and the second allowing her to finally get high enough to begin actual flight as she headed forward, six wings unfurling to carry her up to a decent gliding height as she angled herself towards the origin of the call.

There wasn't much to say about the trip. It seemed most everyone else was already there, not that there were many of them to begin with. And truly, the trees and snow were so fascinating, definitely worthy of commentary. Oh wow, look, more trees. Oh wow, look, snow, haven't seen that around here before. So interesting, so foreign, this is definitely something that she should be awake for.

She may have been mildly upset still at being woken up, but she was answering the summons anyway.

The only thing that was really unexpected as she saw the rest of her packmates come into view, was the unknown figure sitting some way away, watching the ongoings with apparent interest. There was absolutely no one else nearby other than her packmates and so she simply mentally shrugged and began soaring down to join the rest of them.

Now, to be fair, she had just been woken up, and while too awake to go back to sleep, was not entirely awake yet and so still had some dredges of sleep pulling at her body. That, or she was simply an uncoordinated individual when it came to being on land as opposed to in the air, and the forward tumble she took upon attempting to land and going tail over head before righting herself with a flare of wings was ordinary.

Probably both, with an emphasis on the latter.

Shaking off the snow that had reattached itself to her, the Knight yawned again, looking at the other wolves who sat before the Empress and deciding that Asolla looked fluffy enough, and trudging her way over there to pick up the Ranger's enormous tail and holding it to her chest, warming her body that was entirely not built for the cold by hugging the fluffy appendage, to a confused but bemusedly accepting look from the younger wolf.

She simply shrugged, looking back to the Empress and spotting an unfamiliar face, before deciding that it didn't matter and simply yawning again, perhaps rather rudely, and settling herself into a more comfortable position as she waited to be informed as to why she had been summoned from the depths of her dreams.

OOC: Fun things to do when you have multiple characters in a single area played by you, you get to powerplay their interactions and it leads to stupid shit

Saellyn Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Female Akdarr V Homosexual
Her lips began to curl into a smile as her howl died off, seeing the familiar bear-like figure approaching. She turned to him with a smile as her howl finished, barely managing to hide the instinctive flinch at his address.

She did not like being called 'Empress' and she doubted she ever would. She had not taken the role because she wanted to or because she thought she would make a good leader. She had taken the role because someone had to. Someone had to do it, and at the time, it seemed she was the only one in the position to do so. So she did, and while she would do the job for as long as she had to, it did not change the fact that it still made her uncomfortable to be called something she had never wanted to be.

But she didn't begrudge him for calling her as such, after all, he was right. She was the Empress, even if she didn't like admitting it to herself, or to anyone, really.

There was a reason she only introduced herself as Saellyn Faelwen of Zaktan'en. There was a reason she never included her rank until they found out for themselves.

But soon his attention was transferred to the youth at her side, and she chuckled as the little girl seemed to press herself tighter into her guardian's side, as if she was afraid of the large man before them both. Saellyn's twin tails pressed tighter against Alynthi's flank, wanting to reassure her as she looked down at the little girl who seemed too nervous to speak. She bent her head down, wanting to be more level with the little girl as she murmured quietly, but loud enough for all present to hear her easily.

"This is Haakan, he's a friend of mine. You don't have to be nervous around him, I promise he looks scary but could barely hurt a buttercup."

He could probably rip her head off of her shoulders if he felt so inclined but that was irrelevant and not something Alynthi needed to hear.

"He's the Arbiter, the second in command of the pack. Very strong and he cares for others probably a bit more than is healthy for himself."

The last part was said with a mixture of teasing and seriousness. She meant it as a joke, but she was also being very serious about the fact that he needed to look out for himself before he could look out for others.

She looked back to said man with a smile, even as distress that he could no doubt read began to creep into her eyes as she gestured to the little girl with her muzzle, answering his question in turn.

"This is Alynthi. She didn't have anywhere to go or anyone to go back to so I simply took her with me."

Saellyn reached up with a paw to try and ruffle the fur atop the little girl's head, smiling wider but still having to fight the pain from her voice as she tried to muss the dark hairs. Haakan deserved to know, but she wanted to keep the situation light. Don't let the little girl worry about things that she shouldn't have to worry about, those things were in the past and she oughtn't worry about them. But this conversation still had to be had.

"She's a tough little thing, lived all by herself for gods know how long. Strong girl, she is."

She conveyed what she knew with a smile on her face, forcing herself to keep her tone fairly light as she spoke, even though she had little doubt that the man before her would be able to read her pain over the situation in every line of her face. He wasn't the one she was trying to hide it from.

The rapid pounding of pawsteps drew her attention forward once more, and she smiled to see the swift approach of a familiar Ranger, said wolf running almost like they were afraid they were late.

They were growing up well, having first come to the pack seeming as if they had never been around another wolf before in their life. Their emotional growth had been somewhat stunted for their age, and she was pleased that they seemed to be maturing and growing into their own as they got older, even if a little slow for someone at their age. Their backstory was a peculiar one, and she could not begrudge the confusion with which the Ranger approached life, it sure could be strange. And it almost seemed as if they weren't a wolf at all sometimes, only wearing the mask of one, but not even they could answer that.

And if they weren't, then she really couldn't begrudge them for being so confused and taking longer than most to pick up on things. It must be so confusing for a non-wolven soul to try and live a wolf's life.

She had to suppress another flinch as the wolf with an ethereal glow bowed before the trio, still not liking the title but accepting it nonetheless. No matter the Ranger's history, they were coming into their own and their own appeared to be a very respectful and capable young adult, and she smiled to see them.

"Always a pleasure to have you with us, Asolla."

As the Ranger took their seat, Saellyn's smile faded somewhat as her eyes began to wander, looking at most everything but the other wolves around her. The toes of her front paws began to subtly play with each other as she sat there, not really sure what to do while they waited for the others. She... wasn't the best at small talk, never had been. She didn't really know what to say and decided that it was probably better to just not say anything rather than say something and just make everything even more awkward for everyone involved.

The group wasn't kept awkwardly waiting (at least from the introverted insomniac's perspective) for long as the most familiar of all the figures gathered there began to approach. Her smile wasn't even remotely forced this time as she saw the familiar figure of her cousin walking towards them. She didn't even flinch this time as she was addressed, instead only grinning wider as if she found the whole thing humorous.

They'd grown closer since the near annihilation of the pack. Not to say that the cousins had not been close prior to the pack's destruction, but being the only remaining family members that either of them had had only served to bring them ever closer.

"I didn't know you'd forgotten my name after all these years, after I've only known you for all of your life. Do you want me to just call you General from now on?"

It was nice, to be able to tease and play with someone and not find the simple fact of being there stressful.

("I get stressed having to talk to people for too long, you know? Just kind of prefer to be by myself.

You're not people.")

She couldn't help the amused grin that was infectiously curling at her lips, and didn't even bother to fight it as she turned her gaze back to the horizons, searching.

She wasn't too worried, not as of yet, but it was a little disconcerting that most of the pack had already arrived, and the very one that needed to arrive for the ceremony to take place wasn't here as of yet. She bit the edge of her lower lip in mild nerves, taking a deep breath to quash the rising worries of whether or not the other woman would make it here.

She needn't have worried, Lokut was always faithful when it came to answering the call of Zaktan'en, even when no one else did. She hadn't even been born to these lands, and she had to be one of the most loyal wolves Saellyn had ever met, to a society that wasn't hers by birth.

But it was hers now, and it was time she made that clear once and for all.

She was very pleased and had to still the twin tails that began to wag behind her, not wanting to make it overly obvious that she was the one they were waiting for. This was meant to be a surprise after all.

So, instead, she simply smiled, relief internally crashing over her when the green woman had no address other than an announcement of her presence. She'd been called Empress enough times for one night, even though she had a feeling she was going to be called it several more times.

"Good to have you with us, we'll begin shortly. Just,"

She made a sort general gesture to the group as a whole with a paw. It probably wasn't the most formal of things to do but she also rather didn't care.

"Going to wait and see if anyone else arrives, I think Ief is the only one missing right now..."

She hadn't seen Nesiahris in so long, she was beginning to doubt if the other woman was still around. She'd be happy if she showed up, but she rather doubted it at this point, expecting the pink Knight to be the only other one still around who hadn't already answered the call.

She didn't notice as they were joined by a stranger, her gaze looking for a Tengu yes, but not one of greys and horns, rather for one of bright pink and green hues and a rather dramatic array of wings.

Time went on, and she had to turn her head to muffle a yawn as exhaustion began to weigh at her. It was late after all, and unlike some of those who had likely been asleep before they were summoned, she had had no rest, and her naturally sleepless habits left her tired as it was anyway.
But it was still rather rude to be yawning when this was such a meaningful gathering, even if she couldn't help it. She hoped no one would mind.

She had just decided that it was time to start with or without the lazy Knight and had opened her maw to speak when a shape came closing in fast on the pack gathering. Saellyn was just about to offer a 'hello' when the figure tried to land, moving much too fast to make the landing coordinated and earning a wince from the larger Akdarr as she went tumbling. But the older woman seemed alright in the end, and shook herself off with little grandeur.

There was no greeting to be had, but for a large yawn and the pink woman shuffling her way over to Asolla, grabbing the Ranger's long tail and holding it to herself for warmth. Well... at least Saellyn wasn't the only one who was tired, she supposed. She shook her head to brush off the Knight's antics and simply looked back to the group as a whole, smiling at the other six wolves who had gathered here.

"Well, now that everyone's here, I think it's time to begin, don't you?"

She rose to her paws, gently nudging the little pup at her side to stand up as she did so, bringing the attention of everyone gathered to the small youth at her side.

"First things first, I wanted you all to meet Alynthi. She's not technically my daughter, but I found her not so long ago all alone and with nowhere to go, so since she had no home to speak of, decided that she could come and live in ours. I thought it was time you all finally met her, and that she met you."

She had already introduced Haakan to the little girl, so instead she gestured to her cousin next,
the large yellow woman bearing some similarities in the horns they had on their heads and the shape of their faces.

"This is Aziza, she's my cousin and the Garnet Dragon of the pack, she's in charge of all the warriors whenever there's fighting going on, and even when there's not. She's one of the strongest people I think I've ever met."

She pointed with her paw at the pink woman who was currently cuddling someone else's tail.

"Speaking of warriors, that's Ief. She's one of our Knights, a warrior. She's a bit of a prankster but I promise she means well."

She then gestured to the Ranger whose tail had been claimed and looked rather bemused at the whole situation.

"That's Asolla, one of our Rangers. They're in charge of patrolling the borders and settling any fights that happen between pack members, they're not really a boy or a girl, they just kind of are, but Vanyara wolves are like that sometimes, and they're a wonderful swimmer and very nice."

And for the other wolf whose presence was important tonight...

"And that's Lokut. I would have to say that she's probably one of my closest friends, and is a healer, a lot like me. She wasn't born in Zaktan'en either, and came here not too long ago. I think the pack is in good paws with her looking out for everyone, she's very kind but can be very fierce when someone is trying to hurt people she cares about."

She had not been quick to forget the battle with the strange Loner who had taken residence on their lands, and the cold chill of the night air brushed against the small burn scars on her face and shoulder. Not large, her own healing aether had ensured that, but she hadn't been able to leave that fight with no marker of what happened.

But she didn't address the topic any further, and instead simply smiled as she gestured to the pack at large, fighting to keep the smile bright as the exhaustion of having to speak for so long began to weigh at her shoulders. She was far from done yet, and even as the nervous energy began prickling at her neck from speaking to so many people, she fought through it, the night had only just begun, after all.

"Alynthi, meet Zaktan'en. And Zaktan'en, meet Alynthi."

With introductions out of the way, she gave everyone a moment to let the new information sink in, and to let the little girl look at her packmates now with knowledge of who they were, and let them look on her with new eyes now that they knew who she was.

But now then, that was only the first part of what she had come here to say. Come here to do. And now that that was taken care of, there were other things to handle. Her eyes glanced at Lokut for a moment, before she returned her attention to the group at large as she shifted where she stood in place.

"Now then, I did not wake you all up just so that way you could meet Alynthi, we have something else to do tonight. If you would be so kind as to follow me."

With that, she moved to make her way down to the snow and ice below, offering help to the little girl at her side to get her down the larger jumps before they were standing in the midst of the other members of the pack. Saellyn nodded at them and began to walk, setting a slow pace so that the pup could keep up as she led them forward.

In time, flickering lights would begin to come into view as the flames of the Stone Vahrot Altar emerged out of the darkness. As the group approached further, they would find themselves coming before a stone construct, pillars holding flames kept ever burning by the wolves of Zaktan'en on either side of an altar, atop which sat an enormous, green scale. Believed to be a scale of the last dragon, and kept guarded upon the altar as a symbol of what the pack strove to follow. Their ways followed the dragon scriptures, and in times past, they had in fact been known by many names, the Lions Guard, the Dragon Lords, for they had been those who rode upon the wings of dragons.

Now, all that remained was this scale and their traditions, but these things were enough to tie them to the past, and to tie them to who they had once been.

Saellyn stopped a short distance away, gesturing for everyone to stop with her and remain where they were. She bent down to gently nudge Alynthi towards Haakan.

"Stay with Haakan for right now, little one."

With another gesture for everyone to remain where they were, she strode forward and approached the altar, looking upon the scale and looking into the flames that lit the night, before turning where she stood and facing the pack at large.

She made no secret of who she was looking at now.

"Lokut, if you would please come forward. It is time that you were officially sworn into the Cloister of Seers by an Oath by Blood."

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