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Lydian's Captives
Nocturne Low Control
— Portrayed by Lydian
Female Vanyara Four Years Unknown
Nocturne Alucinari
"a cruel night's dream"


A bunch of descriptive words for her: cruel, vengeful, proud, callous, hostile, taciturn, malevolent, calculating, plotting, merciless, domineering, severe, tyrannical, commanding, organized, and respectful of authority and power.

Currently/Looking for

-She's going to be apart of Triskellion, And I do believe she'll be gunning for a higher rank.
-I'm looking for sparring partners, basically she's really into fighting and improving herself and those who are willing.


She is not particularly the type to shoot first and ask questions later, unless of course you do so first. So long as you are not deemed weak or self-righteous in her eyes; she's relatively polite. She does not have many friends, and those that do enter her circle of trust can be certain of her devotion. She would never betray these rare friends of hers.
This is a label you do not want to have in her mind. Already a ruthless woman, she becomes exceedingly cruel towards these few. Going out of her way at times to make their lives a living hell, and the same goes for those around them. She is not a tv show villain who plans new ways to torment her enemies every other day; no she is far more content to strike when it is convenient or plot long term to see her opponent fall. 
Unlike friends, she does not completely trust these souls. They are a means to an end, fellow warriors and those who can aid her in her goals. Allies are respected, but only as long as they deserve and prove that they are worthy of her dedication. Often she chooses these beings to train with, but remains cautious of possible betrayal.
Contrary to belief, she is not a purely business and militant woman. She can be courted and she can desire others, but it is another matter entirely to act upon those feelings. Her devotion extends to her partner(s), but capturing her in body, mind, or soul can be quite a feat. However as a little hint, she tends to be attracted to like-minded individuals.


- Feel free to suggest literally anything else, I'm not too keen on protecting/sheilding her from anything (except death lol). 
- I'm super chill and I don't bite so pls rain the good plots down on meeee <3

Nocturne possesses Elemental Aura, therefore flames dance along her crimson markings. 

Mercy Low Control
— Portrayed by Teegan
Female Akdarr Two Years old Heterosexual
Friendship could be a good goal of the only two women in trisk xD and mercy wouldn’t mind sparring with her

Ser Kosm Savage
— Portrayed by Ser Kosm
Male Cross Breed 25 Gay
As Zenith/Alpha, Vhago will be eager to meet with her to get to know one another, size one another up of course. She would be receiving the scar that marks her as part of the pack and getting her initial rank. I enjoy that she's ambitious. it's something we can work with as there is a definite need for higher ranked members who have the level of power and loyalty capabilities that Nocturne expresses. 

If you start a joining thread we can get all that set up. Who knows if Vhago will be a friend of an acquaintance, but I guess we will see.

@Nocturne @Lydian

[Image: ade.gif]
Domine Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Cross Breed IX Vhagosexual
domine would love to try and eat her only to, inevitably, be sorely disappointed when she turns out to be a new member of the pack and not his dinner

rip domine 2k18

he's also down for sparring bc he hates volkan's guts and would love the ability to take out his frustration on others

be warned he'll hopefully be getting up to the second level in the near future, however, so he'd be a strong(er) boy >:D

Nocturne Low Control
— Portrayed by Lydian
Female Vanyara Four Years Unknown
@Mercy Yeah definitely! I want to see how that goes, Nocturne isn't amazingly patient in case mercy pushes a button though c;

@Domine Oh man poor Domine. RIP. But yeah I'd love to see how a thread with them goes, and see how she meshes in with her packmates! Of course she would be totally into the sparring no matter the reasoning lol I also think she would be kind of interested if she ever found out about the whole fact that he wants to eat other woofers? XD

Nocturne possesses Elemental Aura, therefore flames dance along her crimson markings. 

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