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Nocturne Low Control
— Portrayed by Lydian
Female Vanyara Four Years Unknown
PLAYSTYLE: Low Control
PACK: Triskellion
ARCHETYPE:  Arcanist
Survival was survival. With your life on the line, almost anyone would commit heinous acts all in order to continue on living. Some like to think they wouldn't, that they would be a noble creature who comforts and leads others to salvation. However that is not truly the way we are hardwired. It is self-preservation that grips the heart, it is survival that comes naturally. Nocturne had no qualms with this, and she readily accepted the natural order of things. Her travels brought her far and wide, so it was a wonder of how she had met so few along the way. Ivory paws touched the earth purposefully as she walked on, for she walked at no meander. It felt as though she only needed to move forward and her destination would appear, but in the meantime she marched on. 
Until, a voice croaked for her attention. Weakly and pleadingly, it drew her focus over to the base of a tree where blood smeared downwards upon the bark; leading the eyes to a torturous looking Tengu. The young thing had but one eye open, for the other appeared to have been torn away. Feathers were strewn around her in what Nocturne could only describe as tauntingly, which begged the question. What had this girl done to be left like this?  Left alive and yet with wounds that were not meant to kill quickly, whoever had done this meant for her to live for sometime after. Some kind of karma, perhaps.
 Bright teal orbs blinked as she contemplated it, paying no mind to the monotonous repetition of pleads from the apparent victim. Yet the sounds did nothing to stir sympathy from the indifferent woman. Nocturne was fully capable of helping the Tengu, but she quite frankly saw no use in doing so. For those who cannot protect their lives have no business living at all, or so she thought. Callously she felt her lips curl upwards as she spoke, offering only a few curt words from an impatient tongue. "Do you wish to continue living?" Her voice was a hiss of clarity, demanding an answer which she soon got. 'Y-Y-es.' Fear, agony, and a tremble of hope. Nocturne sighed plainly. Poor thing. She could have had a quick death if only she had responded differently. "So you must rise to your feet. And if you cannot, contemplate 'no' as your answer to the next soul to come across you." And oh her utter indifference showed, it danced across her face and offered no solace nor comfort. 'Yes.' Well then. Wasn't that nice. Her own building irritation for the helplessness before her only grew, and it continued to grow until she was far, far away from there.

Nocturne possesses Elemental Aura, therefore flames dance along her crimson markings. 

Ser Kosm Savage
— Portrayed by Ser Kosm
Male Cross Breed 25 Gay
Welcome to Savagery RPG! You have been awarded 7 AP to spend on your talent tree! Now that you're accepted here's some things you can do to get started:
  1. Post in the plots section giving a brief introduction to yourself, your character, and a quick outline of some of the goals you have in mind for them on the site!

  2. Spend your AP (ability points) just awarded to you by visiting your character profile! Hover over the icons on the tree located below your character image to see their descriptions. To spend your points just click on the talent you would like to purchase and hit the "Accept" button to confirm.

  3. Post an "All Welcome" thread to get settled in and meet some characters on the site! Be careful not to post these on pack lands (if not your own) to avoid conflict.

  4. If you joined a pack, get to know some of your packmates by signing up for missions located under the packs & bands section.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the nearest staff member! You can PM us or reach out in the cbox or Discord.

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