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Private Evil is as Evil Does
Mercy Low Control
— Portrayed by Teegan
Female Akdarr Two Years old Heterosexual
Mercy had joined a pack for the first time in her life as far as she could remember. As far as she was concerned she had only wandered since the death of two of her family members. But once she was in this new land she’d happened across the pack she called home now. Triskellion. A pack that benefited her personality and personal desires. However it was a small pack from what she gathered. And before her there were no women just three men. She had been in no direct hurry to introduce herself to the two men she had yet to meet. After all she was more concerned about getting the lay out of the land. 


Domine Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Cross Breed IX Vhagosexual
He had initially come here with the intention of using the waters to try and clean his robe. While he could clean it with aether, as it the silk fell under his command, there was nothing quite so satisfying as the rhythmic feeling of grooming it by paw. And right now, he could really do with some soothing rhythm.

Honestly, he could hardly recall being so stressed out prior to joining up with a 'pack'. He had and always would be a loner by nature, and living in such close quarters with others was more than he was prepared for, especially because he was not here to hunt, he was simply here to live with them, peacefully. Something he had not done since before The Slow Death took his mother.

And he had loved her, he had loved her like he had never loved another. She was his everything, and watching her wither away in agony had only caused his heart to ache as did her flesh, until the day she passed and he felt something he had never thought he would feel at his mother's death. Relief. Relief that it was over, that he didn't have to watch her suffer anymore, and that she was suffering no longer.

Hers was the only body he had buried rather than consume.

But that was neither here nor there any longer, the point of his recollections was to emphasize the fact that he had not been in such contact with others for quite some time, and never had it been of his own volition. That was not to say that his mother was a bad woman, or that he did not love her, simply that he had been born to her, he had no choice in remaining with her. He had been glad he had, but he had still never chosen 'family' that was his own decision, and now that he had, he was seriously regretting it.

They were driving him up the cavern walls.

He needed a break, he needed to calm down, and do something relaxing. Which was exactly why he intended to groom his cloak. Something calm, soothing, to set him at ease.

It only became better when he caught the scent of a young woman that he had not before, tinted with the scent of Vhago. His mouth watered as thoughts began racing through his head as to her presence. Had Vhago brought him a meal, recognizing the elder man's need for wolven flesh?

He would have to give many thanks if it was so.

He paused momentarily at the entrance to the cradle, shaking his head to wipe off the drooling expression of a starving man, deciding that washing his cloak could wait for the moment. He allowed himself to enter fully into the cradle, emerging into the woman's line of sight as he took in the distant form of black and purple that he slunk towards with great eagerness, his belly gurgling quietly in enthusiasm as his aged voice rumbled from within his chest, the man easily slipping into the lilting tones of a genial old man as he walked towards the young woman.

"Hello, dear one! What brings you to Asura's Cradle toda-?"

He drew up short as he came closer, voice dying in his throat immediately as he came within the line of sight to cast his gaze upon her chest.

The Triskele was fresh within her young, tender flesh.

His ears dropped sullenly as the man suddenly scowled, setting his spiked forepaw down as he glowered, tapping one of the claws irately as he took a moment more to look her up and down, sizing her up. His entire demeanor changed in the blink of an eye once he saw that she only carried Vhago's scent because the younger man had in fact welcomed her to the pack.


He had been so hopeful.

Another day, he supposed.

Well, he still had a cloak to wash, and now apparently a new 'family' member to drive her elders up the walls. He scowled and moved to stalk towards the pool hidden within the cradle, grumbling out an irritated,

"Never mind."

No need to keep up the act, she'd find out soon enough. Bah humbug.


OOC: This post felt a little weird, but I tried!

Mercy Low Control
— Portrayed by Teegan
Female Akdarr Two Years old Heterosexual
As the older man mover closer to her, mercy’s eyes narrowed. He seemed to be overly cheerful greeting her quite jovially until his line of site caught the mark on her chest. She rolled her eyes as his cheerful posture slumped into one of dissatisfaction. She could feel a bit of amusement in her gut. She looked him over and spotted the same mark that had been placed upon her flesh by Vhago on the chest of the old man who pushed past her.

A low snicker emitted from her throat as she moved past her. She was offended that he was disappointed after seeing her mark. Did he think she was not good enough?! If that was the case he wasn’t going to like her much. She turned and stalked after him, fur bristled in a slight anger while her face was set like stone. “What? Am i that displeasing to you old man?” She sneared as she followed close to him. She didn’t care for his age or that she was probably about to start a fight. He was going to learn she didn’t tolerate shit.


Domine Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Cross Breed IX Vhagosexual
He had little attention for the way she seemed irritated with his change of mood, barely even catching the way her eyes slipped beneath the many folds of black silk at his throat to catch the mark carved into his flesh beneath, just visible beneath the parting of the cloak's fabric as it flowed to either side to drape over his form. He simply huffed in irritation as he kept stalking further into the cradle, intent on heading for the Pool of Revelations further in that would allow him to wash the cloth he called his only possession within, what would hopefully be peace and quiet, free of the annoying voices of his packmates for the time being.

He would have said annoying 'voice', or lack thereof, as he didn't much find Lord Vhago too annoying, in fact almost enjoying the others company, but now he had a new 'packmate' to contend with, and the 'voice' (or lack thereof with the asshole's silent nature) had been upgraded to 'voices'.

Unfortunately, there was no rest for the wicked, and Domine was well aware that by most standards, he was quite wicked.

His standards, while different, didn't change the fact of majority rules.

So, no rest was to be had for the old man who heard a light snicker, which dissipated and was followed by what amounted to a near growl.

Oh couldn't she just piss off? He didn't need to be dealing with this shit.

He heard the stomping of her paws after him, and was half tempted to turn and scrape the many spines the sprouted from his forelegs along the ground for emphasis, making a point for her to turn around and leave. But he did not have the energy even for that, and so simply cast his eyes to the side as he kept his face pointed forward, continuing to walk towards his destination and only sparing her his minimal attention so that he was not caught off guard by an attack.

“What? Am I that displeasing to you old man?”

Well now, that drew him up short for two reasons. He stilled, continuing to simply look at her from the corner of his eye for a moment as he stood in place, no longer walking as silk settled quietly about his form. One, he did not like his age being used as an insult. Two, she was far, far from displeasing, yet she appeared to have gotten that impression. He could admittedly see how she had gathered that, but it was most certainly incorrect.

He decided to simply address the second for now, and leave the first point for a later day. She was a 'packmate', he'd have the time to set her straight.

So he allowed a saccharine smile to curl his lips as he turned to face her directly, the angle of his lips almost lustful but for the hint of mockery within the slight over exaggeration of them.

"Oh, you most certainly are not displeasing, with your young, and no doubt tender flesh."

He allowed more bloodlust to creep into both his gaze and smile as he pulled his head higher, looking at her with something like desire in the depths of old, grey eyes.

"If anything, I would love nothing more than to eat... you... up."

He snapped his teeth in front of her nose at the last word, his voice trailing into a low murmur verging on a whisper as the tip of his tongue momentarily poked out from his maw, as if to lick at her like the first taste of freshly spilled blood.

Then he promptly pulled back, face falling back into a scowl as he glowered unhappily.

"But, unfortunately for me, you are now pack, and are henceforth,"

He turned and began stalking back in his originally intended direction, growling his last words low in his throat.

"Off the menu."

There was no point in lies and deception about his cannibalistic nature, she lived here now, she'd find out soon enough.


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