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Private A little Wicked
Mercy Low Control
— Portrayed by Teegan
Female Akdarr Two Years old Heterosexual
Mercy had been wandering for a whole year since the death of her brother and mother. The world was a large place full of many individuals she could torment. Yet she was careful to never stay too long in one place in case the rest of her family ever came after her. But as time went on with no sign of retaliation the woman decided it was time to find a place to set up shop. She found her way to a new land and decided this would be it, her last stop in the large world. This would be her new home and this is where she would cause chaos. Slowly she made her way through the uncharted land, her eyes scanning the area around her for movement of any kind.So far she hadn’t seen a single sound anywhere in the area. She wasn’t to happy about that. How am I going to play with my toys if there aren’t any around? She thought to herself as she moved deeper into the land. Irritation slowly began building in the pit of her stomach with every step she took into the land. She stopped and took a deep breath, hoping to catch any scent in the air that indicated life, and when a gust of wind brought her just what she wanted a sick twisted grin slithered onto her face. So i’m not alone in this land after all...interesting She turned and started after the direction she believed the scent came from. Her ears and eyes on high alert now. She wanted something to play with. And she knew all too well how she’d get it if she found the right sucker that believed her.


Vhago Savage
— Portrayed by Ser Kosm
Male Cross Breed 5 years Pansexual
Being even partially Vanyara held very particular benefits. 

For one you could feel the breath of nature: the invisible rush and gust of thousands of mouthless inhales and exhales, a cacophony of subtly whispering voices that truly made no sound, the pulse of life through roots underfoot that throbbed with the same sincerity of a flesh-n-blood heartbeat. There was a connection to the world of flora that no other wolf could truly understand and with it came very subtle hints and reminders that could aid a Vanyara in their daily life. Those whispered voices from before, they were usually disjointed things made up of fragmented sentences and included non-words, it was up to the brain to interpret them and despite Vanyara being so closely tied to the earth the lines of communication between plant and animal were understandably muddy. 

'They... v...isit,' said the quiet voices. Vhago's fluted ears flicked slightly even though the sound had been within his own skull. He had left the Subterrane to his squabbling flock for a moment of peace and contemplation, thus finding himself wandering what was known as the cradle of a God he considered his brother. It was by his own presumptions to name him such, his own ambitions to declare himself kin of the gods themselves. The lord walked, his head moving in an instinctive swaying motion akin to a snake's so that his one good eye could get a decent view of his surroundings. The voices picked up again, the voices of the plants and of the trees, his own personal sentinels. 'Ve....close... she hunger... strange?' a question posed now. Vhago was intrigued. 

So his contemplative walk in the wilds became a hunt for some new soul who had dared thread into his sanctum, a potential new member to the flock. It did not take long, the whispers drew him naturally in one direction and it was not as though this newcomer was evading discovery, no she walked right into it boldly.

They almost met directly face-to-face, Vhago peeling from the forest not too far from this newcomer with an unnatural quiet to his steps. Despite all of his size he moved with the light-footed grace of a stag and held the royal presence of one as well. "Greetings," he called out jovially and loudly, wasting no time as his good eye strolled across the oilslick of purple-blue that was the she-wolf's form. "A lovely day isn't it, stranger? What brings you to this part of the land?" 

OOC -- They meet!
TAG -- @Mercy

Mercy Low Control
— Portrayed by Teegan
Female Akdarr Two Years old Heterosexual
Mercy laid eyes on the brute the second he stepped out of the trees and i to her line of site. Interesting...it appears as though my toy knew i was coming and met me halfway. His voice rang out as he spoke. She remained silent however, the inner debate of if she should be herself or if she should fake her cheerful gentle self. Her eyes scanned him over, lingering on the charred flesh on his face longer than anything else. Her grim aura still in effect as she stared at the stranger. She took a deep breath and put on a friendly smile. Her bi colored eyes lighting up in a sweet way. “Hello. Correct, it is a wonderful day.” Despite her nature she answered his questions, all except what she was doing here. After all that was her business and he was merely a toy. Someone to trick with her curves and then slaughter in the night. It was really a pity though, he was quite handsome to say the least.

“What brings YOU here?” She didnt really care why he was here. But if she was going to play the part of the damsel then she was going to do it well. She moved closed making sure that he wasn’t affected by her aura. It was a simple trick. Making her victim believe she was weak and helpless. She moved closer aiming to cut the distance between them, her head held high and her tail swaying back and forth happily. She slowly circled the man, drinking in his features. She wanted to size him up completely. Even if he was stronger than her, all she needed was to lull him into a sensation of safety and when she could manage to get him to sleep… well lets say it would get bloody and fast.

OOC- this is all phone post amd looks much longer to me than it probably is.... im sorry


Vhago Savage
— Portrayed by Ser Kosm
Male Cross Breed 5 years Pansexual

The she-wolf seemed to consider him for a while, lingering long and hard on the dragon-blessed half of his face. Such blatant staring could normally have been seen as an insult or even a challenge. Vhago however was quite proud of his scars for they were indicators of his ability to persist, to face down the flames of dragons marking his survival - wore the triskele self-carved on his breast as a sign of his coming Godhood. 

She was smaller than him and yet he felt a deep and sudden discomfort being in her presence. It was as if she exuded something unseen that caused his toes to tingle and his tongue to go dry. A very unusual sensation for the Lord he bowled into it headlong in his mind, fighting the unnatural fleetings that were sparking off within his noble skull, the unburnt half of his features remaining as bright and friendly as he could manage. Vhago flicked his tail tip casually behind him in an effort to keep the deadly blade at it's tip hidden for the moment. It had always been beneficial for unseen attacks. Thus he listened to the newcomer speak her tones flush with flirtatious intent to which he could only offer a grim half smile for Vhago saw the beauty in all things but he was no fool when it came to the matters of sexual flauntings. She might as well have been attempting to seduce a rock as she came striding forward with a boldness that was commendable as it was stupid, clearly she was used to seeing things go her own way. 

That ended today.

Blue and purple melded, she did not answer his question. 'Curious... and telling.' Yet she deigned to shoot the question right back at him. Vhago unfurled his mighty wings ever so slightly, giving them a tight stretch before folding them back in close to his golden form and linking the claws of them just below his throat so that the draconic things draped over his back like a dramatic cape befitting some sort of vampire of old. His dangerous tail snuck further beneath the draped folds of his winged cloak, waiting. 

"Why I see no reason to not be here for I own these lands," he purred in response. His right eye followed her as she began to curl around his form in some hoping hypnotic dance to lull him, too bad the sensation of dread she eminated caused the exact opposite effect and Vhago was wildly wary of her, on guard instead of put at ease. This wolf was negating her own attempts and yet she did not seem to realize it. 'Nice try.' 

"Vhago Mors Veritas is my name," he rumbled suddenly. "I am Zenith of these lands, warden of Triskellion. So my friend you should best answer my question and be polite enough to provide your name. It is only the proper thing to do." His tones were calm and even, almost sweet in a way to match Mercy's. 

TAG -- @Mercy
OOC -- She gives him the heeby jeebies O: But he's a tough cookie

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