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Private Two is Better Than One...?
Axel Low Control
— Portrayed by Tobii
Male Fearu III Bisexual

Axel Trahern
"Painting a tomorrow different from the past"

    A sickly rumble resounded from the young brute's gut. He did nothing to hide the the upward twist on one side of his lips as it came together to form a sneer. "It's a wonderful fucking life," boyish vocals would mutter quietly to himself. His teeth ground together as he complained under his breath, each word making his cheeks puff out and pocket the sound so it came out sort of muffled, but clearly agitated. "Fucking Novus, fucking stupid mountains, and to top it all off: a really fucking stupid FUCKING WINTER."

    He resorted to shouting the last two words at the end, mumbling so they resounded throughout the entire length of the Stardust Caverns. It was a pattern he chose to continue throughout the rant to come. One might have been able to guess he wasn't in the best of moods.

    "Dumb old bitch taking us in here to STARVE. I should have just died in the WETLANDS back by Novus, it would have been a BETTER OUTCOME. Hid myself somewhere clever so that ENTIRE STUPID FUCKING PACK would smell me for THREE. WHOLE. MOON. CYCLES."

    His bottom lip would puff out to pout while his brows furrowed deeply, gritting his teeth one final time before quickly shoving his hind quarters onto the floor. The bushy tail behind him would violently jerk forward to sweep against the ground and wrap around him so his entire frame was curled around itself. "I HATE EVERYTHING."

    Somewhere, extremely deep within himself, he knew there was a better approach to the situation. Yet every fiber of his being was screaming in protest to avoid the higher road and not be the bigger man. He was miserable, and quite determined to ensure Rhea was also having a bad time of things. He was one of the best hunters in the entire region from his first childhood: the one where he grew up alone in a forest miles away from his birth land to fend for himself. He'd been able to piece quite a few memories of it together, but anything past that was all a fog. He just knew, deep down, that something terrible had happened. It had buried itself inside of him so deep that it had become intuition: don't trust anyone.

    • • • • •

    He wasn't entirely sure where Rhea had gone off to, but he hoped she could hear him. His pelt was matted, greasy, and gross from negligence. It stood on end, gently blowing in the small traces of wind that managed to find a path into the tunnels. There was a nasty scar on his shoulder as a result from being impaled back in the Severed Peaks all those moons ago, and the fur never grew back the same. If Rhea hadn't found him and forced him into following alongside her, he'd probably be dead by now; but Axel wasn't one to make himself indebted for anything. She'd helped him because she wanted to, and he didn't owe her a damn thing. There was no honor or code about him.

    If she didn't show up eventually he supposed now was as good a time as any to track her down. He could smell the changes on the wind; the shift in season had begun outside, and the flowers were in bloom. He didn't see the harm in waiting a little more and letting out his frustrations into the echo chamber though. His stomach could hold until noon.



[Image: 3UrzUFn.png]
Axel possesses Aura of Courage, and tends to inspire it in others.
He is immune to fear and intimidation outside of combat.

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