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Private come alive
Lady in Waiting
Kalliope Low Control
— Portrayed by Keira
Female Akdarr 4 years Heterosexual

ooc: @Hashmal

A fog lay across the distant land, far beneath her feet. She had conquered the mountain in less than a day, from starting at the foot of the great stony beast, to finding a stoic rocky outcrop that pushed out from the side of the mountain, offering her the best view of the valley below. She watches as the fog swirls over the faraway trees and rocks and rivers, tucking wolves away from sight and curling towards the foot of the mountain where it would, eventually, evaporate and become clouds.

Hanging with her head precariously close to the edge of the great cliff, Kalliope looks like someone to have an inkling of jumping. She hasn’t the wings to guide her down to safety from the drop. Still closer and closer she leans, her piercing blue eyes pouring over the land below her and the crisp, spring breeze ruffling through her white forelock.

In just a moment, she steps forwards.

An onlooker would think that she was to plummet to her death, but instead she is agile and nimble, and her paws seem to find purchase on the side of the cliff that seemed to not be there before, leaving her standing parallel to the cliff-face.

Such habits were common for the stargazing akdarr, as the rocky precipices were part of her home, and she was born clinging to the edge of a rocky mountain face back in her war-ridden birthplace.

Gleefully, almost, she bounds down the cliff face, her claws clicking against the small rocks that jut out from the side of the cliff in the form of her 'staircase', their surfaces barely larger than her paws. Soon, she finds another wide rocky outcrop and makes her landing there. Her feet thump unceremoniously against the rock and the sparse grass, and breathlessly, she looks around.


  — Kalliope Moonsworn    

[Image: qetnfxr_by_tabbeh09-d9wcdb9.gif]
[Kalli has the anti-venom aura. Which means she has an immunity to venoms, poisons, and acids.]
Hashmal Low Control
— Portrayed by Toberz
Male Tengu IV Unknown

───── ◈ ─────
    Sleep. It was a glorious thing that consumed every fiber of his being.

    Yet even still, there were moments when a Tengu just needed to get up and stretch his wings a bit; and this was certainly one of those moments. Waking at no particular time, the owl wolf found himself in a rather cheerful mood. He blinked his weary, sleep sagged eyes a few times and brought both curled talons up to rid the sandman from his eyes in clenched fists. A yawn followed suit, his petite beak parting to expel the tiniest of noises before he smacked his lips a few times with a very coy smile starting just at the edges of his mouth. His eyes did as most owls would in such an instance, squinting to the point of near closure. It was a look of pure content. The universe was aligned, and all was well — at least for Hashmal it was.

    He took a few moments to check out the state of things, half-closed orbs scanning across the forest within his field of view before he realized he was alone. He let his eyes come to a natural opening, very slowly as he tilted his head up toward the sky and observed the sun hanging halfway in the sky. It must have been around noon, so it was odd to not see anyone fumbling about. That was until a familiar voice broke out in the distance, causing a single ear to twitch in acknowledgement. It was one of the elders sitting hidden behind one of the Great Mother's gnarled roots. His head would crane in an attempt to see a small part of him before he lost his balance, his elbow slipping off the mossy branch and causing him to go into a state of panic. His wings unfurled, flapping like a predatory chicken as he desperately tried to claw at some solid footing and wrap his forearms around something.

    He'd failed completely and ended up free falling in a rapid spiral before he managed to twist his body at just the right time, in just the way to allow him to catch some wind under his wings and glide the rest of the short distance to the floor. By the time all four limbs touched the ground he let out a soft breath. He let the tension release with the exhale, shoulders rolling forward and dropping once he hit the crescendo. His eyes looked as though they'd nearly pop up during the inhale, but quickly settled with the exhale. He thought he'd have a heart attack mid-air, but he supposed it was one way to get yourself wide awake in the morning.

    He could see the old timer clear as day from this vantage. He lifted a single talon to wave gently back and forth in greeting, but it seemed to annoy the elder instead of give him the reaction he was hoping for. It caused the corners of his mouth to droop a bit, ears falling back for a mere second before he looked away and adjusted the seating of his wings on his back. Maybe he's just having a bad day.. he thought to himself. Yeah, he was sure that was the reason.

    Without giving much thought to the encounter he decided it was a good day for a little adventure. He let his feet dance along the soft Novus grass, getting a good feel for take off before he gave some solid flaps and lifted himself into the air. He stopped up by his branch quickly to gather his satchel, made of crude leather from one of the hunts they'd made together as a pack. A single talon playfully flicked the leather tassel he'd branched off one of the sides, his lips curling into a smile at the memories. He had good friends here. He loved them all.

    • • •

    The trip to the peaks didn't seem to be very long. He mostly enjoyed the ride, gliding high above the stratus and rolling through the puffy cumulus clouds like a child at play. Sometimes he liked to grab small talon fulls of the gaseous substances and mold them into funny looking shapes. Most of the time he just poked his face through them to make him look like he had extra long chin hair or devil horns. He'd made a Skadi model once, but by the time he got down to show her it'd disintegrated. He kept meaning to ask her back up here so he could show her, but for some reason he couldn't remember. The sleep spells might have had something to do with it.

    Today he just enjoyed rolling through them. By some stroke of fate he'd decided to peer down below the stratus just in time to witness Kalliope at the tip of the Peaks, and the sight nearly sent his heart thudding out from his throat. She was far too close to the edge for comfort, but before he could open his beak to say anything she began bounding joyfully down the side. "Blessed Asura.." he muttered beneath his breath, pulling his wings back to end the glide and suspending himself by flaps alone. He kept his eyes on her and waited until she'd finally stopped to breathe again. "Oh thank gods."

    He quickly made his way down to her, pulling his wings back again to suspend himself and stay afloat by flapping. His rear would droop beneath him, but his arms would stay bent at the elbows, gesturing with them like hands as he spoke. "Excuse me, miss!" he began. He knew this wolf, she was of Novus, but was embarrassed to admit her name escaped him. "You shouldn't be bounding down the mountain in such a fashion, you might slip and get hurt!"


Coding | Savagery RPG


Hasmal possesses Negation Aura, and cannot be affected by small cantrips.
He also suffers from narcolepsy and may randomly fall asleep.

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