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Private I Am No Squire [Ptak // Spar]
Hoplite Savage
— Portrayed by Ser Kosm
Male Akdarr 3 Years Heterosexual

A man was born through his experiences - so Hoplite had been told not all that long ago - but what experiences entailed that fateful step upwards remained an absolute mystery to him. Perhaps waiting around in a verdant meadow for one notoriously tardy brother of the Empress was just apart of that divine plan. It still did not cease the mounting annoyance niggling it's way into the young Knight's head. 

Flowers of a thousand types and nearly as many colors populated the rolling lea existing as a living rainbow but their hues were dampened by the mist and in this lighting they seemed duller, less exciting. Hops paced about the field and wondered at how this had been the snatch of land he had stumbled into high as a kite in a spiritual search of something more, a search that had been rewarded handsomely by the not-so-chance meeting of Skadi along with a new purpose amongst her flock. Now he stood where he had once lay on his back vibrantly intoxicated by the effects of wild mushrooms, coming across his queen, in wait of that queen's brother. It had been under the suggestion of training, much to Hoplite's chagrin. What could that scrawny, winged blowhard teach him about the art of fighting?

Ptak could be a pawful to say the least, but a good man none the less who's heart lay in the most right of places. Young Hoplite had managed to quite easily to ignore his most flirtatious jests and even played into them from time to time, for if he was nothing else, Ptak was a commendable friend and true to the bone. There existed not an ill bone in that seraphim's body, an aspect that Hops - born of blood in the wilds - found strangely humbling compared to his nihilistic ways. He had found a keen companion in this lavishing casanova but still had so many doubts as to his ability in battle. A hundred hunted jackalopes could be impressive, but they were not wolves and they were not fighting back.

So Hops paced in anxiety, ignoring even the long-stemmed button-topped mushrooms that grew out of a Baku dung nearby that could so easily take away his worries if he popped just one into his maw. He had been told to meet here by the older Knight at the time when the sun was highest in the sky. Even through the mists, Hops knew the time and he had been waiting for an hour.

"Gods damn you, Ptak," grumbled the Akdarr. He noticed suddenly that a layer of moisture had formed on his black and silver coat. Hops gave a brief shake and contemplated heading back to his warm den and perhaps the warmer conversation of Skadi.   

TAG -- @Ptak
OOC -- Da boiz gonna wrassle all sexy-like

[Image: 34ep5l1.jpg]

Hoplite has Negation Aura; Small scale spells and incantations as well as some mental based Auras have little to no effect on him.
Ptak Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Tengu V Pansexual
Being late was both intentional and not so.

He had intended to arrive late, to wait until Hoplite was more concerned with waiting than being prepared for an attack from behind, and surprise him to teach a lesson to the younger knight.

He had also intended to be awake on time, and for his late arrival to be a result of patient waiting, not oversleeping.

Ah well, the same effect was achieved in the end, the means he used to get there were mostly irrelevant at this point.

Either way, he still took to the skies from the Koken Tree, soaring more so than flying towards the intended sparring location. He often headed out this way on patrols, enjoying the chance to stop in the flowers and partake of the scenery, plus it was where he had met the hunk after all. Who knew what other body builders he might find wandering around?

He had a love-hate relationship with the misty weather of the day. Love in that it obscured his dark form as he soared far above the ground, making it so that his fellow knight would likely be ignorant to his arrival till he wanted to make himself known, but being a Tengu with enhanced hearing and vision, he would be able to find the hunk through the obfuscating fog.

Hate because his inner diva hated being damp like this. Wet was fine, wet looked sexy, and could actually be quite relieving on a hot summer's day. Damp was just annoying and sticky. His feathers felt like they were covered in dew and it was irritating.

But he refrained from growling in distaste as the scent of the flowers grew ever stronger, tinged with a sweet musk that he was becoming rather familiar with, not wanting to give his arrival to the sparring ground away. He thought the loam and musk rather complimented his own salty tinge, the smell of the ocean in his very skin. But it also complimented his sister's ever present scent of pine trees, and he would be blind to miss how Hoplite the giant followed her around like a lovesick puppy, so it was appropriate there as well.

Ptak was the master of romance in these woods, and he was more than aware of the hunk's crush. Hell, he was 96% sure Skadi was aware, and Hoplite didn't seem to be trying to make it overly obvious for her, at least. But really now, you had to be blind to miss it after all this time. He thought Hops would make a good match for his baby sister, he was big and rather frightening, but was honestly something of a squishy bunny beneath all of that gruffness. Didn't mean he didn't still try to convince Hops to not put all his eggs in one basket and be unwillingly to sample the goods the rest of the Cadmus family had to offer. He'd been unsuccessful so far, but quitting was never sexy, and Ptak was the master of being sexy.

The sweet musk grew ever stronger as he glided closer, silent through the mist that had his dark form. The knight gave one last flap of his wings to boost his height, before setting the black, color-speckled appendages out to either side in a glide, wanting to keep his approach silent as keen, Tengu ears picked up the stomping of heavy-set feet in the meadow. Deep words rumbled lowly drifted up to keen ears.

"Gods damn you, Ptak."

Oh dear, was arriving fashionably late not to the hunk's liking? Honestly, he should know that one's enemy would never keep to their word. Lies and deceit were often the key to winning. Or perhaps that was simply a part of how the elder knight fought.

Hoplite seemed more the 'bash your way to victory' kind of guy. Ptak liked to rely on illusions and sneaky tricks to give him the advantage. Not what one would expect with his flashy personality, but he made do with what he had.

Keen eyes picked out the dark form stomping about below, and Ptak slowly tilted to the side to angle himself into a curve, circling around the meadow for a short time to watch his opponent. He had said that they were training today. He never said that they were going to start the spar honorably.

That wasn't how war worked.

And today was about battle training.

You used the skills that you had, and history was written by the victor, in the end.

He waited for a moment as he circled around, watching how the hunk looked to his coat, investigating his fur and seeming to be lost in his own thoughts before Ptak deepened his turn. He folded his wings to his sides as he angled himself to dive down towards the hunk, arcing to aim to come up behind him and pounce on his large, very muscular back.

Ptak wasted no time in reaching out to try and sink his claws into the thick muscle and fat layers on the man's back as he came in for a landing, leaning forward to try and snap his teeth at the flesh near and around the man's ear, murmuring lowly as he gave his little 'lovebite'.

"Bet I could ride on you for hours."


OOC: Ptak 'no chill' Cadmus is here and despite his flashy nature I am pouring all of his ap points into the Illusionist and Shadowdancer souls lol, he's a tricky fellow

Hoplite Savage
— Portrayed by Ser Kosm
Male Akdarr 3 Years Heterosexual

Unseen, unheard, quiet as an owl on the wing a force hit him between the shoulderblades like a spear from the heavens. Hops almost buckled under the weight of the attack and in an instant his animal instinct was shifting quickly into gear. If one were to listen closely enough they would hear the muscles bunching, tendons creaking, the quickening in-and-out of gusting breaths that swelled within a cavernous chest. He had not been paying attention to his surroundings, not expecting something so fell as a sneak attack but he was a fool for it. His mind had little time to calculate that fault, it was already wheeling with a thousand prospects of cracking bones, rending flesh and throwing this damned interloper from his back so that he might stomp it soundly into the very earth beneath his paws. 

For the moment, Hoplite's intelligent, beryl eyes were wreathed in a red haze. 

Talons dug deep into the flesh of his back and a pair of whispering jaws attempted to take hold near the base of his ear. Though his natural fat took the brunt of the attack the pain was real, raking through the sensitive parts of his body like electrical currents. Hoplite bellowed a Berserker roar in response and his body began to move, bucking and writhing. He became a steed, a mount - a disagreeable one at that - a stallion who would not be tamed and was ready to take this unwanted rider from his saddle by any means necessary. There were no nearby trees for him to smash the wolf against and his neck was to short to turn back and gnash his tusks upon. So what to do?

Things were confusing, even in his blood-haze something else was creeping unwanted mystic fingers into his mind turning everything on it's head. The whole field of flowers once a beautiful sight was streaked with his visual reds and they were thrumming unnaturally, twisting and warping. He saw a great stone jutting from the land suddenly and ran towards it with determination, quick on his paws despite all of his size, bulling through the flowerbed like a madman and meaning to smash himself against the rock with little regard. Yet it was not there and as he twisted his body to smash his assailant between his bulk and the solid stone it disappeared. Hops only had the time to utter a momentary grunt of confusion as his entire weight shifted and he was falling, rolling unwieldy onto his back. All was not in vain however for even in his folly, the wolf upon was destined now to become a jelly-like mush of flesh and bones between the mammoth weight of his body and the ground as he fell heavily lest they did not disengage quickly. 

OOC -- Whew, hope dis is good? XD
TAG -- @Ptak

[Image: 34ep5l1.jpg]

Hoplite has Negation Aura; Small scale spells and incantations as well as some mental based Auras have little to no effect on him.
Ptak Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Tengu V Pansexual
Oh dear, it seemed that someone hadn't been expecting an attack from behind. Ptak reacted instinctively when the man began bucking and heaving wildly like an angered bull, claws reaching to dig deeper into the man's flesh and jaws clamping on the flesh of the back of his neck for grip. He wasn't particularly trying to cause harm at that instant, simply trying to hold on.

He managed, for a time, the man below him bucking and squirming in a way that somewhat reminded the Knight of other activities. Well, he was certainly sweaty enough for them, and he had been the one to make the riding comment, he supposed he deserved this.

Although, judging from the noises dear Hoplite was making, that was not the sort of connection the man was trying to imply in Ptak's mind. In fact, it didn't seem like he was trying to imply any sort of connection at all, and the winged man wasn't even sure if the hunk had even registered who exactly was his assailant. Ptak grunted at a particularly rough buck, digging in tighter before the man below him seemed to settle on a path, charging forward into nothingness and giving the man atop him the moment to release his grip with his jaws, playful and teasing words spilling from his lips even as he panted from the effort of hanging on.

"Told you I was *pant* good at ridin-oh goodness!"

The statement ended with a cry of alarm as Hoplite went to throw himself in the air and bring himself down hard on his back, likely crushing Ptak beneath him if the man had not been as quick as he was. Had he been paying even the slightest bit less attention, he would have been in serious trouble, but as it was, dear Hoplite's movements were so frantic and uncoordinated that surely he must not have realized what was going on yet, that he wasn't truly in any danger.

And goodness, if this was how he reacted to a surprise attack then they had work to do.

Either way, following his surprise and alarm, Ptak quickly pushed off of the larger man's back, using the movement to as much of his advantage as he could as he reached in to rake his claws down the Akdarr's fatty muscle with the jump, freeing himself from being crushed and hopefully drawing further blood at the same time.

The other man hit the ground with a loud thump and the noise of Ptak's own landing was not far behind, the man skidding backwards as he splayed his wings to slow himself, managing to stay upright before shaking his head and beginning to slowly step to the side, as if circling his opponent as he took the moment that it took the other Knight to get up to collect himself after that close call.


OOC: Sorry, I got excited and had to post immediately xD


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