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All Welcome Stand Alone
Juno Low Control
— Portrayed by Phess
Female Tengu 4 Heterosexual
The spring season brought on a new reason to peel her eyes open and awaken for the day. The small creature was found huddled in a makeshift den, body curled tightly to form a red and black ball. Her eyes peered through the dark den, honey orbs slowly blinking to adjust its vision before she extended her neck forward to stretch. Black nose wiggled softly to inhale the air. “I am not home. I am not home. I am not home.” The statement repeated in her mind just as her body unfurled to reveal the long bird-like limbs and talons of a predatory bird. Her limbs did not resemble a wolf, but she did not mind. It provided her with an essential tactic for hunting and fighting, it is all she ever needed. 
She crawled out of the small den, stretching out her body with her maw open wide when she yawned. Talons flexing out and digging into the earth as she finally stood up to shake her body. Juno was ready for the silent world she walked in. Long muzzle pointed forward, her nose pointing west of her den and it was the direction she decided to walk in. There was no plan to seek out other inhabitants of the area, she’d prefer to keep to herself for the benefit of her own survival. Limbs carried her through a strange land, eyes flicking to the side to observe her surrounding carefully. Puffs of steam spouted from the ground, her wings twitched as the warmth of the cloud felt dangerously close to her liking.

A growl rumbled deep in her throat that was followed by a soft snort. It did not steer her from the direction she headed. Although Juno felt no purpose in her life after leaving everything behind, she felt the sense of freedom with each step that was taken. Talons that scraped against the earth with each step she took finally ceased their movements. The red creature had paused, head craning forward to inhale the scent of the air once more, taking it in deeply and exhaling loudly. No one would bother her today. The sky that once held the sun above her was replaced with the gray clouds that loomed over her head. Head tilted upwards to gaze upon it, only to be greeted with something so small that pelted against her nose. The creature blinked slowly, only to lower her head and continue her pace.

It was hail that rained down on her. Her wings twitched and stretched out slowly to shake off the ice stones, but her pace continued through the springs. Juno would enjoy this walk quietly.

Lydia Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Female Fearu IV Asexual

The small creature had no chance to scream as death suddenly descended upon it. Black-stained jaws snapped shut on the ermine's neck, droplets of tar flecked about as the woman's fangs and vice-like maw obliterated the spine and brain stem. Metallic blood burbled over the teeth sunk into the puncture wounds, threading into the tar-like saliva and adding a less viscous, brighter highlight to the drops that fell from her jaws.

The short woman raised her head after a moment of her kill laying limp in her jaws, confirming that it was in fact, deceased. She stood up straight to her full, yet meager height. Stocky shoulders rolled as she peered about, having to squint through the thick steam that obfuscated the landscape.

Fucking damn, why was she hunting here again?

A sharp 'plink' against one of her stubby horns reminded her of exactly why that was again.

It was cold today, and apparently nature decided that it was time for a hail storm. The end result was a very grumbly loner, seeking 'shelter' by sticking around the heat of the springs for the day. It did little to help with the hail, but it did keep her warm.

While those assholes weren't really around that much as of late, times had been hard for all of them. She hadn't really had much plentiful hunting in order to line her den with fur and other things to keep her warm, and was having to make do while she waited for warmth to return. At least this year was looking to be better than the last. Gah, she honestly wasn't sure what had happened last year, but everything went to absolute shit all year long, fucking miserable that was.

Either way, things were looking up this year, even though the last vestiges of winter seemed to stubbornly refuse to fade. Pah, time would conquer even the most stubborn of seasons. The warmth would return as it already was, and prey would fatten and her den would be warm, cairns garnished with healthy and polished bones.

A distant flash of red caught her attention, and, curiosity momentarily beckoning her to genuine interest, the short, stocky woman turned her head, cocking her visage and angling ears towards the place from whence the color had been seen, hoping to pick up the sound of movement to better indicate what it was that had been seen. She squinted through the fog, blinking harshly several times to try and clear her eyes.

Couldn't see a damn thing, not properly at least.

She... thought she saw a moving shape, almost wolf-like in nature. She definitely saw red in any case. As it was, her senses were clouded by the steam, and whomever was approaching was distant enough for the combination of the heavy steam and fresh scent of blood to render her incapable of picking out much more other than there was certainly a scent there. She squinted harder, nose twitching as she finally managed to discern it as a wolf scent... she thought.

Fuck, she couldn't smell anything. Did the steam really have to fuck with her sense of smell too?

Unfortunately for the bitchy loner, she didn't realize that she was slowly moving forwards in a natural, subconscious effort to close the distance between her and the object of her curiosity. It was completely normal, and wouldn't have been unfortunate at all in normal circumstances, just an unconscious act to try and satiate her curiosity that was perked by an inability to discern anything clearly.

The unfortunate part came in when she was so focused that she failed to pay attention to where her paws were stepping, and she found her paw skidding off the edge of the rock and into the water below, the rest of her body going with it as she stepped straight off the edge and into the hot springs.


The splashing of water marked an end to the startled curse, already muffled by the ermine still stubbornly clamped in those jaws.


Juno Low Control
— Portrayed by Phess
Female Tengu 4 Heterosexual
You are not alone

The thought first snuck up behind her an hour ago, subtle but still noticed by the red creature. Her long red ears twitched and perked, listening to the hail pelting the ground. It did not become clear to her at first. She pushed it away at first to no deal with it. It does not matter if she was alone or not, what mattered to her was to be left alone and not be bothered by anyone insignificant to her. If she ignored the long enough, it will eventually go away. After all, Juno did not want to meet them and will not make the efforts to seek them out. 

However, the gods had something else planned for her. Tap, tap, tap. The soft tapping of her talons scraping against the earth underneath her, her movements slowed but her ears are alert and still to listen closely. 

You are not alone

The sound of water splashing forced the woman to pull her head in its direction, long muzzle tilted upwards to sniff but the humid air muddled with her sense of smell. Oh well. She could at least see and hear better. The figure of another wolf was presented to her, carrying something that fell limp against the maw and its movement seemed to be heading in her direction. The clueless wolf had no idea where it was going, nor did it realize what it was going to step on, but the red creature made no efforts to call out and warn them. This would be interesting. 

Instead of waiting, she pressed forward toward the other as quietly as she could, watching as the wolf finally stepped into the water and drenching its body. Water splashed over the wolf’s body and the muffled voice fell silent upon Juno’s ears. Apparently, she was not dumb enough to let go of her meal. A smirk slowly spread across the lips of the read creature and she finally approached the other, large feathered plume raised and stretched out to make her presentation much grander. “Poor thing.” Juno cooed, she flicked her honey gaze down at the wolf that has fallen as if mocking her actions. “You should watch where you’re going. Otherwise, someone might snatch  what you have.” The woman extended her limb to make a swiping motion with her talon. 

You are not alone. You better watch out. 

The final thought that echoed softly in her mind, her lips twitched but her smirk remained. Juno knew what she was doing and she intended to leave here without a scratch.


Lydia Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Female Fearu IV Asexual
The first thing she did was scramble to get her footing, paws and limbs flailing as hot water flooded her maw. The tar-like substance that made up her saliva began to dissipate within the water, the fur about her face and neck being washed by clean water for the first time in a very long time.

Why, one could even see that her fur was still brown underneath all that muck.

Unfortunately, the water flooding her jaws also threatened to flood her lungs, and the stocky woman flailed for purchase as the pink of her tongue was revealed after so long of being stained black. A sharp tug on her limb alerted her to the fact the one of her long dewclaws had snagged on a crevice in the stone, and she wasted no time in using the small fissure to stabilize herself as the snag helped her body grow stable, and she managed to get her feet on the ground to push upwards and break the surface of the water.

She had to fight the initial urge to inhale, instead forcing herself to cough and exhale what air was still in her longs to force the water from her nostrils and mouth, her forepaws sinking into whatever purchase she could find on the stone as she cleared most of the water, before taking a heaving breath. Unfortunately, water was still present in her mouth at the time, and she inhaled some of it with her desperate breath, but enough of it was air that she was alright, even if it sent her into a coughing fit.

But through it all, she kept her cracked and sickened fangs clamped stubbornly into the flesh of the ermine, refusing to release her rightly earned kill and maintaining a grip like a killing vice.

It was only as her coughing fit died down enough for her to being blinking the water from her eyes that she became aware that she was no longer alone. And in fact, it seemed she had found the source of her initial curiosity after all, the red pelt of the woman before her clearly the same color as that which she had seen at a distance.

"Poor thing."

Now that tone did not speak of pity at all.

Not that she wanted pity to begin with.

"You should watch where you're going. Otherwise, someone might snatch what you have."

You fucking bitch.

Was that a threat her ears heard?

The taloned paw making a move towards the kill still clamped in her jaws seemed to indicate as such, and Lydia released the grip one of her paws had on the stone in favor of swiping at the paw that came near her, claws flashing and with every intent of hurting as she swiped at the intrusive limb.

A low growl rumbled in her throat, ears back and eyes narrowed in possessive anger as she ducked her head, lip curling back to reveal diseased gums as she indicated protection of her food with every manner of body language that she was able.

This bitch better not.


OOC: Lydia is such a salty creature

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