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Skadi Low Control
— Portrayed by Keira
Female Tengu 4 years
Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word Feathers on my breath Gentle impulsion Shakes me, makes me lighter Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire Fearless on my breath;

A soft breeze ruffles the gilded leaves of the trees. The breeze caresses the thin fur of the dainty she wolf, she instantly shivers against the cool breeze. She closes her cyan eyes, she already missed the summer, the burning heat and the flourishing plants though spring was a nice season for new life to be born. She breathes in deeply her thin nostrils flare in distaste. Damn these pine needles, this fresh mountain air. She craves the heat she wants to feel its burn on her shoulders. She lifts her delicate head higher on her arched nape. She could not see behind the clouds but she felt the sun's rays on her face regardless.

She ventures farther down the beaten path left by many of her court, her paws the only sound that reaches her ears. An occasional snap of a branch halts her in her tracks. Her head instantly thrown upwards, ears flick to and fro. With a huff, content she wasn't being followed she continued on her trek to the small ravine near the Great Koken Tree.

She cautiously steps towards the water as she can smell it in the air, she carefully places each foot insuring not to draw too much attention to herself. As she steps from the forest the sunlight filters through the tops of the trees, casting a sort of sparkle through the faint mist. It reflects off of her charcoal hued body. Tilting her head up, she grew deep in thought..thinking about stories she had heard. She sometimes wondered if there was some truth to the bed time stories she had grown up with. Skadi shook her head a little and peered into the water, captivated by the clear depths and the fish that lived there.

@Ptak  @Hashmal  @Hoplite  here you goo <3

[Skadi has the Aura of Courage.]
Ptak Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Tengu V Pansexual
Carrying two jackalopes at once while flying was an exercise in jaw strength. Okay, no, they weren't that heavy, but he had to grip them by the ends of the horns, it was the only way he could fit both of them in his mouth well enough, and he was usually quite good at fitting things into his mouth, even two at once. They were rather slippery, now that they'd gained a coating of his saliva, and he had to keep his teeth tightly grit so that he didn't allow them to slide out of his grasp.

It wasn't so much that they were heavy, so much that he had to keep his muscles very firmly locked so as not to lose his grip on them. And that part was certainly an exercise in jaw strength.

He set his wings into a glide, using his forepaws to keep the jackalopes from falling as he adjusted his grip on them, groaning in momentary relief before gritting his mental teeth as well as his physical ones as he clamped back down on the keratin protrusions. He beat his wings in the air, regaining the height he had lost in his gliding adjustment.

The Koken Tree was more than visible from this height, and he scanned the ground to see if there were any passerbys in need of some free dinner. He'd already eaten himself, having made three kills, not two, and simply taken the third for himself. But he wasn't in the mood to squirrel away meat for a later time, he'd rather just let someone else take it while it was still fresh.

It was spring, plenty of creatures were emerging from their burrows. He'd have plenty of opportunities later.

His ears wilted a little as he saw not a one, not at first. He turned his gaze from the clearing surrounding the tree to investigate nearby areas, and felt his ears perk back up as his gaze lit up upon spying a certainly family member of his. He quickly dipped into a turn, angling himself towards the ravine as he soared towards his baby sister. She seemed to be looking in the water for something, and Ptak wondered if she was on a hunt of her own.

Well, he may disrupt it, but he could make the hunt for food all the easier for her by doing so.

He began to circle the area, slowly allowing his altitude to drop as he beat his wings to slow his descent when gravity pulled him down too swiftly. He reached a point where his paws began to brush the canopy, and angled himself to come soaring into the small open space where his sister resided. His wings beat against the air to allow him to land safely instead of tumbling painfully.

He touched down on the grass nearby, immediately dropping the jackalopes onto the ground with a far too loud groan. He reached up to begin rubbing at his jaw with one of his forepaws, opening, closing, and rotating his lower jaw as he felt it pop several times. He grunted in acknowledgement of his sister as he rubbed the tension out of his muscles.

"Hey sis', hungry?"

He nodded at the kills he had made, still rubbing at his face as he proffered her a free bite to eat.


OOC: Time to try and remember how to write complete ptak posts >:D

Hashmal Low Control
— Portrayed by Toberz
Male Tengu IV Unknown

───── ◈ ─────
    Hashmal was silent within the branches of the Great Koken Tree. The old mother cradled him, perched down with both foreclaws dug into her bark sort of criss-cross with his head laid over them. His tail and both hind quarters hung off lethargically; one leg on either side, just like a lion lounging in a tree. His chest rose and fell to the rhythm of his breath, the rays of sunlight peeking through the wise old tree's leaves to speckle patches of his coat in warm glow.

    The chitter of insects and occasional piercing chirp of the small birds didn't disrupt him in the slightest, although his left ear did twitch every once in a while. A look of pure blissful content was plastered across his avian face. Novus was his home; he felt safe here. It was the kind of safety one felt when pressed against the bosom of their mother. It made him ignorant to the fact something terrible could happen here (even natural disaster). From his perspective, maybe bad things happened in other places, but not in Novus. Not here.

    Not even the presence of the Empress or the landing of Prince Ptak had jolted him awake. He was completely oblivious to the waking world. His position was only compromised when a bumble bee decided to poke around his head, slapping against his beak a few times and causing him to give a rather abrupt, reverberating snore. A single claw came up to swat the pesky thing away, but the bee couldn't wrap it's tiny brain around the fact Hashmal indeed was not a flower. "Go away! Buzz off!" boyish vocals cooed from above as he continued to swat. He appeared to be half asleep, eyes not even pried open in the slightest. Eventually the bee gave up, and Hashmal returned to resting his head on folded arms after a drowsy yawn.

    Sleeping was busy work.


Coding | Savagery RPG

@Skadi @Hoplite @Ptak

Hasmal possesses Negation Aura, and cannot be affected by small cantrips.
He also suffers from narcolepsy and may randomly fall asleep.
Hoplite Savage
— Portrayed by Ser Kosm
Male Akdarr 3 Years Heterosexual

Wherever Skadi went it was safe to say that not far behind her crept a rather imposing shadow. 

Oh it was not her own, for Skadi was a creature of great light, confidence and a peaceful disposition. Her imposition was one that garnered respect and love from the aeons that cavorted about the sacred grove in which she was guardian. The shadow that paced in her steps was none of those things: a rowdy, brutish beast from the North that posed to stand for all the things that she did not only in her highborn name. This shadow followed like a lost puppy, encumbered by so many emotions and feelings that it took for a sense of sheer duty.

That shadow was of course Hoplite. No longer the pie-eyed newcomer who had stumbled into Novus boarders on the whims of a psilocybin adventure he was something better now, a Knight. No longer a youthful wanderer of the wilderness only eating and sleeping where he could, now he had a home sturdy as the Great Koken itself. More than all of this he had a purpose beyond survival, the light of one wolf more than others had been the brightest and so he followed it as a pilgrim does the star that gleams most dazzling. The hulking Akdarr had taken up a den not far off from the Empress after they had had their first few, charming interactions. Something akin to a friendship had flowered between the two, easy-going and flush with passionate conversation and a lot of laughs and so here he was happily caught up in her halo, obsessive in a way but truly gentle as could be.

Skadi had headed to the Great Koken, Hops had watched her pass with half-hooded lids. His natural inclination as a knight to his Empress pressed into his mind very quickly though and with a yawn he had rose and slowly followed, more in a lazy procession than a covert guardian. The forest had been still for so long he deemed no immediate danger and took his time along the misty, winding path, his massive paws finally finding their own comfortably places along the way. When he casually came out upon Skadi she was standing near a pool and none other than the famed Ptak was milling about her blustering.

Hops could only scant hide his smile as he approached the royal winged siblings. His sleek black pelt streaked with silver-white glimmered in the wet sunlight that traveled from the canopy down and by the time he reached them he was clad in a fine coat crystal droplets. Hops snuffed them from his whiskers and gave Skadi a deep bow before offering Ptak a respectable nod. Eccentric as he was, the winged man was Hoplite's elder when it came to knighthood and due respect was observed. His eyes however did fall to the jackalopes at the man's paws now which elicited an unexpected gurgle from the Akdarr's ample belly. 

"Ahh you brought us breakfast," he beamed to Ptak, clapping him on the back with a mace of a paw. He sent a sheepish grin to his Empress but could not help licking his lips and going on. "Hope you brought more for the class, I could eat one of tho-..."

A creaking in the treetops above made the knight freeze. Small, cupped ears swiveled madly upwards and Hops' massive muzzle followed with his eyes, gazing deep into the indomitable tangle of the Koken. He made gruff, barking sounds in the back of his throat in alert. From above silence... and then a voice, semi familiar made some sleepy wardings. "What in the Hells?" he asked, concerned and confused. At that moment a bee drifted lazily in front of his face.

TAG -- @Skadi @Ptak @Hashmal
OOC -- Scary owl-thing in the treeeesss!! Also I kinda cringe writing Hops as basically an obsessive teen boy but heyyy.

[Image: 34ep5l1.jpg]

Hoplite has Negation Aura; Small scale spells and incantations as well as some mental based Auras have little to no effect on him.
Skadi Low Control
— Portrayed by Keira
Female Tengu 4 years
Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word Feathers on my breath Gentle impulsion Shakes me, makes me lighter Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire Fearless on my breath;

Skadi hadn't expected anyone to find her so quickly, much less her brother. No she was completely unaware of Ptak's or anyone's presence as she overlooked the water, the water was a place she spent much of her time when she needed some peace. A place to think when everywhere else was just a bit too loud and crowded for her. So it was a surprise nonetheless when she heard that familiar voice reaching her ears, pulling her away from the clear depths of the water. Cyan eyes looked towards similar ones in slight surprise, her brother was always a sight to behold. They were so different in personality but that was also their strength.

She glanced over at the jackalopes her brother had brought with him, a slight grin crossing her features. He must have come from far off to be groaning like a big baby about carrying them. "Not right now, thank you though Ptak." She replied to him with a slight tilt of her head, ears pricked forward as she listened to their surroundings. Something told her they weren't completely alone so as her eyes moved away from her brother's figure she caught a glimpse of the newcomer.

It was Hoplite perhaps their newest Knight within Novus but also one of her most trusted warriors besides her brother. He had such a charming way about him and she found herself often smiling whenever he crossed her mind. "It would seem your stomach has not led you astray." She lightly teased the big bear of a wolf with a soft giggle leaving her maw.

Another voice reached her ears and she frowned slightly as she lifted her head to look up into the great tree. The voice was familiar and she could probably guess who it was without looking. "Hashmal?.." She called out in a clear voice as she got up on all four paws. The owl faced wolf was yet another friend to Skadi, having grown up somewhat together she knew him quite well and..his sleeping problem.

@Hashmal @Ptak @Hoplite

[Skadi has the Aura of Courage.]
Ptak Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Tengu V Pansexual
He simply grunted when Skadi denied to partake of either of his catches, simply choosing to continue rubbing at his sore jaw as he stretched the muscles, wincing as his maw popped before finally letting the flesh relax. Open, close, open, close. He slowly worked the tension from his muscles, giving his whole body a hearty shake to rid himself of the discomfort of such a long flight as his sister's attention was directed elsewhere.

A familiar scent pricked at his nose, and dark ears perked up eagerly, Ptak spinning around on his heel in a rather swift but somehow elegant movement that brought him to face the approaching Akdarr with a pleased smile curving across his face. His fellow Knight trundled forward, and the winged man couldn't help his smile growing to a grin as he heard the hungry gurgle, and the interested words that spilled from the hunks lips.

Ptak had no reservations about pushing one of the rabbit-like creatures forward with a flirtatious wink as his sister giggled.

"Anything for you, darling."

He bowed a little as he did so, pushing the kill forward with his forepaws while not stepping forward at all, resulting in his forebody dropping down closer to the ground and his hindquarters staying in the air. He gave said rump a little suggestive waggle as he did so, choosing not to wince as he was clapped on the back and simply going with it, turning his head and pouting at the friendly blow like a pretty damsel, before a distant noise distracted all three of them from the current conversation, and Ptak leapt to stand upright as he tilted his head forward attentively.

Hoplite's confused and somewhat unsettled bark was ignored as starry eyes squinted, swearing he had recognized the voice but having been too distracted by the hunk to really pay that much attention. Fortunately for him, Skadi was rather astute, and her own words clued him in onto exactly why he had recognized the irritated call.

His face broke out into a grin once more as his gaze shot to the treetops, acute vision swiftly searching out the familiar form of the Magician. Ptak bounded forward, dark wings boosting him into the air as he wasted no time in making his way up to where the ever-tired man dozed, grabbing onto the branch he slept on and rather jolting it with his landing. It wasn't a proper landing as he didn't land atop it, instead wrapping his forelegs over the top of the branch and bracing his hind paws to the bark as he clung to the side of the branch, looking rather ridiculous as he hung there but more stable than one might expect.

His voice was cheerful as he called out to the man beside him, rather louder than was needed for someone so close but Ptak had never been a man to be quiet. His lovers were well aware of this fact.

"Hashmal! Darling! What brings you here on this lovely spring day? It's been far too long, my dear."


OOC: Do you even comprehend a world without flirting.

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