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All Welcome Painted Ruins
Rhubarb Low Control
— Portrayed by Rom
Male Akdarr 3 years Homosexual
"Ugh." The male groaned as his top lip pulled back. This was absolute shit. He hated the way the muck seemed to cling to his fur and dirty his once clean coat. Okay, well, it hadn't been pristine but it was certainly better before than it was now. He hoped there was something real good at the end of this piss poor metaphorical rainbow.

His long legs awkwardly moved about as the bog tried to practically swallow him whole. Maybe there was somewhere a bit more solid for him to take a break because Rhubarb had a strong feeling that any more of this grossness might actually kill him. He wasn't squeamish or even a neat freak but he wasn't a fool either.
Anything or anyone that could live here without complaints was one creature he did not want to run into.

It was his lucky day as he decided to look away from the muck below for a moment. There was a smaller hill that appeared to be dry land - or at least more dry than the bog he was currently squishing about in. A loud croak rang out from a nearby toad and instead of logically assessing the situation Rhubarb let out a less than manly yelp. In his futile attempt to get away, he pulled up from the goopy earth too fast and tripped on usually graceful legs.

Venom yellow eyes narrowed as he peeled himself away, now properly and utterly looking like some kind of swamp monster. Rhu was starting to feel as though he could chalk this up to one of the worst days of his life. Wait. Almost one of the worst day of his life. There were a lot of other days that had brought far more foul things than being caked in gross mud.

[Image: rhu_edit_crop_for_savg_by_borka_bork-dbkmkgq.png]
art by l1nklover @dA
Anti-Venom Aura - Rhubrarb is granted a boost to immunity from poisons, venoms, and acids.
Ptak Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Tengu V Pansexual
"Ew, ew, ew, oh my gods ew, ew, ew..."

Every word was punctuated by the sickening squelch of a paw in the muck. The dark figure was slowly navigating his way through the same wetlands that unbeknownst to him, were also being combated by a stranger yet unknown to the Knight. The man had his galactic wings held above him in such a way that his shoulders were beginning to ache quite something, and his tail was held aloft in a manner incredibly unnatural and was also causing the ache of muscle strain around his haunches.

But it was better than getting his feathers all mucked up, in his opinion.

This thick mud may be gross, and these swampy waters may have weighted his wings down to the point where he could no longer safely fly, but at least humidity and water would dry, and at least he could easily wash the muck from his fur. If it got into his feathers, he'd have to painstakingly sit and groom each individual one, re-aligning the barbs and making sure that no muck was caught in their hooks.

In other words, it would never. End.

Even if he roped his sister and Hashmal into helping him, as they would also be familiar with the proper grooming needed to clean feathers, it would still take at least 2 days. He hated being land-bound for so long. And he also hated having to feel gross for so long.

And it wasn't even a sexy kind of gross!

After a spar, when one was all panting and disheveled, that was hot. Being covered in mud?

Essentially the exact opposite of that.

(Maybe he'd still rope Hashmal into helping with his feathers later anyways, and for once, not with any real ulterior motives. His feathers always felt so fluffy whenever the owl-man helped groom him, bless that beak!)

He almost looked like he was prancing, he was lifting his limbs so high with every step and nearly leaping through the muck. Moving as quickly as possible but without causing the goop to splash back up on the rest of his body, and lifting his legs high enough that they wouldn't get any more of the gross material anywhere that it wasn't already. That dark snout emblazoned with a white comet, so noble and majestic, was turned upwards and wrinkled with disgust, pathetic little whimpers coming from that fearsome maw as the man tried to move as quickly as possible to get out of this situation.

It was his own fault and he knew it, but that didn't mean he had to be happy about it. It was his own fault for not aptly judging that he ought to turn around while out for a relaxing flight when he noticed the humidity increasing, it was his own fault for not thinking 'oh, maybe I should change directions and head to a place where I won't be forced to touch down'.

Or rather, for thinking such things, and then ignoring those thoughts in favor of continuing as he was.

The end result, having to land in the most vilesome landscape known to aeons, at least in his humble opinion.

"Oh my gods ew, ew, e-e-ew!"

The last was nearly a sob of disgust and distress as it emerged from his lips, eyes squinting shut as he couldn't bare to look at his filthy coat any longer.

Fortunate for him that he opened them again, as the heavy odor of decay (and his own distraction) was enough to clog his senses to be unable to scent the stranger in these lands. But his eyes, oh his eyes could spy the bright yellow figure with ease, a fair length away but close enough to be easily visible.

The stranger seemed to be dirty as well, but the Knight's first thought was less of a concern about the other's hygiene, and more an immediate notice of something rather... important about the other individual.

He could clearly see the outline of the other's whole body.

Which meant the other wasn't currently submerged in the muck.

Which meant only one thing.


The man had little shame as he bounded forwards as swiftly as he was able, while still maintaining his prancing gait and refraining from splashing himself. His cry sounded about as desperate as that of a sea captain lost to the waves for weeks on end, already out of food and water, thinking he was doomed to die under the sun's heat until he saw land, his blessed savior.

The situation really didn't warrant the tone he gave his cry.

But it was true to how he felt about it.


OOC: Stop being a diva Ptak

Rhubarb Low Control
— Portrayed by Rom
Male Akdarr 3 years Homosexual
He ignored any sounds because surely listening and trying to poke out to find the source would get him eaten by something. Plus there was land - so close to him even! He hauled himself out of the muck and had only just begun to clean himself off when a cry far too loud to ignore.


Venom yellow eyes widened as his head turned, to catch sight of some winged creature hauling himself through the muck. Rhu was very obviously no expert in flight (just look at him - no wings of any kind and not even a feather on his body) but he was pretty sure that this male should have just flown over this place, ignored it all together really.

As the male bounded forth Rhubarb was waiting for something to happen. Perhaps a face plant would happen with the way he sprang through the mud. The thought alone cracked a smile across the gradient male's face. Should he play nice? Maybe offer some help? He dwelled on the idea for a few seconds. Mentioning he had just pulled himself free of the gunk he wasn't exactly enthusiastic to get back into it. Besides, what would come from helping the stranger anyway?

He backed up a bit from the edge of the swamp in case the male was going to bumrush the solid land. In almost a smug fashion the male Akdarr took a seat and watched the show in front of him.

[Image: rhu_edit_crop_for_savg_by_borka_bork-dbkmkgq.png]
art by l1nklover @dA
Anti-Venom Aura - Rhubrarb is granted a boost to immunity from poisons, venoms, and acids.
Ptak Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Tengu V Pansexual
The diva of a knight saw not a thing of the other male nearby. His nose was clogged with the muggy scents of the swamp and his eyes were focused on only one thing. Really, the brilliant yellow of the Loner should have been more obvious, but, tunnel vision was quite a powerful thing. Psychological tunnel vision in any case.

Or, perhaps he did see the Loner, since the man was nigh directly before him and stood out quite starkly against the environment, even if he was coated in gunk. Either way, Ptak Kometa Cadmus's mind simply decided to ignore the presence of any other, in favor of worrying about getting clean.

Although Ptak was not to know of the other's thoughts, for how could he? The other man was right about one thing. The Tengu should not have been running as swiftly as he did towards land, not in such a treacherous environment.

Ptak's paws stumbled over a hidden stone, causing the man to yelp in a mixture of surprise and startled pain as he stubbed his toes.

But the other man was wrong about what ensued afterwards.

Perhaps it was the man's knightly training, or perhaps it was Ptak's fondness for dance. Perhaps it was his focus on aerial maneuvers and tricks that looked the most impressive and gave his body the most fluidity. Perhaps it was the nimble footing of a man who, despite looking like one who might choose to practice the arts of a noble guardian, brandishing a sword of his own soul, chose instead to live the life of a rogue, learning how to confuse and psychologically torment and frighten his enemies with illusions while he danced among the shadows and even found powers in his dark dance that allowed him to be in two places at once.

Or perhaps it was all of these things.

Either way, Ptak did not fall, even as his momentum was suddenly halted by the stone and he lurched forwards.

Well, he did, he fell forwards, but not for very long.

Feeling his footing being lost, and acting on trained instinct the man kicked his back legs into the air, with as much force as he could time almost seeming to slow as his hindquarters slowly flew forwards from the strength of his kick until he was almost vertically standing, only upside down. But rather than simply topple forwards, he pushed off with his front legs just before his body went vertical, tucking his wings and legs inwards as his momentum carried him in a full loop in the air, allowing his limbs to spread out and reach back towards the ground when he was the right way up once again.

And after turning his stumble into a seemingly effortless flip, the man landed back in the muck, twisting his snout to the air to avoid getting any in his eyes as it splashed back up with his landing.

He was just as much in shock as anyone else. He could only stand there, blinking, legs taught and wings splayed for balance as his mind caught up with what he had just done.

A grin broke across his face, and he turned towards the bright yellow man he had instinctively noticed but paid no conscious attention to.

"Oh my gods did you see that?!?

The man's grin was like a child's lighting up his face and eyes as his tail began to wag in excitement.





OOC: Dead or not better late than never at least it won't hang over my head anymore <3

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