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The Merchants
Meme Commander
EurasianLynx Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx are you blind
Asexual Cross Breed 19 Ace/Aro
The Merchants
A True Neutral Guild

"We don't particularly care if two packs are fighting, or if someone killed someone else's pups. I mean, some of our individual members will care, but as a whole, it's not our business. That's your problem, and not ours. Sure, you may receive help from a few of us, but the Merchants have no allies. And we are everyone's allies. We are your traders, we can carry goods back and forth between packs for a small fee, and also bring goods of our own available for trade or purchase. We buy from all wolves, good, evil, pack, and loner, and we sell to all in turn. We have anything you can imagine, and if we don't, that just means that's the economic niche you need to fill."



Looking for members from Zaktan'en and other packs/bands! Would also enjoy sign-ups from Loners!

Group Symbol:



1. Pack and interpersonal conflicts mean nothing to the Merchants as a whole, we are a wholly neutral guild dedicated solely to commerce.
2. We enact trade between all wolves, no matter their beliefs or what they do.
3. If wolves make active efforts to repeatedly damage and/or steal from the caravan(s), we no longer do business with them, and they shall be treated as hostiles when they are seen.
4. No customer or business partner is to be discriminated against, commerce is equal.
5. Production of Stones and prices are regulated by the Bank, do make sure to check in with them before attempting to change either. (Exceptions to this will be judged on an individual basis.)

Traditions & Customs:


The Market is typically seen as a celebration of sorts. These are times when (typically) multiple caravans all arrive on a pack's lands for a set amount of time and open trading for the celebrations. Markets are all social events, as many Merchants develop not just connections, but friends with wolves in packs due to the constant visits, and Markets also host Games in which prizes may be given away at the end. Prize value is relative to the intensity of the Game. Entertainers are found at Markets as performers, keeping wolves entertained and the atmosphere lighthearted and enjoyable. Entertainers may take on less... respectable roles depending on the pack's customs, but abuse will not be tolerated and the Merchants may choose to call the Market off if one of the Entertainers is harmed. Especially if it is in a pack where they need to truly emphasize that the abuse will not be tolerated towards their Entertainers.

Markets are held on pack lands, but all wolves in the area are welcome, even wolves from other packs! So long as those who come do nothing to disrupt the Market environment, everyone is welcome.


Exactly what they say on the tin. Games are typically enjoyable contests held between participants for a prize of some sort. May be anything from a race, to a spar, to a joke contest, to a challenge to see who can create the tallest and most stable formation from a set of given supplies in a set amount of time.

The Games are typically hosted by the pack upon which a Market is taking place, while the prizes are from the Merchants. Games may vary depending on pack preferences. In some instances, Games may be held with groups of Loners who happen to gather for when the Merchants pass through. They may also be held with Bands.

Note: Facepainting and Bodypainting are other popular activities at Markets, but as they are not done for prizes, they are listed under Games as they are festivities, but have been set aside!


Stones are the currency created by the Merchants. These are simple, uninteresting stones embedded with the Merchant's symbol. Stones are crafted and distributed by the Bank, and act as a form of secondary barter. Should a customer have something they wish to sell but the caravan has nothing of interest to them, they may be paid in Stones. They can then later use these Stones to purchase things they do desire from caravans at a later date, no other item needed.


The Records are the records held by each caravan marking transactions. Records are typically thrown out after a month, but exceptions may be made in different cases! These Records allow for caravans to check for fraud and forgery.

Fraud typically results in a ban period where individuals are no longer allowed to do trade with the Merchants for a set time. This ban period is determined by the extent of the offense.

Medallions and Meeting Points:

The Record Keeper of the caravan is typically in possession of the caravan's medallion, and this medallion has a magical link to the medallions of all other caravans. When a caravan wishes to do business somewhere that overlaps with another caravan's route, they will send a magic pulse along the medallion's connections in order to send a signal that they wish to meet up at a pre-designated Meeting Point, and the caravans will exchange record information so that they can all ensure forgery does not take place.



The Bank: The Council of the Merchants. These wolves are formed of Representatives from all packs, alongside a Loner Representative. These wolves are responsible for regulating prices and currency production.
Representative: Member of the Bank. (Note: These wolves may also be regular Merchants! In fact, that is normal! They simply have additional duties.)


All Merchants are equal in rank, there is no set hierarchy among these wolves! There's no real training period either, you're not initiated until you prove that you can handle the job! Hence why all regular members are simply 'Merchants'. Again, do note, this is simply to list different positions a Merchant may hold, all Merchants are equal! (Note: There will almost certainly be hierarchies among individuals, but technically speaking there is no hierarchy other than the Bank.)

Permanent Merchant: A member of the Merchants who permanently travels with the caravan(s). Generally a Loner.
Rotating Merchant: A member of the Merchants who travels with the caravan(s) for a specific season only, or simply pops in and out as they please. May be either Loners or Pack wolves, generally expected to rotate in frequently if they do not have a set schedule of when they will be with a caravan!
Standing Merchant: A member of the Merchants who chooses to remain in a certain area and operates as a continuous supply of trade for wolves of the local area when the caravan(s) are not present. Is re-supplied by a caravan.

Secondary Rank:

Head of Commerce of 'X': May be any member of the Merchants, so long as this individual is a pack/band member. These wolves act as the regulators of trade for their pack/band, and are responsible for alerting the Bank of who their pack is currently trading with and what the trade consists of. (Note: Regulated trade between individuals is handled on an individual basis!)

Generally, Representatives are also the Heads of Commerce, but especially in Bands you will frequently find Rotating or Standing Merchants acting as the Head of Commerce. Any Merchant may be the Head of Commerce for their area! (Note: There may be rare exceptions where the Head of Commerce is not a Merchant, should that pack/band have no Merchants and have no wolves who wish to be Merchants, they may agree to still do trade with them so long as they have someone to fulfill the Head of Commerce's duties.)

Caravan Ranks:

Caravans can function with as little as one person, so long as they are capable of performing all necessary duties. Any numbers of wolves may function as a caravan, and any number of wolves in the caravan may take on any number of ranks/duties. A caravan may range from a wolf with bags to a group pulling a mobile caravan. But here are the basic duties found in caravans!

Navigator: Figures out where you're going!
Guard: Protects the caravan!
Hunter: Collects food for both the caravan and for trade.
Gatherer: Collects herbs for both the caravan and for trade.
Diplomat: Works with customers/trading partners, generally a more likable wolf, or at least one with a silver tongue!
Draught: Pulls the caravan/carries the items! (Note: This position may be filled by a working animal if a member befriends one.)
Record Keeper: Keeps track of all trades made and ensures that trades are legitimate. Is responsible for determining whether or not an individual truly should have the number of Stones they claim to possess, ensures that forgery does not occur. They ensure that the Records in their caravan are organized and kept up to date. Responsible for keeping the Medallion.


Entertainer: May dance, sing, perform, or any of the above! Typically provides entertainment of some sort! These members are also typically Merchants, but an exception may be made on an individual basis to have them as simply someone who travels with the caravan, but is not a part of the Guild as a whole. Entertainers are generally seen at Markets the most, hence why they are typically Merchants as well, as Markets are not common enough to truly warrant the need for Entertainers being Entertainers and Entertainers alone.

More ranks/duties may be added later, depending on if things such as cloth-working and metal-working and who knows what else are added to the world of Aspheria!


These are members who have pledged to the Guild!


Current Members:

The Bank: Ptak
Representatives: Ptak

Permanent Merchants:
Rotating Merchants:
Standing Merchants: Ptak

Heads of Commerce:

Novus: Ptak

Novus hex: 739f74
Tzel hex: 00abbc (if they ever come back)

current pledges (im lazy leave me alone): Ptak, Axel

wait what
Ptak Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx
Male Tengu V Pansexual
Standing Merchant of Novus, later to be Rotating Merchant once there's more warriors (in Novus), reporting for duty. <3

— Portrayed by
Male Akdarr
*shameless bump*

Axel Low Control
— Portrayed by Tobii
Male Fearu III Bisexual
Jesus this is beautiful, can I pledge Axel into the Caravan? He's joining into Rhea's band, which will take refuge in Triskelion lands. He could be a hunter & a diplomat if someone else wants to pair with him??

[Image: 3UrzUFn.png]
Axel possesses Aura of Courage, and tends to inspire it in others.
He is immune to fear and intimidation outside of combat.
Meme Commander
EurasianLynx Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx are you blind
Asexual Cross Breed 19 Ace/Aro
*excitement because more pledges* :D

would he be a member of the guild or just a head of commerce? if so i'm assuming he probably wouldn't be a permanent merchant if he's part of a band, since that would mean permanently being in a caravan, so would he be rotating or standing if you do want him to join the guild itself? (also i'm assuming you wanted him in the bank if yes)

and if not, i'm assuming you want him as syn's head of commerce?

Edit: Also if this became a thing but we didn't have members from every current pack would it be cool to ask around for char.s to be reps and/or heads of commerce from each pack?


wait what
Meme Commander
EurasianLynx Savage
— Portrayed by Lynx are you blind
Asexual Cross Breed 19 Ace/Aro
Ptak will be reclaiming this in the meantime if no one else is interested in heading this, but rest assured he is most certainly still a pledged member and I most certainly still support the Merchants. Tobii, is Axel still game?

wait what
Lore Master
Toberz Savage
— Portrayed by Tobii
Female Tengu 26 Nobuo Uematsu
Axel is go bois! thumbsup

Haakan | Volkan | Hashmal | Axel | Malfurion
Mercy Low Control
— Portrayed by Teegan
Female Akdarr Two Years old Heterosexual
Since i tossed out mercy being special friends with ptak it only makes sense for her to be involved here too. Count her in

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