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This is a list of some key people to get in contact with on the site if you ever need some help! Each person specializes in a different area, and can certainly point you in the right direction if you need a hand!

Dungeon Masters Supporting Characters Current Team
Past Staff Requesting Staff Join the Team

Core Staff - A gold star indicates this staff member is part of the core staff team. They are the core creators of the site and do not rotate out tri-monthly like the staff team. They are the administrators of the site and handle all duties and major decisions.

Rotating Staff - Green diamonds indicate this staff member is part of the rotating staff team. They are the moderators of the site and handle all tasks within and outside their divisions when needed, such as: thread maintenance (moving, locking, and stickying), accepting new members, judging (battles and fights), answering member questions, managing achievements, managing newpoints, managing random events, posting on NPC accounts, viewing and collecting suggestions, assisting in dice rolls when necessary, reviewing requests (caliber rank up, reward claims, litter attempts, and armor forging), and enforcing the rules.

Community Representative - The community rep is a person elected by members on site. They are a member who has been on the site for at least 3 irl months and has outstanding knowledge of how things work. They are the conduits of the members on the site who strive to make sure everyone is heard and treated properly. While they do not possess the ability to create, modify, or veto rules and regulations on the site, they hold the ability to bring important issues directly to staff attention without jeopardizing confidentiality on the matter. It's a community rep's job to convey site issues that some members may feel uncomfortable bringing to the table on their own. When going through a community rep it is forbidden for a staff member to seek out, approach, or try to contact members that go through a rep unless the member states otherwise. A community rep is also responsible for welcoming newcomers and may act as knowledge bases for any who need assistance!

Djinn - The mark of the magi decorates the Djinn on-site. These guys are a very special part of the site. Djinn are the hosts that embody one of the primordial elements and prevent them from running rampant around the planet, destroying lands and potentially harming wolves in the area. They are the most powerful magic wielders in all of Aspheria and with lots of training in control they can become truly terrifying forces to be reckoned with. Currently, in total there can only be five Djinn on the site at one time as there are only five elements.

Alpha - Symbolizes the alpha of a pack. The number of alpha spots available on the site varies according to the rank structure of each pack. These members are in charge of accepting wolves into their pack, appointing ranks, hosting and planning pack events, creating missions for their pack to complete, tallying the missions completed in their mission logs, working with members who have characters in their pack to develop IC stories, and working with the other alphas on site to drive site-wide plots or develop political affairs.

Core Staff/Master of Events
"Hello, friend! I started wolf RP around 5 years ago and have been infatuated with sparkle wolves ever since. I'm a full time artist who would never have survived without fantasy woofs in my life. Aside from RPing I'm an avid gamer. I play just about anything and everything I can grab for cheap on Steam, but my heart has always and will always remain in MMORPG. I played Final Fantasy XI for 9 years and Final Fantasy XIV since 1.0 alpha. Also Final Fantasy rules my world -- my favorites being 1, 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

I'm the Master of Events on site, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss a site plot or have lore questions."

Send me a PM!
Discord: K0NIG#0128

Core Staff/Head of Public Relations
"I am a twenty-five year old female college student, neck deep in my third year of college. I'm going for my associates degree, my major being Human Services.

Outside of school and roleplay, my interests include video games, food, singing, horseback riding, history, cooking, and reading. If you want to talk about any of these things I will be 100% down. If you want to talk about something else I probably won't be opposed either.

If you ever need anything, I am almost always lurking on my phone or laptop if I'm not in class.

You aren't bugging me if you report an issue or to ask a question. You will be, however, if you send a message saying that something sucks without any creative criticism or information. Tobii is the coding genie around here, but I will try to do what I can to assist with general questions, conflicts, and other requests. I am in charge of public relations on site, so don't ever be afraid to contact me if you need with an idea or concern."

Send me a PM!
Discord: Keira#7345

Rotating Staff/Public Relations
"Hello everyone, my name is Riorach and I've been role playing for the past 13 years! I've played everything from realism to fantasy, wolves to humans, and everything in between. I'm a twitch livestreamer with an addiction to making people smile, and I'm mildly obsessed with video games of all sorts! I've staffed on over 10 different sites, and I love to help everyone in anyway I can! Be sure to hit me up on Discord if you need anything or just wanna do games!"

Send me a PM!
Discord: Riorach#3209

Supporting Character/Novus Alpha
"A pleasant woman who bears no ill towards others. Her gentle hand is like that of a mother, gently guiding but firm in her decisions. She will lead Novus into a great future."

Plot with me!
Send me a PM!

10/16/15 - Name - Rotating Staff
01/02/18 - Auriga - Rotating Staff
09/25/17 - Haakan - Zaktan'en Alpha
04/13/17 - Kosm - Rotating Staff
04/13/17 - Tempest - Rotating Staff
04/13/17 - Phess - Rotating Staff
03/01/17 - Riorach - Rotating Staff

Our forum is situated with a "Request Staff" feature which you can access within any thread or private message in the lower right corner of the post/message titled "Request Staff". Upon clicking this option you will be asked to select one of the following:
  1. Godmode/Powerplay/Metagaming
    Use to report someone you suspect of cheating as the title suggests. A staff member will investigate and correct the issue accordingly.
  2. Spam Content
    If an account on the forum is posting gibberish or someone is getting out of hand with thread bumping.
  3. Request Judge
    If a conquest, battle, or fight has started and you're ready for a judge to hop in please request us so we can send one over!
  4. Wrong Forum
    If someone posts a thread on the inappropriate forum please use this so staff can move to the appropriate area.
  5. Close Thread
    When you've completed a thread please make sure to switch your prefix to the [Closed] tag by selecting "Edit -> Full Edit" and then reporting the post to staff so we can achive it and clear up the forum!
  6. Harassment
    If someone is harassing you via forum post or PM please make sure to report this so staff can jump in accordingly!
  7. Other
    For anything else you feel you need to request us for, please be sure to enter a reason!

Electing a member of the Core Staff branch is a very rare occurance, one solely decided upon by the current core team as a whole. One does not simply just become a core staff member; it's a lot of hard work up there! Currently we're pretty happy having just the two of us to keep decision making a bit simpler. Adding a member to core staff will only be done if one of us makes the decision to step down somewhere down the line, and if that ever happens we'll be sure to keep you guys updated! Count on us being the permanent members of your core staff team for now!

Rotating staff switch every 3 months irl. We do this so that everyone qualified for the job gets a turn to help take care of the site that they're a part of and also so that our hard working rotaters get a chance to catch a break after their shift is over and enjoy the site through role playing without having to worry about updating things anymore. Rotating staff members must prove to be consistently active members of the community and on the site for approximately three months prior to being elected. They are selected by the core staff team via application that we'll post up under the updates board and link in the announcements box. We'll also put a little green announcement bulletin up right at the head of the site so you can't miss these elections even if you try! Note: In the rare occurance we are unable to find suitable replacements at the end of a rotation term we may ask the current staff to stay on.

These guys are elected by the members of the site and approved by staff! Every 5 months (or when deemed appropriate by staff), a thread will be tossed up asking for candidates to submit applications to the staff account via PM. The process will last around one week total before being closed, and a poll will be tossed up on the site for members to elect their favorite candidate. The overall process takes around two weeks irl. Participants must have been on our site for 3+ months and have portrayed a helpful, ambitious, and positive attitude overall. We're looking for people who aren't afraid to be upfront, honest, and know how to tackle obstacles as graceful as possible. Staff may not apply for community representative elections.

In order to become a Djinn your character must consume an elemental heartstone. Opportunities to come by these stones are attained by posting a reply to an Elemental Storm thread started by World Event. You must then wait for a staff member to respond with a dice roll according to how many characters are in the thread. The character who successfully locates the heartstone will have the post-number that correlates to the roll.

You may only post once within the thread until staff respond, and you may only reply to one storm per character in the event that multiple spawn.

Once in the possession of a heartstone your character will have two options:

  • Consume it.
  • Give it to another character of your choice for them to consume.

Consumption of the heartstone will cause the element to bind with the wolf, changing their class to that of a Djinn and sometimes leaving long lasting reminders of the event (loss of limbs, vision, or any other affliction is up to the RPer for their RP desires -- though it is not required).

Directly after consumption there must be a sealing spell cast on the Djinn to ensure the host remains intact. This spell will quell the pain a Djinn experiences while carrying an element, but not help them to control it any better or stop the voices of the primordials from echoing inside their minds.

Due to the aetheric properties of the elements, packs are unable to harbor more than a single djinn in their ranks at once.

Ideally there are many ways to become a pack alpha on the site:
  1. Staff hold auditions on the updates board requiring some information to be filled out within a set period of time before they all get together and choose the person they feel is best suited for the role according to your activity level, creativity (in all areas: ranks, events, customs, etc.), and ability to work well with others. A blue bulletin will also be posted at the top of the site so you don't miss these auditions!
  2. Challenge the current alpha of a pack to a fight for the position.
    This is started by first notifying a staff member (core or rotating) either via PM, IM, or c-box and then posting a thread with the [Challenge] tag as the prefix within the pack's area (as indicated on the forum by the pack icons next to each forum link under a region listing) with your character calling out for an alpha. You must also be sure to indicate your terms for the challenge below your post OOCly, which can include:

    1. The rank you're challenging for so it is clearly noted.
    2. Any stakes you'd like to wager for your character when the fight is complete (lose a limb, senses, eyes, etc). You do not get to choose whether or not your opponent includes a stake as it is their personal choice.
    3. Which staff member you've notified about challenging.

    Keep in mind that the alpha you're challenging is able to deny complying with any stakes you wager for your character if it is extremely out of character for their wolf. Communication with the alpha via PM is encouraged for additional conversation or working anything else out. Once the alpha responds to accept the challenge a staff member will respond to post each player's HP & AP and cast judges dice below their post to determine who goes first. The player who receives the highest roll will be the one to gain the first attack. If the alpha does not reply within 3 daysof the last post you will automatically win. If an alpha has posted an away notification on the forum they can not be challenged at all until the date they've designated to return.

    Final decisions on the winner, whether a fight actually takes place or there's an automatic win, must be announced by a staff member. The winner can not act as alpha before this. The staff must also post a detailed critique of the fight visible for both participants to view so that everyone understands the final decision and is informed on areas that should be improved upon in order to succeed in the future.

  3. Be selected as the "Acting Alpha" of a pack by staff due to current alpha inactivity.
    In order for this to happen you must be previously seated in a high rank within the pack and a staff member must announce you have been elected before you can act. Staff will go down the list according to rank until an active high rank is found to take on the responsibility. If the alpha returns within one week irl after your installment they will be re-instated once they post they have returned under the update issued by staff electing you as "Acting Alpha". If they fail to do this you will become the permanent alpha.