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  • triskelion
    "A lawful evil pack."
    "This pack is dedicated to seeking power; a method in which to transcend to godhood itself. The pack believes strongly in a divine order. They feel that while some wolves were created as lesser, there are those among them who are true aeons. They believe that by consuming the blood of their enemies, they are able to absorb their power and surpass the their divine order; becoming greater. They also believe their life force to be tied to the stars, and have their sorcerer's practice divination through astrology. While they only believe it is possible to go up a single tier in the divine order for most wolves, the king himself may achieve multiple tiers -- even become a full fledged god."

    Current Rankings
    The God
    Zenith Vhago Mors Veritas
    The Seraphim
    Executioner ---
    Black Templar ---
    Sanguine Minister ---
    Viscount/Gaoler ---
    The Warriors
    Immortal Domine, Volkan
    Aegis ---
    The Enlightened
    Actaeon ---
    Caduceus ---
    Courtesan ---
    Ancillary ---
    Infirmatur ---
    Slave ---
    Recent Events
    4.11.2017 — Things are happening because they can.

    The Census
    Male: 3
    Female: 0
    Asexual: 0

    Political Affairs
    ●  Enemies ●  Allies ●  Neutral
    ● Zaktan'en:  Unknown.  No one from Novus has any relations with a Zak'Tanen wolf and it is currently unheard of in their lands.

  • Zenith
    Alpha/King — The earthbound God of Cohesion
    Beta — Though the name is fierce, the Executioner is a limb of the Zenith extended towards the common wolves of the pack; they are the bridge between but also who will take command if the Zenith is away or incapacitated.
    Black Templar
    Zenith's personal guard — Warriors of either gender proven to be loyal, they protect their God and also take turns overseeing and training the Immortals and Aegis.
    Sanguine Minister
    Shaman, preferably a virgin female — Has the unique duties of performing blood divinations, rituals and ministrations/transfusions as well as presiding over special rites and festivals.
    Delta — Important rank overseeing the functioning of the slave system in Triskelion . Makes sure they are housed, or occasionally rewarded for their subservience and loyalty and administers punishment upon those who do not fall into line.
    Male magic wielder — Typically serve the king as magical advisers, entertainment, and divination.
    Female magic wielder — Typically serve the Sanguine as handmaidens.
    Male warrior.
    Female warrior.
    Females & Males employed by the Zenith for intimate reasons — May be gifted to others for good work.
    Those without duty — They make up the bulk of the pack.
    Unruly members of the pack — One wrong move and they may find themselves slaves.
    Property of the Zenith — Gifted to members in the pack as rewards for good work, typically at a slave auction held by the Zenith; Sometimes there are no fancy words to describe what you are.
    1. Executioner, Sanguine Minister and Viscount/Gaoler are considered the Zenith's essential Three lieutenants, they help take rule of most of the pack and will be respected.
    2. Immortals and Aegis are to be honored and treated just below royalty. They are the backbone of the pack, and those who are responsible for the pack's ascension into godhood.
    3. Sorceresses are to share dens beside the Sanguine and accompany her at all times.
    4. The mate of the Zenith does not share the high power of his rank, they stay at the rank in which they originated unless they choose to fight to move upwards.
    1. Non-consensual litters are never allowed. Taking another without their consent will lead to death.
    2. An Immortal is the only wolf able to court an Aegis. Pups born from another lowly rank will become wards of the Zenith, and the sire will be slain for his crime.
    3. Pups born from Immortals and Aegis are the only wolves able to ascend to Immortal and Aegis ranks.
    4. Mating between different breeds is encouraged as Cross-Breeds are thought by the Zenith to be stronger, less likely to inherit diseases and the new future of this world.
    5. Wolves of homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual nature not be discriminated against here. Nor will those of transgender or nonbinary nature. Evil as it is, Triskelion upholds a tradition that all wolves who choose to be within it's ranks beyond the slaves are worthy of respect as long as rules are followed.
    1. Slaves may be gifted and traded at the owner's discretion after being gifted by the Zenith. They are considered property and not expected to be treated as equals; they are lesser aeons and expected to serve the higher order.
    2. Should a slave produce a litter, the pups belong to the master of the slave that birthed them. They are to be traded, gifted, or punished at the master's discretion.
    3. Slaves are never taken as mates. The litter would be viewed as lesser.
    4. A slave is able to rise above their lowly status and earn freedom within the pack should they spill the blood of other slaves and fight for their right to ascend in the trial by fire. The only ranks that slaves may never ascend to being: Immortal, Aegis, Black Templar, Executioner and Viscount/Gaoler.
    Triskele Rite
    Every wolf whom joins Triskelion or is birthed into it must take this ceremony in which the Triskele symbol is placed upon the left side of their chest over their heart either by scarification or hot-branding. This will forever mark a wolf of the tribe, meant to breed fear into those they meet and dissuade breaking from the ranks, for if you run all others will know that you were part of their cause from the mark you wear. This is sanctioned immediately for new adult members. As for pups born into the pack they must make it to at least six months of age, proving their survival and loyalty, to gain this mark. Slaves bare the Triskele mark as well but it will never be over the left side of their chest. Most commonly it is branded on their rump, but can be done on about every other part of their body (including their face). In contrast to the symbol on members of the pack representing their allegiance, this symbol on Slaves marks their position as chattel.
    Blood Moon
    Once every 2 years, the blood moon appears. The Zenith calls for all those in his pack to gather below the blood red moon and pledge their devotion to him by sacrificing a single pup, selected by the Sanguine, who is bled. The Zenith will drink the remaining blood to absorb the chosen's power; strengthening his claim as a god. The entire pack must then decorate themselves in warpaint, constructed from a small portion of each other's blood and join the Zenith in worshiping the power of the blood moon. This is usually a night-long festival of song, feast and possible fornication.
    Slaver's Market
    As a reward for excellent performance and loyalty, the Zenith will often open a slave market in which both outsiders and pack wolves are able to attend. This is typically done after a raid. The Zenith will sell and gift his slaves to those in attendance at his discretion. Offerings and payment vary according to what his majesty deems appropriate.
    Trial by Fire
    Once a year, the Zenith decrees a trial by fire in which he asks slaves to present themselves of their own free will. The trial consists of various match-ups against other slaves, in which one sole wolf will be chosen as victorious in the end. This wolf will have to best all other wolves in the match-ups and lastly, kill their final opponent. The final step is to drink their opponent's blood; a ritual in which the Zenith believes one is able to absorb another's power. The prize is the slave's freedom within the pack, and they are able to ascend to Actaeon, Caduceus, Courtesan, or Ancillary.
    Blood Ministration
    The transfusion of the blood of one into another's veins, this is considered a sacred rite of all wolves in Triskelion who live above the lines of or have escaped slavehood. Unaware of the unhealthy and dangerous aspects this may bring up the Sanguine Minister is often called upon to administer the blood of enemies, family members or even slain prey (if it is fresh enough) into the veins of a pack member. It is considered a far more direct way to gain the strength and levels towards godhood than simply drinking blood ensures. Blood Ministration rites usually occur when members have accomplished some great feat or are gaining a higher rank, as well as youth who have just come into adulthood. (The process is usually done using a length of cured vein of a large animal, attaching a hollow viper's fang to each end and using gravity to transfuse the blood). This event usually leaves those who have been transfused light-headed and a bit high.