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Our planet has come to be known as Aspheria -- a world cloaked in fantasy -- born from the flesh and scales of the elder dragon Alteil.

Premise Timeline State of the World
Lore Eidolons Mythics

Aspheria; it is the playground of the gods. Since antiquity the demi-gods, or aeons as they've been called since the first wolves, have survived here. Their souls eternally resonate through the aetherflow that renders them immortal. It is from strands of this aether, better known as the life-force of the realm, to which each god and aeon are bound to a never-ending stream that both provides and drains their lives. But is has been nearly 800 years since they have last seen their predecessors, Asura and Isthanos. Each generation strays further from divinity; their children and reincarnations are barely able to hear the echoes of their gods. The primordial elements have once again began to rage in the heavens. They seek to consume and devour the planet to put an end to their eternal stalemate in the cosmos above. What difference can a half-god make?

The Rekindling (Jan. 2017 - ???)

It's been 200 years since Aspheria has seen or heard from the gods. Legends and omens have fallen into obscurity, and a new system of beliefs proliferated alongside the old religion. Those who are old enough to remember the truth have either become bitter from centuries of isolation or chose to remain silent to avoid the judgement of others. Bands of wolves have come and gone throughout the years, but the land has always been govenered by the packs. Taidos, Terros, and Novus have passed through many generations of leadership to stake their claim on the world. Through the years they have watched as many others came and went; war had become an ever present theme. Some came to believe themselves gods, grasping madly at the heels of Isthanos and Asura.

That was a thought easily forsaken when the storms returned like a heavenly vengeance. Within the span of a single season the Qi'Moro and Eocletheon regions are all but gone, their lands suffering from desolation. Novus now remains the last pack in the world -- their Empress, Skadi, the only hope to those who search for answers and refuge. Our story begins here, among the ashes of a world embroiled in chaos.

2/12/17 - Zaktan'en, with the help of quite a few brave loners, have healed the Eocleatheon region through hard effort and diligence.

1/11/17 - The world has been plummeted into a state of panic and chaos after 2 elemental storms devastated the Qi'Moro (East) and Eocleatheon (North) regions. Of the last three known packs, Novus, in the South, is the last to remain and left completely unaffected by the storms wrath.