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Hello, friend! Welcome to Savagery RPG - we hope this guide serves to answer all your questions - but you're always welcome to poke us in the c-box located on the meet the savages tab to the bottom right of the screen if you have any questions!


Demonym: The Novish/Novan wolves.
Current Alpha: Skadi

The Novish wolves would maintain the thriving realm, allowing them to flourish under the care of those Skadi instructs to do so. The realm would welcome all those with good, or at least not entirely malicious, intent, and would severely punish those who interrupted the tranquility. She would seek to build bridges with the other packs of Aspheria, hoping to strengthen all of them through the bonds of its leaders. Wealth, while not shared equally, would be distributed to those less fortunate to attempt to maintain an excellent standard of living in the realm.

Territories: The Great Koken Tree, Kwitnaca Meadow
Ranks & Laws


Demonym: The Zaktanian wolves.
Current Alpha: Haakan

The wolves of Zaktan'en are a brotherhood and sisterhood of wolves who firmly believe in the sacred dragon scriptures. They are bound by oath to uphold these laws, and take pride in their code of honor. Guided on wings of dragons, they strive to maintain balance within the realm. They are true neutral parties, acknowledging the fact that there can be no light without the dark; a yin for every yang. While they consider themselves light natured and for good cause, they would not abandon darker packs to risk upsetting the balance of growth and decay.

Territories: The Garuga Mountains, Bezael Fjord
Ranks & Laws

Joining a pack is done either via IC roleplay or creating/adopting a pre-established character with alpha permission. Your entrance thread can be done a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Joining a currently active pack meeting.
  • Posting a thread within pack territory.
    • Make sure you indicate it's a joining thread in the title.
  • PMing the Alpha an alternate entrance you'd like.

When in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact the pack alpha/s either in the c-box or via PM!

Gaining Ranks
How you gain ranks within a pack is purely up to the alpha at the time, although it is quite common for you to slowly work your way up the tree by first being initiated into a beginning rank of subordinate or the starting level of a specific job/task (eg. warrior, spy, hunter, healer, etc).

We fully support our community shooting a PM out to their pack alpha/s requesting ranks, but we also would like to remind our players that continued asking or pestering once an alpha player has told you how they would like to do ranks is highly frowned upon. Please respect the alpha player's decision once it's been given; although this isn't to say if you see in their pack rank table they indicate they'd like everyone to achieve pack ranks based on RP events you're unable to contact them if you notice a higher rank open.

It's just that if you've shot them a PM about it before we'd like for you to respect their answer. It's great to have goals and ambitions for your character within a pack, but keep in mind you may have to work for it.

Inactivity Rules
Pack alphas also have the right to revoke high ranks from anyone that has fallen inactive for at least three weeks irl. They must also notify a staff member that this is being done so we know it's within valid reasoning and we can double check to make sure they're not listed on site leave. Wolves holding normal ranks and subordinate ranks will remain on the roster, even if the account is marked inactive.

This is done only so that the packs are able to stay fresh, active, and constantly moving so if you do end up going inactive on the site you'll be able to return to a site that's still rolling with the punches and active instead of stagnant and stale. Keep in mind if you lose a rank you're still eligable to challenge for that rank if it's a high rank or consult your pack alpha about gaining it back if it's lower. Communication is a big part of role play so let's make sure we all remember to stay in touch and have a good time!

  • If you're having trouble with ranks or feel someone is being unfair we encourage you to seek out a staff member so we can take a look and share our thoughts. Never be afraid to reach out! It's our goal to make sure you have the best RP experience possible.

A band of wolves is an organization of sorts, consisting of a maximum of five characters total. They possess no heirarchy within their ranks, although they may title themselves to express their individuality or purpose within the group if the majority decides it's fitting.

To gain entrance to a band, a wolf must meet the requirements to join. They must also challenge a current member if no spots are open, in which case whomever they challenge will be removed from the group so the victor can assume their role. Rematches are unavailable for two months irl.

Current Bands


Founded by: None

No bands currently!


Founded by: None

No bands currently!

Being a loner is hard work! That's to say, you have a lot of things that make you work twice as hard or depend solely on your own care to maintain.

Even though this is a fantasy environment it doesn't mean wolves who walk under the loner banner are going to have an easier time surviving than real wolves out in the wild.

  • Loners are only able to hunt small prey.
  • Loners are able to become ambushed by packs if they trespass, meaning they may find themselves in a five (or more) vs. one.
  • It's important to note that each role player is only allowed a maximum of two loner characters at the start. Additional loner characters must be unlocked via the site shop.