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  • novus
    "A lawful good pack."
    The Novish wolves would maintain the thriving realm, allowing them to flourish under the care of those Skadi instructs to do so. The realm would welcome all those with good, or at least not entirely malicious, intent, and would severely punish those who interrupted the tranquility. She would seek to build bridges with the other packs of Aspheria, hoping to strengthen all of them through the bonds of its leaders. Wealth, while not shared equally, would be distributed to those less fortunate to attempt to maintain an excellent standard of living in the realm.

    Current Rankings
    Empress Skadi
    Emperor ---
    Lord/Lady ---
    High Court Anduril
    Heir Apparant ---
    The Warriors
    Knight Ptak, Hoplite
    Sentinel ---
    Page ---
    The Court
    Lady in Waiting Kalliope
    Minstrel ---
    Root ---
    The Magisterium
    Shaman ---
    Magician Hashmal
    Druid ---
    Recent Events
    4.11.2017 — Things are happening because they can.

    The Census
    Male: 4
    Female: 2
    Asexual: 0

    Political Affairs
    ●  Enemies ●  Allies ●  Neutral
    ● Zaktan'en:  Unknown.  No one from Novus has any relations with a Zak'Tanen wolf and it is currently unheard of in their lands.

  • Empress/Emperor
    The Emperor and Empress have ultimate power over their pack and their decision is final. They have the ability to accept and decline wolves into the pack and they can also banish current members for any reason. They have the ability to promote and demote members at any time. Typically a mated pair but this isn't always the case.
    The pack leader's adviser and most trusted friend, in charge of the pack when the Empress/Emperor is absent.
    High Court
    The beta of the pack.There may be a maximum of 4 members of court; it is their role to inform the empress of the going ons in her pack as well as give advice. These 4 members will always be needed for wars/event times, giving her advice as well. They often work hand in hand with the Lord.
    Heir Apparant
    Usually the offspring of the Emperor and Empress. They will grow up learning about the pack and will be taught how to successfully lead.
    These roles are unlimited and it is up to the knights to train other members so that they can maintain physical fitness and so that they can be prepared in case they ever need to defend themselves. They are also in charge of training the Pages.
    A true guard of Novus. Is practiced in the offensive and defensive arts of war. They are unlimited.
    A character at least 1 year of age who is interested in training to become a Knight or Sentinel.
    Lady in Waiting
    The Empress' ladies, who basically keep her company, listen to her stories and day to day concerns, and attend to her when she wants them around. They also act as moral for when war times are happening, most if not all of these ladies will have combat and or magic training so they can defend themselves and their Empress.
    There may be a maximum of 4 minstrels; it is their role to keep positivity high within the community. They may also be requested to perform in the light of special events and festivals.
    Usually the rank given to new members and pups that are too young to fit anywhere. This is also where elders will be placed.
    These roles are unlimited and it is the duty of the shamans to ensure that everyone within community bounds is healthy and well. Shamans must be able to respond well to emergency situations without getting flustered.
    These roles are unlimited and this role involves assisting other pack members in learning about their magical abilities. Magicians act as magic advisers and therefore are relied upon to teach others special details about the magic in the world.
    Newly sorted to the way of magic. Has yet to prove themselves worthy of either Shaman rank or Magician. Answers to the High Court. No age limit.
    The laws of Zaktan'en are a sacred vow. All wolves, no matter what rank, are required to follow them and are subject to punishment deemed fit should they not.

    1. There is to be no discrimination in the pack. All wolves, be they strangers or friends, are to be treated with fairness and with respect. Disrespect to anyone is frowned upon. It is considered respectful to leave something with the clan if you visit (can be a song, dance, story, or anything else).
    2. Because we must respect all life, please make use of all parts of your kill - either by consuming it, using it for jewelry or armor, or other such trinkets.
    3. Give respect to each other, no wolf is more important than the other.
    4. Punishment includes a painful branding mark on the shoulder, and different marks indicate different crimes. If a crime is severe enough, banishment will also occur, sometimes marked by burning the tail of the wrongdoer.