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What is copyright?
"Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works." — Copyright.gov

What does your copyright cover?
Savagery RPG claims copyright on intellectual property found on site.

What do you consider intellectual property?
Anything drawn, written, coded, or programmed on the website (database included). We do not own ideas, concepts, systems, methods, or principles; it's strictly limited to our work here. The example below shows what would be considered the correct way to avoid infringing copyright by using the "Unleash" ability we have on site here to demonstrate if you wanted to have something similar on your website.

OUR SITE: "Unleash - You call upon a companion you've made a blood pact with to aid you in battle."

WRONG: Unleash - You call upon a companion you've made a blood pact with to aid you in battle.
CORRECT: Summon - Call a companion that you've bonded with to assist you in combat.

To conclude on this point, you can not directly copy anything we've placed on this website word for word. It needs to be something you've taken and turned into your own, just like when you do a book report and the teacher warns you about plagiarism.

So I can implement from here as long as I do it in my own wording?
In short, yes. However, as a creator myself I would highly encourage other creators to try their best to adopt as little in common with our website as possible so that it stands out as something more unique. While we do not deny that certain aspects of this website share a common ground with other fantasy wolf RPG's, we do have a lot of systems and concepts here that are unique within the community. It can be disheartening to find someone watering down something we've spent years designing in order to do something different.

Why even copyright then?
Honestly, we'd rather not. We prefer communication and to talk things out with people one on one, but unfortunately after 10+ years in the forum RPG community we've found that people more often than not want to push their legal weight around. The only way to counter that is by protecting ourselves in this manner.

Would you help someone with similar ideas if they asked?
Absolutely. We would much rather people communicate with us if they really enjoy our ideas and want to implement them in some way. We know it's extremely common these days to see websites tell you they're very friendly and easy going, but we can't stress this enough for our community here. If you reach out to either Toberz or Keira you should find us very accommodating, patient, and understanding. Heck, we'd rather see you on our rotating staff to help out if you really enjoy the place!

Do you ever contact site admins about websites you feel are too similar to here?
Yes, we do. There are certain ideas that we're very proud of here, and while we can't claim any legal right to them, we like to reach out in good faith and try to reach an understanding. It sucks and always leaves a really sour taste in our mouths when people don't feel the same and like to play with their "legal" limits, especially when it's clear we've had a big influence on them, but all we can really do at that point is limit those individuals from accessing the site as much as possible to avoid further instances.