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Hello, friend! Welcome to Savagery RPG - we hope this guide serves to answer all your questions - but you're always welcome to poke us in the c-box located on the meet the savages tab to the bottom right of the screen if you have any questions!

Our story takes place on a world called Aspheria. It's a high fantasy environment consisting of a variety of regions that contain unique weather, flora, and creatures to be encountered. Humans or any 'real life' locations have never been part of the environment and should not be mentioned when creating your character.

Half gods
  • Characters on our site play as demi-gods, known as aeons, with a lifepsan of up to 12 IC years. The death of an aeon refers to the loss of their physical body. The actual spirit of an aeon can not be lost easily, although there are many unexplained cases where a spirit never returns to the world. A character is able to spirit walk in place of death at the cost of one year of their life or be reincarnated.
Previous Websites
  • No memory of other 'worlds' is permitted upon creation. Exposure to the aether causes a permanent travellers amnesia, so if you're bringing your character from another role play you will need to either integrate them into our world or give them a history here.
  • Your character is able to remember individuals they've encountered elsewhere, but not the exact specifics of where they were or what they did.
    • Bad: "We were on Bluefang Mountain fighting back the Firewing Horde together!"
    • Good: "I remember we once fought together on a mountain just like this."

When registering please only use one single name. Should you register with a middle and surname you will be asked to change it by a staff member later. Please also refrain from using odd characters and numbers.

Once you register you'll be able to access your UCP by hovering over the Control Panel link in the top navigation bar. This is where we'll be asking you to fill out your profile by selecting the edit profile option in the menu to the left.

    Many fields exist for further character indulgence, but the main fields we want to see filled are:
  • OOC Name
  • Reference image or detailed description of appearance
  • Age
  • Pack
  • Height & Weight
  • Eyes & main pelt color
  • Markings
  • Detailed personality
  • History. No mystery backgrounds without information allowed.

Our character creator is located in the navigation bar, noted by the and red coloration. Within this section you'll find a big "35 CP Remaining" at the center of four rectangular boxes and a list of breeds next to it: Tengu, Fearu, Vanyara, Akdarr. These are your character points, and they'll be used to purchase your mutations, breed specific mutations, size (normal sizes are always 0 CP, so they're free!), and auras.

We offer 5 breeds to choose from, each one possessing unique traits and offering mutations at varying prices. Aside from the individual perks and mutation pricing, which breed you pick is entirely up to you because they all offer the same things! Your wolf may even be entirely terrestrial if you wish, possessing little to no mutations at all. Auras and breed specific mutations are not mandatory.

Additional information on our mutations may be found within the character points section of the characters guide by hovering over each section.

Selecting a Breed
!! Our site does not have any restrictions or limitations to the color of your character's pelt or eyes.

Tengu offer any mutations relating to birds for discounted prices. This includes feathers, wings, talons, beaks, and more.

Special Mutations: Acute vision, magnetoreception, and acute hearing.
Normal Size: Small, between 3'5" and 4'10" tall. Weights below 70lbs may be considered malnourished while weights over 160lbs may be considered obese.

Fearu offer any mutations relating to reptiles or marine life for discounted prices. This includes scales, horns, dragon wings, fins, and more.

Special Mutations: Cold-blooded, bacterial bite, and infravision.
Normal Size: Small, between 3'5" and 4'10" tall. Weights below 70lbs may be considered malnourished while weights over 160lbs may be considered obese.

Vanyara offer any mutations relating to heavy mutation for discounted prices. This includes multiple ears, multiple eyes, quills, and alternate fur types.

Special Mutations: Herbal essence, elemental influence, and photosynthesis.
Normal Size: Medium, between 4'11" and 5'4" tall. Weights below 120lbs may be considered malnourished while weights over 200lbs may be considered obese.

Akdarr offer any mutations relating to bestial hybrids for discounted prices. This includes bestial tail, bestial ears, bestial hybrid, hooves, and more.

Special Mutations: Retractable claws, adipose tissue, and acrobat.
Normal Size: Large, between 5'5" and 6'5" tall. Weights below 160lbs may be considered malnourished while weights over 275lbs may be considered obese.

Crossbreeds are not listed in our character creator because their mutations rely heavily on one of their parent's breeds. When creating a crossbreed we ask that you select one of the other 4 breeds in the creator and select your mutations accordingly. When you're finished, please update your breed in your character profile via the UCP to reflect Crossbreed.

Special Mutations: None.
Normal Size: Varies depending on parent breed.

Wolves in Aspheria may live to be as old as 12 years of age. This means that if you play a character from birth til death at age 12 you'll be able to accomplish it within 8 years irl. This long stretch of time is intended to help our role players develop their characters at a steady, casual rate where they don't feel as though they're not able to RP out their character's life on top of toggling real life. Players who feel they are able to accomplish this earlier may have their character's start to decline at a younger age if they wish, but this process is mandatory of each character by mortal law.

Age newborn - one is considered a youth Age two - six is considered an adult. Age seven - twelve is considered an elder.
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
youth adult elder

The youngest a new character may be created on-site is 6 months of age. The only exception to the rule are puppies that are adopted from on-site litters.

While we do allow personalities and history to be vague for on-site born puppies, we require a detailed personality and history to go with your 6 month old. We also limit the creation of these very young characters to one per member for a prolonged period of time to avoid the overflow of such young characters. Youth lasts up until 1 year of age, and as such your character will require an on-site guardian if they're below this age. A guardian may be requested under the adoptions forum, but please keep in mind that whether or not you're able to obtain one is not guaranteed, nor is it anyone's responsibility. For this reason alone we ask that if you're having trouble finding a guardian right away it may be in your best interest to create an older character first!

Immortality is the only known cure-all that may be used to stop the aging process and prevent death from this natural process. We're currently working on developing quests for this so please stay tuned!

Upon completing your character and filling out the application form on the forum you will be asked to specify your playstyle. Your playstyle reflects how you wish to have your character interact with others during your stay here. Restrictions may apply depending on which you choose in order to prevent styles from crossing, but they're in place to make sure you get the best of what you're looking for! Once you set your mode you're locked in and unable to change for 2 IRL months (switching may not occur during combat). If you're registering multiple characters you may put them all at different playstyles.
High Control
Characters can not be killed without the permission of the RPer, although they themselves may not kill another character with or without permission. They may engage in fights and spars with other characters or NPCs so long as they give their permission, but are not permitted to inflict any form of long-term harm on others (such as ripping out eyes, legs, ears, tails, and others). This includes high stakes fighting. NPCs may be killed, tortured, or used entirely at their discretion. Djinn and Alpha are unattainable and this character must join into a pack. During pack fights and conflicts they tend to let others do the fighting for them, preferring to sit on the side-lines or take on other responsibilities; although they may join the fray by engaging NPCs. During raids they are unable to kidnap or be kidnapped. Nonconsensual mating is forbidden.

Low Control
Characters may not be killed or engage in death matches unless both parties agree. Challenges, pack fights, wars, and sparring are open to them. High stakes may be petitioned to the admins with good IC reasoning, to which the admins may or may not approve. These characters may not be ambushed if trespassing on your territory unless the offense is repeated up to three times and a petition is sent to staff asking permission. They may injure or kill characters with permission from other players. They may become a Djinn or Alpha, and do not have to join a pack. They may attempt to kidnap other low control or savage characters during raids. A low control character must give permission to be kidnapped. Forced mating is allowed so long as the players agree.

No permission is needed from staff in order to be challenged to high stakes or death matches, with the exception that there must be valid IC reasoning. Meaningless killing and mutilation is not permitted. No permission is needed to ambush these characters if you find them trespassing on your territory. These characters must have a valid IC reason they petition to staff in order to challenge a low control character to high stakes. They may not challenge low control characters to death matches unless both players agree. High control characters are completely untouchable to them unless explicitly given permission by the RPer. They may become Djinn or alpha, and do not have to join a pack. They may attempt to kidnap other low control or savage characters during raids. No permission from a Savage player is needed to be kidnapped. Forced mating is allowed so long as the players agree.

* In order to challenge someone with low control to high stake combat you must petition the staff with a PM listing multiple IC offenses the character has committed. We require at least five instances in which your character has witnessed, discovered, or heard of a low control character participating in heinous acts that include: forced mating or murder. At this point staff will discuss whether or not they feel your reasoning is warrented, and give the final verdict within a weeks time. If staff approve your petition you will need to post a challenge thread and tag staff so they may reply with a listing of possible outcomes. Stakes change depending on infamy levels, but generally include loss of an eye, leg, tail, ear, or tongue.

The challenged character may place a counter stake in which the challenger will have to accept as punishment if lost; but both stakes will be randomly generated by staff. Once the stakes are generated and called out the match may begin. If the character being challenged to a high stakes match refuses to participate the match will result in an automatic win to the challenger and the stake will be made official. Failure to RP the given stake ICly will result in removal from the site.

Once you've got your profile in the UCP completely filled out and finalizing your choices in the character creator you're ready to submit an application on the creation board! Please create a new thread in that section of the forum using the template provided.

!! Remember we do not word count, but we do require your information to be at least an intermediate level of writing. If a staff member feels you may be struggling to achieve this they may send you a PM trying to outline areas of improvement to help you along your way. This will never be done in public and is not done to shame or insult anyone. It's important to us that we maintain an environment for seasoned writers.

Once a staff member approves your application you're ready to go! Happy character creating!