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Nyssa Alavara

  • - A single horn protrudes from her forehead

    - Stubby tail that wags constantly

    - Stubby front left limb thinks its a normal limb

  • A beam of sunshine ready to take on the world, Nyssa has long left the nest of her home to discover the life she was truly meant for, an adventurer. The young free-spirited Vanyara has courage that most young pups her age do not have, her boldness and curiosity to learn more about the world has taken her places she never knew she would discover. Her curiosity was the first that lead her astray from her nest, although she enjoyed her many discoveries (especially the discovery of not liking eggs), it cost her a limb from a strange wolf that haunts her dreams. Determination is another motivator. Despite only walking on three legs, the young girl did not let it create a label of weakness to latch itself to her name. She is not weak. She will think she is stronger than any wolf across the land, even the biggest and toughest ones. She’ll puff up her chest and let out a mighty roar to let others know she is not to be messed with. Nyssa sees kindness in everyone even if they do not muster a smile her way. Everyone shows kindness differently and it is something she enjoys seeing in such scary world.
  • A large nest entwined with mud branches carried the single pup of Rowan and Lysandra. They resided in a jungle, resting upon the tall canopy that protected them from the dangers of the jungle floor. They struggled to bring a litter in the world and little Nyssa was just a blessing to them both. Though she was their only pup, they protected her with all they could and warned the child to stay clear from the floor because that is where the danger lies. Young and naive, little Nyssa listened to them dutifully. “There are monsters down there, little Nissy. They will eat you the minute you touch the floor.” Her mother warned one day as she groomed her daughter. Nyssa was a growing girl and wanted to explore much of the world, but it was her parents warning that kept her from stepping over. Rowan would make promises to the girl, telling her that one day he would take her down there when she is older but at 6 months old it was impossible.

    On a stormy night, her parents huddled around their daughter to shield her from the rain. This night was foggy in her mind, the warmth of her parents no longer remained with her. She felt the rain pelting against her body, stirring to awaken and look around tiredly. They were gone. Nyssa blinked slowly and circled the nest to search for them, but they did not return. The poor girl rested her head against the edge of the nest, rain drenching her body while she tried to remain awake. Eyes drooping until a rustle forced her to remain awake and look in its direction. The creature that stepped forward was no her mom or dad, it was dark and she could not make out what it could possibly be. The girl did not have time to call out to it for it immediately lunged forward to attack the pup. It was a fight that cost her a leg and a tail.

    Another wolf stepped in, weak and bloodied was her father who was near death. Nyssa screamed for him to help, and so he did. The smaller male charged forward, using his shoulder to knock the other creature off of his daughter only to break the nest he had built for his mate and pup and fall down to the jungle floor with the attacker. They both suffered a fatal fall, killing then a few minutes later and left the girl to wonder all night if her mother or father would return to her and help. Nyssa spent the first few nights whimpering and crying in pain with no one to aide the child, she licked her wound to keep them from bleeding out. On the tenth night, she mustered up the small courage that fled her to venture down to the jungle floor in search of something that could help her.

    It was the trail of pain and loneliness for little Nyssa, but she found the courage to live on. The girl lingered in the forest for a month to recover most of her strength. It took her after she turned a year old to feel more confident in herself to continue her life without the guidance of her parents or any adult.

  • DAM: Lysandra




  • Feb 22, 2018 — 08:46 CST | Replied to small girl, big world [Solo] in Savage Archives.
    Feb 16, 2018 — 07:57 CST | Replied to Don't Stop Me in Algalfir Hotsprings.
    Feb 15, 2018 — 01:30 CST | Replied to Don't Stop Me in Algalfir Hotsprings.

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JOINED: Feb 8 2018

LAST ONLINE: 5 hours ago 11:01 pm

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Portrayed by Phess