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Nocturne Alucinari

  • !!! reminder that reference only shows her base appearance and not any mutations !!!

    BUT here's A mediocre attempt at editing lineart and adding her more visible mutations: LINK

    credits; ref lines by Areot
    avatar lines by Amphispiza

    She is rugged beauty, not delicate but perhaps intricate. Complicated is she, and her visage is one of frightful confidence and steely ambition. It gleams within her bright teal eyes, it radiates off every fiber of her being; that ivory body so disciplined yet feminine. Crimson and charcoal mix imperfectly above her shoulder blades and follow her spine down to the very tip of her plush tail. Her ears are dipped in red and then tipped in black as well, as is the bridge of her nose. Her chin is obsidian, however interestingly six bloody 'stitches' connect her upper and lower lips, a haunting detail... especially when she grins. At the center of her forehead, there lies a sharp red marking that is akin to a rounded diamond. Her eyes are underlined by the same crimson, and it sharply curves upwards a bit at opposite ends; her brows are both red and black.

    Nocturne is not a fragile thing. She is well-built, and quite a tall Vanyara; however she is also sleek rather than voluptuous. And her aura exudes no damsel-like sensation, much like the fires her pelt smells of; She is intense and memorable.

    Her mutations include a long forked tongue, enlarged dewclaws which can be used to grasp things, elk antlers atop her head, and large dragon wings near her shoulder blades. She also possesses photosynthesis as a means to survive when food is scarce and her herbal essence allows for medicinal plants to sprout from various areas upon her body but only when her flames do not burn them away.

    Her aura is in tune with her method of battle, for flames often consume her body entirely or merely where red coloration can be found do flames dance due to her elemental nature.

  • She is methodical and disciplined. She is not a being of pure malice nor utterly malevolent, but her benevolence is quickly pushed aside by her hunger to take what she wants from the world whilst remaining within the lines of a wicked 'Code of honor.' Unlike some who also lack a wonderfully good moral compass, she does not value meaningless chaos. Loyalty and order are her cup of tea, as well as a natural inclination to both lead and serve. She is nothing if not honest to the point of being graphic or explicit, and her word is given quite carefully as it is something she is extremely reluctant to go back on. In this way does she consider herself above plain villainy, because she does have a rare set of principles and taboos; though she might bend those self-imposed rules when she must.

    She is a devil, with the right kind of dedication she is capable of going to great lengths to reach and ultimately complete her goals. Her brand of 'evil' is not chaotic or irresolute, but orderly and entirely intentional. 'Good' is something she sees as self-righteous, for it promotes weakness; and strength is everything to her. Yet as honorable as she might think she is, when given the opportunity she will break her word if she can when situations turn unfavorable for her, however, if that option is unavailable she may be forced by her own code of ethics to keep her word.

    She is a woman driven by her goals, even if she has to use force or bloodshed to achieve them. Disloyalty, treachery, and betrayal will be met with unforgiving retribution. She values her allies, and will not likely betray a friend as that is considered a crime unless they are deserving. She is ruthless; willing to attack, kill, torture, all in an effort advance herself even if it means the innocent get hurt. Often, she openly displays an inclination for violence in the form of battles. Feeling a thrill, even craving the blood of her opponent upon her tongue to prove her own strength; she is prideful and readily commits to efforts to improve herself or dominate others.

    And here is her 'Code';

    Do not lie.
    Do not aid the weak.
    Do not betray loyal friends.
    Honor only deserving authorities.
    Kill to advance yourself.
    Avenge allies.
    Dominate the weak.
    Do not break your word.
    Repay debts.
    Never walk away from a challenge.
    Be resolute.


    "Alea iacta est" = The die is cast,
    "Ad victoriam" = For victory,
    "Acta non verba" = Actions not words,
    "Audere est facere" = To dare is to do,
    "Igne natura renovatur integra" = Through fire, nature is reborn whole,
    "Nosce te ipsum" = Know thyself,
    "Morior invictus" = Death before defeat.

  • Born to a woman of a fiery nature, and a man so detached from reality; Nocturne was one of four children. Each of them displaying the pure snow fur of their mother, and even a touch of the shades of crimson from their father. Four, perfect little creatures. Who were soon welcomed into their mother's tribe. A wonderful day full of welcomings and acceptance. However, there was little room for praise in the years to come. Their childhood was utterly cast aside, and they were taught to fight. Born to be warriors, to serve and protect the tribe. They knew nothing else, no true individuality and with only a few words of encouragement, the idea of pleasing others had been instilled.

    Nocturne became something of a leader within her litter, quick to act and readily taking the reins from her kin she was certain to claim a high ranking. They learned to kill predator and prey alike, how to defend and strike; how to scout and spy. They valued strengths and usefulness, treating the weak as lesser beings. The tribe held tournaments, battles that were both savage and ruthless. It was an honor to gain a major wound from another tribemate. Everything that once great tribe knew how to do, they were given lessons on. But it wasn't enough for her, not like it had been when she was younger. She suddenly felt trapped by the simplistic lifestyle of her tribe. And all it took was a few, misleading words for her travels to begin in the name of conquest for the isolated tribe.

  • DAM: Sonata Alucinari

    SIRE: Crépuscule Inferos

    SIBLINGS: Mazurka, Scherzo, Étude.

    EXTENDED FAMILY: Inferos bloodline, Alucinari bloodline.

  • Feb 08, 2018 — 07:53 CST | Replied to Reptile in Asura's Cradle.
    Feb 03, 2018 — 09:08 CST | Replied to villains of circumstance in Asura's Cradle.

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Portrayed by Lydian