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Mercy Renenet Pyres

  • Medium - 5 ft 8 in - 128 lbs- Smells of Roses - 2 years old

    Her pelt is made up of a beautiful mix of colors. A dark purple is blue makes up the base coat of her body. A vibrant violet color decorated her stomach, chest, left back leg (bottom half), front right leg (bottom half), inner ears and a mask like marking on her face. The tip of her tail is decorated in black, along with her right back leg (bottom half), left front leg (bottom half) and a saddle like makerking upon her back. The outside of her ears is lined with a light grey that can also be found lining her purple mask and on her tail just after the black. Her eyes are uniquely colored, her Right one a beautiful yellow-green hue and the Left one a beautiful blue color. She her fangs are a bit longer than average as well but not to drastic. Her fur is also unique as it is longer and softer than most.
  • - Cold - Manipulative - Detached - Aggressive - Sexual -
    Mercy is not the normal kind of girl thanks to her upbringing. She is cold to everyone, including those who matter to her, however she’s less cold to them. Mercy knows what she want’s and how to get it; whether it be with her words, fangs, or body. She is detached from others, even the most important person in her life could die and she wouldn’t shed a tear for them. But don’t let her cold ways fool you, the girl is extremely sexual. She is known for her promiscuous tone and body language. No one is safe from her sexaul advances, even woman. Mercy is an aggressive woman however. Even a little thing could set her off.
  • As a pup:
    A disgrace to her family name. Mercy was born smaller than her siblings, which was concidered weakness in her family. She was often beaten for the amusement of her family. However the girl never quite lived up to her first name much either. As she grew, begrudgingly her parents began her lessons in hunting and fighting alongside her siblings. She had a knack for killing, much to her parents pride. She was never quick with her kills, often drawing out their death as long as she could before ending her prey’s life. With every twisted game she played the fonder she became of them, her eyes would light up with a sick pleasure as she watched them slowly dying at her feet. Lillith and Cronus finally began warming up to their child as they watched her cold detached kills, enjoying their little monster.
    As an Adolescent:
    As she grew into her adult form, Mercy began using her body as a weapon. She would sashay through the would in hopes of catching someone’s eye. When she would, she would play her part, acting as if she were falling madly in love with them until she could con them into spending a night with her. None of the men she encountered in the woods ever made their way home. Her parents were proud of her, she had proved them wrong. Her parents never thought much about how detached Mercy was from most of her family - poor bastards- .She grew close to her older brother Wrath, their relationship surpassing that of a normal sibling relationship. When her parents realized this they were enraged. They waited until the pair had slipped out to hunt before following them. Cronus held mercy down and made her watch as Lillith, slowly beat wrath into a bloody mess. The girl never cried his name or let tears spill. She just watched as her mother beat him till her passed out before she sank her fangs into his throat and ripped it open. Cronus had said it was for her own good, that a monster like her could never have expected to love someone. They left her there staring at his lifeless form as his blood pooled around him. She made her way to his dead body and laid in his blood, licking his lifeless muzzle. She waited for night to fall before she made her way home, her fur matted in the blood of her first love. She narrowed her Bi colored eyes at their sleeping frames of her parents as she drew closer to them. She quietly woke her mother and led her to the lake near their home. When her mom turned her back the girl sprang. She left most of her mother’s mutilated body on the shore of the lake, taking only her Mother’s eyes with her pack to the den where she placed them before her father’s sleeping form, facing him so that when he awoke he would see the eyes of his wife, and then she left.
  • DAM: Lillith


    SIBLINGS: Brothers:Wrath, Pride Sisters:Lust, Envy


  • Feb 21, 2018 — 04:01 CST | Replied to ᴡᴀᴋᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ғᴜᴄᴋ ᴜᴘ. [Blood warn.] in Lunar Subterrane.
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    Feb 03, 2018 — 04:51 CST | Replied to Evil is as Evil Does in Asura's Cradle.
    Feb 02, 2018 — 03:17 CST | Replied to A little Wicked in Asura's Cradle.

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JOINED: Feb 1 2018

LAST ONLINE: , 2:00 pm 2:00 pm

LOCAL TIME: Feb 25 2018 at 4:42 am




Portrayed by Teegan