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Juno Thal

  • Juno is a devious little bitch. Every situation she finds herself in is a game waiting to be played. Her eyes lure her victims in and her lips speak of traps. She tries to take advantage just so she can leave safely (if possible) and victoriously. She is a Queen, at least in her mind she is. Her elegance is noted in her posture and when she speaks. She longs for royalty after all but does not mind getting her claws dirty for the sake of survival. Independence is her strong suit, something she has earned after her many trials and error. It is something she is more proud of than anything in the world. On some occasions, Juno will sometimes find herself relying another more than she can admit without even realizing it. It is a great weakness of hers. However, Juno spent most of her time in solitude; it is the lack of communication that makes her social interactions rusty and blunt. A habit she wishes to fix. It also adds that she cares very little for others. Juno has no friends to call her own nor does she have a home to claim for herself. For that, she continues her ways as a wanderlust that continued to develop over time. Juno does not know what she actually wants or where to find it, but it is certain that she will find it. Whatever it is. 
  • Her birth had only brought a brief moment of peace for her family. The Vega Clan and Thal Clan had been at war for years. If no blood was spilled on the forest floor, then it was politics and harassment between the two. Juno’s birth brought a sense of relief to both parents. Juno. The name was soft against her mother’s tongue as she lowered her head to nuzzle her child gently. Her mother can happily teach her child the ways of the lands and laws while her father, well he had his own intentions with his red daughter. The man adored his daughter just as much as his mate, but his plans for her would most likely tear the family apart at the cost of saving their clan.

    Juno’s upbringing allowed her to explore the possibilities of freedom. Being confined to the borders of her clan, she was left to wonder what life was like outside of her home while the hunger of any means of escape grew each day. She had become more troublesome because of it. Sneaking off at the fresh age of one after her own ceremony, then caught bribing the guards to allow the wolf to sneak off. All attempts were shut down by her father as he began to grow impatient with her. Then at the age of two, a place took over both clans, cutting down their population by half. It crippled the wolves substantially. Juno lost her mother to it, and her father slowly slipped into insanity. No longer did Juno sneak off while under her father’s watchful gaze. He made her obedient, stripping the joy out of the girl’s life only to consume the studies of magic and law.

    She hated every single moment of it.

    Damn the plague for taking her mother away. Damn the clans and their senseless war and damn her father for ripping away any hopes of happiness. She wanted nothing more than to free her life from its bland laws and cruel reality, but with what plan? Hopelessness made Juno obey her father’s words without questioning it. Depression removed the ability to eat unless she was forced to do so. It happened for weeks. On a particular day, the guards had come in to give the red wolf her food. She snapped her jaws at them, fluttered her wings to distracting them from her claws scratching at their muzzles. It was reckless of her to do so. They pinned her down and forced the food as best as they could. They grumbled, annoyed with their task but allowed worried that she would not be healthy enough for her betrothed.

    An idea suddenly popped into her mind. If she were to be married, she must look and act the part, correct?

    Juno grinned wickedly at the thought she conjured, so she complied with the guard's wishes. For weeks she did was she had to just to prepare for the wedding. It was enough to regain her strength while remembering the lessons of magic as best as she could. It was not sufficient to remain with her, but the simple trick would do enough to aid in her escape. The word of fire she learned from her mother. It would leave a mark on her father’s memory of Juno, and that alone would suffice. Days have passed, and the bride-to-be of the Vega clan had grown silent. She spoke no words to anyone who approached to thank or congratulate the red wolf. Juno only stared forward, not wanting to hear their words. They knew nothing of what she had in store for them. It was to the point she even refused to look her father in the eye when he attempted to speak his final words to her. None had come to her aid during her darkest moment, what more could she expect from their neighboring clan? Juno was on her own.

    The hour of the wedding finally arrived. Juno quietly rehearsed what she would do when the time came. Little by little as the time slipped away, she was guided out of her den to escorted to where the ceremony would be taking place. Long black muzzle held high, orange hues briefly meeting the eyes of who she was to wed. Dark turned male with a body much more muscular than hers, he appeared older than her but somehow retained his youth. When their eyes met, he shifted uncomfortably. As soon as Juno took her place next to the male, the ceremony began. Wolves of the clan joined together in a neutral territory, unsuspecting of the red she-wolf with a few tricks up her sleeves.

    The voice of the speaker finally grew silent, allowing the other to speak to her. Juno’s face revealed no emotion when he was talking, but when it was time for her to speak, her black muzzle parting her lips slowly formed a wicked grin. She was meant to speak, but no words rolled from her tongue to satisfy the ears of her father. Instead, flame dripped from her canines and saliva, Juno flung her head forward to release the flames upward. It sent a ripple of shock and terror to those attending the ceremony.

    The red wolf wasted no time to move. Embers from the flame caught to her bund, weakening it so that her wings could break free from its hold. The wolf took to the air quickly, looking down at the horror that was unleashed then took off North without looking back. Juno does not know much of the land outside of her home, but anything would be better than the entrapment she spent the early years of her life in. She would hope, the freedom that she took would bring her a lifetime of happiness if she could find it.

  • DAM: Stardust




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