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  • Rhubarb could easily be considered small for the Akdarr line. Standing at roughly five feet and eight inches while weighing in at one hundred and sixty pounds - on a good day. He appears rather willowy with long legs that support his form. He has a rather narrow face with large ears and bright yellow eyes that peer out into the world with a certain cold look.

    His coat is rather wiry and not gentle to touch, likely a side effect of enduring all the weather has to offer. Most of the time it is unkempt giving Rhubarb a scraggly, worn look.

    His fur seems to go gradient from a dirty yellow to a rhubarb like pink/red. This starts at his front and ends at the tip of his tail. The only places this isn't present is on his ears and nose. His nose is a pinkish color. Rhubarb's ears are paler rhubarb color on the outside but on the inside of his ears is a strong rhubarb color.

    Notable mentions are - bright yellow paw pads, deep brown cherry lips, pale ivory teeth and nails.

  • More of a thinker than he is a doer. That doesn't mean Rhubarb doesn't do anything though. He prefers to give it his all when he's put to work because you get what you give. But Rhu does prefer to think over a situation before diving in headfirst.

    Although Rhubarb has his moments of chaotic outburst he prefers to play by the rules nine out of ten times. He can be harsher and cruel about the rules due to his Lawful Evil alignment but he is in no way out to cause harm to everyone.

    Rhubarb's personality will likely bend and meld over his time in the Savagery world.

  • Rhubarb was the second born of his litter after his sister Rodiza. The two grew up together under the strict words of their parents. Although as they were going through their teenage years it became apparent that Rhu was veering off towards a harsher and perhaps more evil way of the law. Of course, it was never bad enough for him to hit a breaking point. At most he would give snips at tender points or harsh words to those who he deemed unruly.

    He never had an interest in high positions amongst his home pack nor did he even see himself fit as a leader. Rhubarb wished to become a tracker or messenger. It was a job that would allow him some solitary time while also being useful and gaining knowledge.

    Eventually wanderlust ate up at the younger Rhubarb thrusting him into a more permanent lone, wandering lifestyle. This suited him just fine for some time but eventually, the Akdarr male saw it fit to try and work his way back into society.

    This is just his beginning after all. So much life lays ahead of him.

  • DAM: Chadio


    SIBLINGS: Sister - Rodiza (Missing)


  • Sep 16, 2017 — 02:01 CDT | Replied to Painted Ruins in Taiga Wetlands.
    Aug 27, 2017 — 01:01 CDT | Replied to Painted Ruins in Taiga Wetlands.

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