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Immortal Volkan Yangın

  • A sea of bright, blazing, vivid markings work their way around the large brutes entire onyx black pelt. Speckled and tattered with various colors such as maroon, bright orange, and midnight blue with gold upon his crown, he is quite the demonstration of a volcanic explosion should one ever be fortunate enough to witness one.

    His markings emit a strong pulsating fire along with his paw pads and papaya whip eyes which are so light they almost appear white in the center and tinted orange around the outer edges of the eyes. It is no question as to how he obtained the name "Volkan". Large, foreign ears plague his forehead. Towering at nearly his arms length, they are the epitome of long accompanied by the peak of his stiff mane which stands like a Mohawk atop his head.

    Twin tendrils of fur hang down either side of his forehead glowing especially bright in comparison to his other markings. While the front half of this brute is stiff and fluffed, the hind quarters are relatively short coated and quite soft, along with the "manly" fluffy tail he sports in back.

  • Volkan Yangın
    Refined. Stern. Imperial. Warmonger.

    Any of those words could be used to describe this brute, but they would only be scratching the surface. Hidden deep within him is a gentle, warm, and nurturing nature. His love, dedication, and absolute loyalties are tied to his pack. He stands proud of his heritage and his breed. A purebred. A dignified warrior. Fluent in both the native tongue of most wolves as well as Turkish, to which he holds a slight accent. He holds himself nobly at all times. His rough, coarse outer shell prevents most from seeing into him, although at times he may slip. He would much rather be seen a fierce, heartless warrior than a compassionate tenderfoot...for that would bring his family such little protection, especially should they have spies in their midst.

    You may also catch him caught in a daydream off the coasts by the water, where stern eyes turn soft as his mind drifts off to foreign planes. He often spends most of his time in calculations and deep thought. He's not one to flap his lips. In fact he tries to speak as minimal as possible unless spoken to. He knows when to fold and when to play all his cards...and he certainly knows the place he's given, should he find those above him to be worthy of his pledge. While to outsiders he seems cruel and unwavering, he would gladly sacrifice any part of him for the sake of his own. Love is not beyond him, just a short distance away waiting for the one who may see past his strict facade.

    On the battlefield he tends to purge himself of all emotion. May it be females, pups, or a band of vicious cutthroats, he will protect his family and should one day death come to greet him he will die a warriors death, never looking back and never cowering under the torture of he or she who has bested him. For in his heart he knows all the tragedies he has committed and he will die for them as all those who have committed the unspeakable have. Yet, he shall not regret those terrible feats he has accomplished...for they were in the name of his noble line and for that, is a reason worth dying with honor. But oh, we digress! For the hour of his carnage is not yet at hand, and the warrior Volkan must still climb a ways before he meets the reaper. A stone fortress to those who gain this warrior in their ranks, he will never forsake their trust nor reveal their greatest secrets. He truly is proud of who he is and shares great joy in the feats of accomplishment held by his pack.

  • Volkan was born to a small pack that rooted itself at the bottom of a Volcano inside the desert regions of Aspheria. He is the 4th oldest in his family, born to his dame Selin's second litter. The first three pups consisted of his older brothers Ga'Khan and Malzahar, and his eldest sister Sidika. All three were fine prodigies of their father. Ruşen was a proud warrior in his village, one of five deltas in the entire pack (dedicated to tracking down and executing both traitors and enemies) and with his title came great responsibility as well as the need to produce strong pups in order to uphold his family honor.

    Ga'Khan excelled in all areas, a hulking brute of great size who was said to feel no pain or even emotion. Malzahar excelled in magics, quickly climbing the ranks of 5th caliber at the young age of two. No one knew exactly how he accomplished such feats, but it was almost as if magic spoke to him. The last of the first litter, Sidika, excelled in both areas; though not as skilled in either of them as her brothers, which left their sire to doubt her capacity for greatness.

    Selin's second litter consisted of Volkan, Nergis, and two stillborn -- one of which looked exactly like Volkan. His father always said it was a good omen, and that Volkan would emerge a mighty warrior. Through the love and guidance of Sidika and Malzahar he quickly learned just what it meant to be a Vanyara. They taught him they were of a bloodline so pure and sacred that all other wolves relied on them. The Vanyara were born from the earth; directly from the ashes of Alteil's remains.

    For the first year of his life he followed his siblings everywhere. His older brother Malzahar was his world, his idol, and a god in his eyes. It wasn't until he was six months of age he discovered his dearest brothers darkest secret -- he had fallen in love with an Akdarr female. Volkan sneered at the idea of mixing their bloodlines. It was impure; an abomination against their proud history. It was then for the first time he laid eyes upon Sivaas Kerr, the females younger brother. Much to his surprise, there was not much of a difference between the two, except for the sheer fact he knew in his heart his blood ran pure while his new found friends' did not.

    A year later, their mother died giving birth to their younger sister Kiraz. The rest of the litter was rendered stillborn. Their sire was outraged, determined to label the pup a terrible omen and ordered her death by none other than Volkan. Any ordinary solider would do as their higher-ups commanded, but any ordinary solider wasn't Volkan.

    He was a warrior, not a murderer.

    Volkan deliberately disobeyed his order, and with the help of his brother Mazhar and sister Sidika they ran from clan lands; away from their father and heritage in order to save their sister's life. With the pup in mouth, Volkan ran as fast as he could. His response was to send Ga'Khan with a warband of his own after them. It wasn't long before they reached the bottom of the volcano, finding refuge in the pack of Malzahar's beloved. Desperate and running out of time, they handed the pup into their care. They split into multiple groups to throw the trackers off, Sivaas and his sister running one way while Volkan and Sidika fled through a secret passage. Malzahar chose to head them off in order to buy them time. Volkan still remembers turning back to view his brother for the last time.

    Since their births they were brought up to believe that to die in battle was to die with honor. No tears would be shed that day. To this day he firmly believes hat it should be better for his sister to live an outcast and denied her rightful place among her bloodline than to be murdered in cold blood by her own family at birth and denied a life at all.

  • DAM: Selin Yangın

    SIRE:Ruşen Yangın

    SIBLINGS: Ga'Khan (Brother), Mazhar (Brother), Sidika (Sister), Nergis (Sister), Kiraz (Sister)


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