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Lady in Waiting Kalliope Moonsworn

  • Kalliope, oh dear Kalliope, is quite a beautiful creature. Her build is tough and sturdy, lean muscle wraps her body. She's not a feminine girl; she would never rely on others for anything. One of the most predominant things about Kalli is her fur. The thick strands circles round her body, making her seem a bit fluffy. Her legs are longer, making for a lanky appearance. Her tail is like that of a Koi's in both coloring and shape. Her head is circular, with a short, narrow snout with an ebony black nose at its tip. She has somewhat bigger eyes, icy blue in color that burn there. She often is watching the world from a distance. Her ears are wide and sharp pointed.

    As far as coloring goes, Kalli is pale blue for the majority of her body. A lighter coating of white and orange covers some of her face and her bottom half and sides, going over her shoulders and flanks, a little down the sides, mostly in the pattern of a Koi fish. Even her tail is spotted with white and orange as well. Going back to her tail, it doesn’t have fur like any other wolf’s tail. Instead it has scales like that of a fish.

  • Kalli is a little ball of fire. She is full of confidence and has a strong will, with a powerful desire for danger. Her thirst for adrenaline rush is dangerous and often you will find her running and jumping off of things that would normally injure a weaker wolf. She loves physical exercise, whether it is climbing, running, walking, and of course swimming. It doesn't matter, and it often makes her look thinner than she should be because she burns up so much calories.

    With a vicious temper, she is quick to stand by anything she believes in and doesn't like being told what to do by weaker wolves. She is slowly learning how to curb this though. Beauty is something she is constantly on the look for, and when she finds a particularly attractive male she will let him know unabashedly, usually it is a little more subtle than just straight out telling him. She loves to sing and fears losing her voice.

    She is constantly searching for romance, searching for a mate. She will only flirt with males, only if she feels a spark with them. She is loyal to her family and friends, so she will protect them well with her life.

  • Kalli was born to clueless but well-meaning parents who were simply trying to make the best of what little they had. Kalli and her brother Antaeus grew up poor, often hungry, but they were still pretty happy despite all of that. To youngsters like them the world seemed full of wonder, and they spent their days exploring the woods and strange ruins surrounding whatever campsite their parents had set up at any given time.

    When Kalli reached her teen years she began to feel like maybe the world wasn't as equal as she originally thought. Once in her youth her and her family had encountered a pack that was well fed and healthy, definitely looking stronger as they chased her family away. Kalli felt like it wasn't fair that some wolves were better off than others, why did her family have to suffer just simply because they chose solitude over big groups? Her brother Theokritos seemed to think the same, though he acted out on it a lot more then she had.

    He spent a lot of his time away from the family and Kalli had to admit she missed her littermate. They had always done things together but nowadays it seemed like he didn't want anything to do with her or their parents. The day he never came home was the hardest day of Kalli's young life, she was beyond hurt and angry that her brother hadn't even the audacity to say goodbye! She felt betrayed in a way that her best friend and brother didn't even say goodbye to her at least. That was when she 'grew up’; she chose not to even think about her brother anymore and continued traveling with her parents.

    Kalli after a year had passed since her brother's 'disappearance', began to feel also that there simply was not much left for her here with her parents. She told her parents that she wanted to go explore other places or perhaps find her own pack to live with, something for her to get by in life at least. So with that she went on her merry way with the consent of her parents, she traveled all over. She wondered about her brother a bit on her travels but otherwise tried not to dwell on the subtle anger and disappointment she still felt towards him. Instead she focused on perhaps finding some wolves to either join with or become friends.

  • DAM: Oriana


    SIBLINGS: Many


  • Jan 30, 2018 — 09:15 CST | Replied to come alive in The Severed Peaks.
    Feb 26, 2017 — 09:27 CST | Replied to Angels fall [Hashmal] in Kwitnaca Meadow.
    Feb 02, 2017 — 03:27 CST | Replied to light of the moon in Savage Archives.
    Jan 21, 2017 — 03:16 CST | Replied to Perfect illusion in Savage Archives.
    Nov 13, 2015 — 01:36 CST | Replied to Kalliope in Character Applications.

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JOINED: Nov 11 2015

LAST ONLINE: Jan 30 2018, 10:22 pm 10:22 pm

LOCAL TIME: Feb 25 2018 at 3:42 am




Portrayed by Keira