The winds of change are upon the realm and everything seems fine. The chills of winter have finally passed, and the northern tundra has started to recede into a more suitable environment for those with short coats. The flowers realm-wide have come.
Staff on 03.19.2017
Community rep elections are underway! Submit your application before the 25th to participate! ( Read more...)

Staff on 03.12.2017
We need your help! Who would you like to see as the alpha of this evil pack? ( Read more...)

Staff on 03.08.2017
We're opening a mini-arc on site with magical artifacts and looking for 2 wolves to participate in very important roles! ( Read more...)

Staff on 03.03.2017
Join us for another Bonanza Weekend! Gain 5x's the krones for posting, starting threads, and bonus krones for recruiting friends!

Staff on 02.23.2017
Please check out our hunting poll! Your vote will help us decide how we continue with the hunting mechanic!

Staff on 02.17.2017
Join us for our Bonanza Weekend! This is a great opportunity to gain 5x's the krones for posting and other rewards!

Staff on 02.17.2017
With the efforts of a few loners and those who survived in Zaktan'en, the Eocleatheon region has been recovered! Land statuses are set to healthy once more.

Staff on 02.15.2017
Guide should be completely visible and working as intended now on every page! Some sections still need to be fleshed out 100%, but for the most part everything is done! Djinn section will be added soon. Give us some feedback in the meantime on how you like the new guide here!

Staff on 02.15.2017
The guidebook may be a little funky for a while. We're redeigning the interface! Please be patient with us as we work through this to make it easier to peel through :)

Staff on 02.12.2017
We're currently holding rotating staff auditions and an advertising campaign! Please check both of these threads out!!

Staff on 01.20.2017
Talent trees are now live! Check here for updates!

Staff on 01.15.2017
We have an important announcement on character tables here. Please read!

Toberz on 01.11.2017
Sorry for the wait guys! Plug-in development is almost complete, but in the interim we decided to go ahead and officially open Savagery!!! Please review a quick message from the staff here!

Toberz on 01.03.2017
Savagery is currently in early access! Registration is enabled, but RP outside the "just for funsies" board and character submission is on hold. The character creator is enabled and functioning. Plug-in development is still underway. If you notice any bugs or broken links please let us know!

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