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Monody by Aziza Today 7:08 pm
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Loner Chart by Staff Today 2:28 am
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Questions & Answers
This section is mostly for TLDR or things in our guide that need further coverage. Check over here if you need a quick answer.
Inactive Account scheduleFeb 5, 2018, 6:15 pm by Toberz
This is where it all starts! Post here once you've completed your bio in your UCP so staff can accept and you can begin to role play!
Loner Chart schedule, 2:28 am by Staff

This section is only for staff and pack alphas to post important updates/decisions/forms for members to view and respond. Please check here whenever possible to keep up to date on latest developments!
Bonanza Weekend! schedule, 6:27 pm by Toberz
This section is where you can post if you're going to be away from the game for a while. It's important to remember to post here if you'll be gone for longer than 1 week IRL due to activity checks and major plots.
IMPORTANT: AWAY TEMPLATE scheduleMay 1, 2017, 7:21 pm by Toberz

The North
Where Dragons Dwell
Towering high into the coldest hemisphere of Aspheria, these mountains are crisp and serene as much as they are ancient. Glyphs can be found etched upon the inner walls of the caverns here; dragon law, centuries old that speaks of a pact between wolf and dragon when the world was still young. Most times you'll find there is little to be heard upon the mountain other than the sound of silence from the thick blankets of snow that almost seem to distill the area. The stars shine the brightest here atop these frozen peaks where wolves are often able to spot numerous constellations over head and let themselves get lost in just how close the sky seems to be from here with its multi-colored galaxies and milky nebulae. This area always seems to be relatively well lit from the combination of the luminous night sky and the refraction offered by the ivory snow coating. The air is rather thin here, and if you're lucky enough you just may be able to spot a dragon or two among the abundant star activity.
subdirectory_arrow_right Monody Feb 6, 2018 10:21 pm by Saellyn

Raborah Glacier
The Raborah Glacier sprawls throughout most of the area. Finding places within the crevasse where a wolf can live is not so easy, however. The majority of the caves found beneath this glacier are dead-end tunnels punching deep into the earth, lined with jagged crystal growths and filled in with chilly underground lakes. Some lakes glow, while others wait in inky blackness to drown unwitting wanderers. The livable place - the one truly lush cavern is a massive, tiered cave that spirals up through the center of the crevasse to open into the sky. The cavern is so large it has its own ecosystem - trees, rain, life all exist independently within the caves. The flora and fauna have adapted to life underground and many have lost hair, pigmentation, or color altogether - leaving the pulsing of their organs totally visible.
subdirectory_arrow_right NEVER

Bezael Fjord
Located within the northern-most part of the continent, the Fjord is the only green area within it's region. This territory is made up mostly of mountain ranges varying in all different degrees in size and volume. While a majority of these rocky trails are covered in pine trees, babies breath, and glaciated valleys, the highest peaks that soar into the heavens are decorated with snow caps. Perhaps the most notable feature among the rest would be the long, deep inlet of sea between towering cliffs. The water is a pristine cyan-blue that seems to glow at night from bio-luminescent marine life below. In the winter season the entire Fjord is covered in ice and snow, enabling wolves to travel across the water with relative ease so long as they don't hit a thin patch of ice. Beautiful natural waterfalls can be found on certain cliffs trickling down into the sea, as well as an extremely large skeleton of frozen, twisted wyrm falling into the waters surrounded by a large cluster of deep purple crystalline structures. If you stare out at the structure long enough you can see light blue sparks of lightning dancing across from one crystal to the next.
subdirectory_arrow_right Burning Feb 17, 2018 4:49 pm by Saellyn

Schlodzony Lake
Eocletheon's southwestern region is smothered in unbroken winter, permanently freezing the lake. Thick sheets of ice encase the land, lending a still and dreamlike quality to its expanse. A large portion of this territory appears as though waves raging and crashing in motion have been frozen in time, forever jutting from the ground, taking on a more crystalline quality. Wandering farther into the territory takes adventurers through what appears to be an enormous frozen rolling wave that forms the roof of a glistening cavern. Though it may seem desolate to the unobservant, a vigorous ecosystem thrives beneath this lustrous wilderness, particularly in the waters; multitudes of creatures dance lively behind panes of frost, like mirrors peering into another realm.
subdirectory_arrow_right NEVER

The   West
Algalfir is an unusual sort of stream. Like hot springs, Algalfir runs from a larger spring, that is geothermally heated, and bubbles up from the start of the stream, where it runs through the Garuga mountains and into the lake where it cools in temperature.
subdirectory_arrow_right Don't Stop Me Feb 15, 2018 1:30 pm by Nyssa

Lunar Subterrane
Hidden well atop the numerous waterfalls that cascade down into the plunge pool below -- this territory is accessed by scaling along a thin ledge that leads behind the falls and down into the terrain where a rather large collection of water can be found with smaller waterfalls gently plummeting from crevices within the walls. A majority of the light sources found within this area come from bio-luminescent plant life which seems to grow to gigantic proportions here. Wolves who are less comfortable jumping in for a swim can stick to the dry ground that lines the pools and spirals up towards the mouth of one of the inner waterfalls. Following the stream above the falls leads within the "Throne Room" once sought over by the wolves of Taidos. This chamber consists of a decent sized semi-circle composed of dry land that forms directly around the stream which appears to possess a bubbling flow of water at it's center that pumps up from beneath and keeps the waterfall's flow maintained. At the very head of this room, facing the direction of the flowing stream, sits the highest elevated section of terrace which has typically been a place of seating reserved for only the alpha pair.
subdirectory_arrow_right ᴡᴀᴋᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ғᴜᴄᴋ ᴜᴘ. [Blood warn.] Feb 7, 2018 12:21 am by Iborcand

Asura's Cradle
The southern-most part within the Sumi-Tsa region, the Cradle is a place of myth and legend. Said to be the location the goddess Calamity came to pull the god Cosmos from her own reflection within the Pool of Revelations; the area is mostly forest glade. While it does possess clusters of trees that vary from oak to ceder, they mainly inhabit the outer edges of the territory where it connects to the Lunar Subterrane and looking out towards the Archipelago. The floor here is mostly dirt with patches of yellow-green and bright green grass and moss fanning out in patches along the rocks and tree stumps. This is not to be confused with dry dirt, however, as this location has the most fertile and moist kind within the entire world! It's color is more of a burnt umber with dark sienna and sepia thrown in, and you almost always get it stuck to your feet as you pass through! Murky and mossy rivers are frequent finds here; among the most famous alongside the Pool of Revelations is the Jaigon River which flows from the mouth of a stone carved wolf, clearly done by someone skilled in the earth element.
subdirectory_arrow_right Reptile Feb 8, 2018 7:53 pm by Nocturne

Once structured more like small rolling hills, erosion has taken its course here leaving sediment deposits, rocks, and other treasures out in the open. To the perceptive adventurer, the Agrius is a great place to seek out new things buried beneath the occasional snow. This is the most fertile and abundant area in this area with a larger selection of plant life that offers protection to small prey like mice, vole, hare and the occasional bird. There are small deposits of water that wolves and other creatures can find when they're thirsty.
subdirectory_arrow_right Fallen Leaves Feb 17, 2018 1:49 pm by Domine

The   East
The Kobold Mountains
Seated firmly below the northern Eocletheon region, the Stardust Caverns lead travelers through the Draugar Mountains and into the Pits. Inside the caverns lies a territory almost completely pitch black, were it not for the stars. Shimmering brightly overhead lie countless galaxies, cosmos, and nebulae glittered with multi-colored stars! Some philosophers have risen the question on whether or not this is actually a cave at all or a portal to other worlds, as there seems to be no end to the sky above. Flying wolves may soar above and dance from star to star, while aquatic wolves are free to plunge into the main body of water and watch as the stream illuminates around them like a bio-luminescence; triggered by touch. Were it not for the glowing scrawls on the walls below some may never find their way back along the ground path. None have been able to decipher these markings, but some of the drawings etched on like cavemen depict varies stories from Aspheria's distant past.
subdirectory_arrow_right Two is Better Than One...? Jan 31, 2018 12:29 pm by Axel

The Pits
A natural canyon that runs through the middle of the land just outside Alteil's Spine. This canyon has many natural rock bridges that cross it in large arches. Some are weaker than others and may possibly crumble in the future, dropping anyone aboard into the depths of the river below while crossing into Deimos Chasm. It is because of this that the Terronite wolves have been able to hold their claim upon this land so relatively well -- being the proud fathers of Earth magik technique -- they have mastered the ability to extend and retract these stone bridges to allow passage or create their own stairways across to the Chasm. During especially hot weather and droughts the river below, known as "The Serpent", tends to run dry and pose an even greater danger to wolves at risk of falling from above. The only natural phenomena to be taken into account here are the floating fragments of rock that grow more abundant the farther you go down towards the river, forming clouds of stones. Scholars link this to the high levels of magnetism here, although no one is actually certain what causes this.
subdirectory_arrow_right NEVER

Deimos Chasm
Description WIP.
subdirectory_arrow_right NEVER

Isthanos Reach
Soaring high above the clouds, legend rumors that this location is where the goddess Isthanos struck the earth with bolts of lightning, erecting a mountain peak that would extend so high into the heavens it was rumored to be a pathway directly to the aether.
subdirectory_arrow_right NEVER

The South
Dominion of the Raiju
Taiga Wetlands
An expanse of bumpy moorland, the Wetlands hide a multitude of pools, rivers, tiny ponds and deep wet bogs. Reeds, water lilies and hardy grasses span the area, with only a few strong rooted trees mounted on the drier areas to break up the rolling browns and greens. Small caiman crocodiles, huge frogs and wading birds make this place their home. Long grass bursts up through the water and the peat soil, preyed upon by the hungry, small deer and the other gazelle-like creatures around. Toads sit and wallow in the shallows, hungry for flies.
subdirectory_arrow_right Painted Ruins Aug 27, 2017 1:01 pm by Rhubarb

For centuries this tree has served as shelter; its massive gnarled roots stretching out across the entire territory, towering above the average wolf, and serving as the perfect place to carve hollows for creatures to burrow from the storm. Most of these make-shift dens can be seen as you pass through and climb over the chaotic mass of roots. At the heart of this area lies the Great Koken Tree itself with two enormous archways forming entrances directly inside of it to where a spiraling ramp carved from the inner hollow of it's majesty takes it's inhabitants all the way to the top, if you dare make such a dangerous and time consuming climb. Each floor within the tree has sections carved out where the Raiju -- or the local inhabiting beast tribe -- have once made their homes. A constant flow of water drops down to a small pool dug out on the bottom floor like a gentle waterfall -- formed from water that drizzles down from the tree's exterior across a carefully placed branch about a quarter of the way up. The inner hollow is kept aglow from the congregations of fireflies that silently float about.
subdirectory_arrow_right From now on Jan 15, 2018 10:26 pm by Skadi

A mountain range most treacherous and sharp. It is made of stone which has iron and metal infused making said peaks a hot spot for storms. Few wolves dare traverse through it if unaccustomed to the lightening which courses through it for you could be electrocuted if no affinity for lightening is present (If there is a storm of course) The mountain range earned its name due to two peaks side by side appearing as if they were one large one that was torn in two by the gods.
subdirectory_arrow_right come alive Jan 30, 2018 9:15 pm by Kalliope

At the feet of the Severed Peaks lies a stretch of verdant fields flush with wild grasses and flowers. Time seems to fall away here; its passing is marked only by the butterflies that ramble between blossoms in the daylight and the fireflies that shine proudly in the moonlight. Gently rolling hills tumble lazily towards the sparking borders of central Kikai, belying the dangers lurking at the end of this placid land.
subdirectory_arrow_right I Am No Squire [Ptak // Spar] Jan 28, 2018 3:07 pm by Hoplite

Anything goes! You can start community games, discuss favorite pastimes and hobbies, share funny gifs and youtube videos, or talk about life in general. This is the main hub for the Savage community.
Lynx's Meme Thread schedule, 4:22 am by EurasianLynx
Discuss plots for the site, packs, or post your own character plotter here for people to take a peek at and respond to! This is the butter and gravy of the site where all the juiciness is cooked up.
Slaver's Guild Idea! schedule2 hours ago by Volkan

Any ideas toward improvement of the site and game can go here. It can be about abilities, additional CP options, special mutations, or something brand new!
Not sure why this is a go... scheduleMay 9, 2017, 2:29 pm by Ser Kosm
When posting adoptions for characters not born on site or from old litters that need to be re-adopted please post here. These may be relatives/acquaintances of your characters or just character designs you made and would like to auction out!
Faelwen Adopts scheduleJan 31, 2018, 1:38 am by Keira

Packs & Bands
The ranks, laws, and customs of packs and bands within Aspheria may be found within this archive. Missions and training sign ups may also be found here so remember to check regularly! This forum is moderated by alphas and high ranks.
Triskelion Rank Request schedule9 hours ago by Staff

Just For Funsies
Come here to RP any scenarios or unofficial threads you'd like! Anything done here does not actually take place within the world, so feel free to take your characters in progress for a personality test run or get crazy!
(WIP) Words Around The Fi... scheduleJan 24, 2018, 2:35 pm by EurasianLynx
Please use this forum to advertise your site and request affiliation/sisters. Please refrain from advertising anywhere else on the forum. Please give us 5 - 8 days to review your applications. Password: bojangles.

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